Clean Beauty Revolution! My Faves from Au Naturale Cosmetics [Organic & Vegan]

Au Naturale Cosmetics Makeup

Believe it or not, Au Naturale was one of the first clean beauty brands I tried when starting my natural living journey a few years ago. I’ve been a loyal user of their makeup for a while now, especially since they are a local (to me) Wisconsin company and have some of the cleanest products around. Their standards are top-notch. You guys probably hear me mention their products all the time, so today I’m going to share my absolute faves from the entire line.

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About Au Naturale Cosmetics

  • Wisconsin-based company (specifically, Green Bay! #GoPackGo)
  • They make their cosmetics themselves in their on-site lab (most companies outsource production, sometimes even overseas!)
  • Vegan, cruelty-free, non-toxic, ethically-sourced ingredients (and use USDA Certified Organic ingredients when possible)
  • Incorporate conscious color pigments (the iron oxides are Ecocert + COSMOS certified and micas are child labor free)
  • No synthetic preservatives, nano particles, animal by-products, gluten, parabens, or fillers are ever used
  • Some of their products are in recyclable aluminum ♻️
  • Use sustainable palm oil from Palm Done Right in some of their formulas
  • The founder, Ashley Prange, is constantly petitioning for the Clean Beauty Revolution and fighting for stronger cosmetic regulation in Washington D.C. 💪
  • You can find their products at select Whole Foods in the beauty section!

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Au Naturale Top Picks In My Makeup Bag:

su/Stain Semi-Matte Lip Stains

Don’t judge me but I pretty much always have a stash of these on hand. I am OBSESSED. Dare I say, this might be one of my favorite lip products? Not only do these lip stains smell amazing, but they are also incredibly nourishing. They are highly-pigmented and will last for hours on your lips. The name su/Stain is a play on words because they are a lip stain, but are also formulated with sustainable palm oil. So cool! My go-to lip stain color is usually On Pointe, a muted ballet shoe blush.

Au Naturale suStain Matte Lip Stains
suStain Matte Lip Stains
Zero Gravity C2P Foundation Sticks

I LOVE foundation sticks because they are so easy to use and don’t make a mess. This one goes on like a nourishing creme but finishes like a weightless powder. Just swipe on your face and blend. Made with ingredients like meadowfoam and castor seed oil, and the coverage is great, too! It’s buildable medium coverage and looks very natural on your skin. It’s not quite matte, but it has a soft focus. I wear shade Seville.

Au Naturale Zero Gravity C2P Foundation Sticks
Zero Gravity C2P Foundation Stick in Seville
Pure Powder Blush

Mmmmm this buttery loose powder is so lovely. It has a wonderful payoff (a little goes a long way, trust me!) and has a slight radiance to it so you get a pretty glow (some of the shades are matte if you prefer). You can build it for a more dramatic pop of color, too. I love Gilded Sunset; a luminous, light peach! And the little trampoline mesh is so helpful because you don’t get too much product at once. I’d also suggest the Pure Powder Bronzer which is similar!

Au Naturale Pure Powder Blush
Pure Powder Blush in Gilded Sunset

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Anywhere Creme Multistick

This might look like a cream blush, but it’s actually a 3-in-1 multi-use product! Cheeks, lips, eyes, wherever. This formula is nourishing, a tiny bit shimmery, kind of dewy, blendable, buildable, and pigmented. I usually use it on my cheeks; I like to swipe it onto my brush first and then dab it onto my cheeks. My personal favorite is Paloma; a sheer, light pink. You can have soooooo much fun with these.

Au Naturale Anywhere Creme Multisticks
Anywhere Creme Multisticks (Left to right: Bellini, Cosmo, Paloma)
Créme de la Creme Eyeshadow

These are so insanely beautiful, I just cannot. They actually come in twist-up applicators unlike my photo below which was a limited-edition release. They apply smoothly and boldly. I do have to use an eyeshadow primer first because I have hooded, oily lids so cream eyeshadows are prone to crease on me personally. I really like Kiki; a sheer pearlescent lilac color. You can also use these as an eyeliner or brow filler! Au Naturale surely knocks it outta the park with their multi-purpose products.

Au Naturale Creme de la Creme Eyeshadow
Créme de la Creme Eyeshadows
Swipe-On Essential Eye Pencil

Au Naturale Swipe On Eye PencilI don’t wear much eyeliner, but these are pretty nice for when I do. I totally love that they offer a white option (Carrara) which I like to apply on my bottom waterline to make my eyes pop. They are smooth and glide on easily, but aren’t too oily or smudgy. You can sharpen them and they also have a little buffer at the end so you can blend in your look.

Color Theory Creme Corrector

Au Naturale Color Theory CorrectorColor theory is SO interesting! Basically, these concealers are available in a few different colors (not just skin tones!) for different purposes. For example, Sweet Basil is green which is made to neutralize any redness due to acne, scarring, rosacea, windburn, or sunburn. Green concealers significantly reduce redness and give foundation an even base. I also like Flax which is a yellow hue that is great for brightening under-eye darkness. They don’t offer much coverage, but they do help with tone! This is a harder creme consistency, which I sometimes need to rub my finger over first. Especially in the colder months, it just needs to melt a bit.

Want to try before you commit to a full-size? Au Naturale offers $15 sample bundles.

These are just a few of the Au Naturale items in my makeup bag. You really can’t go wrong with anything from their site. Let me know if you need any specific product recommendations! I’m so happy to support this local brand. Here’s to the clean beauty revolution!

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Au Naturale Cosmetics

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