The Basics of Dry Body Brushing & Four Major Reasons to Start Now

Basics of Dry Body Brushing & Four Major Reasons to Start Now

So have you heard about dry body brushing?

OK of course you have!

It’s become incredibly popular in recent years, with well-known wellness “gurus” like Gwyneth Paltrow and supermodels like Miranda Kerr singing its praises.

But this simple skincare-meets-full-body-wellness practice definitely isn’t anything new — nope, it was NOT invented by Goop!

It’s actually been used as a tool in traditional Ayurvedic medicine for centuries now.

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(And I’m pretty sure I got hooked years before Gwyneth — just saying. Plus the Body Unburdened dry body brush kicks Goop’s brush’s butt!)

But you may be wondering: what exactly is dry body brushing, what are the benefits, and does it really work?

So let’s break it all down: everything you need to know about dry body brushing and how to get started!

What is Dry Body Brushing?

Dry body brushing is exactly what it sounds like: brushing your dry skin with a dry brush.

OK yes, so it gets a little more complicated — we talk specifics like how frequently to dry body brush, what to look for in a brush, and the best technique for maximum benefits below.

But the most important thing to know is that this simple practice has far-reaching skincare AND whole-body wellness benefits when added to your regular routine.

Body Unburdened Dry Body Brush

Four Major Benefits of Dry Body Brushing

1) Dry body brushing provides skin with a fantastic exfoliation

Dry body brushing exfoliates the skin, removing dead skin cells to reveal softer, smoother skin ready to soak up your favorite moisturizer or organic body oil.

As a result, dry brushing can also help prevent ingrown hairs and reduce keratosis pilaris a.k.a. chicken skin.

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2) Dry body brushing helps firm and tone skin over time

Since exfoliation increases cell turnover and collagen production, regular dry body brushing can help firm and tighten the skin.

For this reason, many devotees swear that it helps reduce the appearance of cellulite!

3) Dry body brushing supports detoxification

When you dry body brush following the specific technique detailed below, dry body brushing helps stimulate lymphatic flow and drainage beneath the skin.

The lymphatic system is one of the body’s primary detox pathways — lymph flows through the lymph nodes, which filter out bacteria, viruses, toxins, and other impurities.

Since the lymphatic system doesn’t have a pump, lymph can easily get stagnant. When this happens, these impurities can’t effectively be removed. This is where dry body brushing comes into the picture!

4) Dry body brushing supports the immune system

Not only does the lymphatic system filter bacteria and viruses, but lymph also contains infection-fighting white blood cells, which the system transports throughout the body.

By encouraging lymphatic flow, dry body brushing supports this key aspect of the immune system.

Benefits of Dry Body Brushing for Lymphatic Flow

What to Look For in a Dry Body Brush

Dry body brushes are typically made with either boar (wild pig) bristles or plant bristles such as agave or sisal. Boar bristles tend to be softer while plant bristles tend to be more firm, and the choice is a matter of personal preference.

If you plan to dry body brush regularly — which you SO will after reading this guide! — you’ll want to replace your brush every year or so. For environmental reasons then, I think it’s important to look for a brush with no plastic parts or pieces that are just going to end up in the landfill.

The Body Unburdened dry body brush is an eco-friendly option made with beech wood, agave bristles, and a cotton strap. The bristles are firm to encourage lymphatic flow, and light pressure is all that’s needed to reap the benefits!

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How to Properly Dry Body Brush for Maximum Benefits

In order to best support lymphatic flow, it’s important to follow a specific technique:

How to Dry Body Brush Steps

  • Always brush towards your heart, the direction lymph flows (on dry skin)
  • Lightly move the brush in long strokes from your hands and feet towards your torso, with slightly firm pressure
  • Use circular counter-clockwise strokes on your stomach around the belly button, and then repeat in a clockwise direction
  • Avoid any cuts, scrapes, or rashes as the brush will irritate them
  • Dry brush before showering to wash away impurities and exfoliated skin cells
  • After showering, immediately moisturize (otherwise your skin will be very dry and tight) with an all-natural moisturizer — like the Body Unburdened Body Oils!

How often should you dry body brush to reap all of these amazing benefits?

It’s best to dry brush 2-3 times a week.

Remember: you CAN have too much of a good thing! Dry body brushing too often can irritate the skin.

NOTE: If you have active eczema, extremely sensitive skin, or any rashes, best to avoid dry brushing or be extremely gentle while you see how your skin responds.

So what do you say? Ready to dry body brush!?

I figured you’d be!

Which is why I’m excited to offer Organically Becca readers 10% off all Body Unburdened products! Just use the code ORGANICALLYBECCA at checkout.

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Dry Body Brush and Gua Sha Mushrooms

Written By: Nadia Neumann

Nadia Neumann Body UnburdenedNadia Neumann is a natural skincare formulator and founder of Body Unburdened — a lovingly handcrafted natural skincare line made in small batches with Mother Nature’s most precious ingredients to support naturally glowing skin and a healthy body within. Nadia’s also a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner who specializes in female adult acne, creator of the Holistically Clear program, and author of Glow: The Nutritional Approach to Naturally Gorgeous Skin. She’s as equally obsessed with blood sugar balance as she is with skincare oils, and is a firm believer that dark chocolate is an antioxidant-rich, inside-out skincare superfood! Learn more and connect with Nadia on Instagram @bodyunburdened.


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  1. Thank you for the great post! It’s time for a new brush, so I will get one of these! QUESTION: I have been told in the past to brush after showering, because if you brush before, then you’re just brushing around dirt and impurities. So can you clarify/further explain when to do it and why?

    1. Hi Katie! According to Nadia: “People do both, but it’s most commonly recommended to brush before showering – you can rinse off the exfoliated dead skin cells, plus you can moisturize when your skin is still damp rather than have to let your skin dry completely to brush, and then moisturize, which can lead to more transepidermal water loss (and so dryer skin) than the other way around.”

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