8 Gross Ingredients That Can Be Lurking In Your New Clothes

Ingredients In Your New Clothes

Raise your hand if you put on new clothes immediately after buying them ✋ Well, there are a few reasons why you might want to think twice about doing that before you wash them!

I teamed up with fashion blogger Kendra Scruggs who is passionate about sustainability. We decided it would be fun to collab and write blog posts on each other’s pages and combine the worlds of non-toxic living and sustainable fashion!

The other day I published her post, Fast Fashion 411: An Intro to Sustainable Fashion. So definitely read that if you’re interested in learning the ins and outs of sustainable fashion!

The post I wrote for her blog is up too! It’s called 8 Gross Ingredients That Can Be Lurking In Your New Clothes. You might be surprised at the nasty chemicals and bacteria that can be hanging out in your clothing. 👚

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Go give both of those a read! I’m excited to explore and learn more about eco-friendly fashion and try to be more conscious of where my clothes come from. I hope you’re interested too!

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