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I’m Becca. A blogger, wife, and dog mama from Milwaukee, Wisconsin trying to live my best clean, green, sustainable, natural life!

I’ve been blogging about an organic lifestyle since 2016, but my journey starts way before that!

I grew up living a VERY conventional lifestyle. Using drugstore beauty products, not reading ingredient labels, and eating my fair share of junk food. I thought being “healthy” just meant eating salads and exercising.

Acne was something that I struggled with on and off throughout my life. Once in high school and then again in my early twenties it came back with a vengeance. After trying countless “miracle” skincare products that just didn’t work, I began doing research and discovered that my body was signaling to me that something was wrong.

I began researching and becoming aware of what I was putting in and on my body. Almost everything I was doing was unhealthy and a burden on my body. My hormones were unbalanced and my gut was out of whack. I knew that something needed to change!

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It ultimately led me to dig deep and find the root cause of my health issues.

I began to eat organic, whole foods. Switched to natural beauty products. Became aware of the products I was using around my house. It was a snowball effect and I was constantly trying to find ways I could do better to improve my health and use less toxic products.

The best part: my acne cleared up and I felt amazing!

Simply put, I believe in a holistic lifestyle that focuses on lessening the burden on our bodies. And that is what I hope to share with you on this blog. I want YOU to be more aware of what you’re consuming and using as well. If you make just one positive change because of this blog, then I consider it a success!

Here at Organically Becca…

You can expect to be welcomed, wherever you are at in your clean living journey. I’ll meet you where you’re at, without judgment. Helping you to feel confident and supported. You got this, clean beauty!

I truly want this to be a fun and empowering space for you to learn more about safer beauty, natural skincare, holistic wellness, and low waste/sustainable living.

I also don’t believe in perfection – we NEED balance in our lives! I do NOT strive to live a 100% pure non-toxic life and don’t expect you to either. It’s about slowly making positive changes here and there when you can and not stressing about perfection.

I am IN ON AROUND™ Certified!

In On Around™ Academy Certified

I take my role here very seriously! That’s why I completed the In On Around™ Academy to become certified to effectively teach you about ingredient safety and environmental toxins. I always aim to provide reputable sources and trustworthy research behind the information on this blog.


Thank you so much for being here!

Outside of this, you can find me drinking lots of coffee, hiking with my husband Jon and our dog Dexter, practicing my Spanish, doing barre workouts, or traveling.

If you’re interested in collaborating with me, check out my media kit!

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Disclaimer: This blog is written by me and reflects my personal opinions. I am not a doctor (obviously) and the advice given on this blog should not be taken as strict medical advice, but rather suggestions that should be further researched by you or discussed with your doctor. Sound good?