The 10 Absolute BEST Clean Beauty Foundations (According to My Readers!)

Best Clean Beauty Foundations Ever! Top 10

I admit, sometimes I am lazy and rely on my readers to crowdsource for me 😂 So, thank you! But today I have a good reason. There are SO many liquid/cream/stick foundations in clean beauty nowadays. It would literally take me a year to buy and test them all thoroughly (not to mention a huge dent in my wallet). And yeah, I have tried a lot of them, but not all. Plus, I am just one opinion! So today I am SO SO SO excited to share…the ULTIMATE guide to the BEST organic beauty foundations (according to you guys!).

This post contains affiliate links, which means I might earn a small commission (at no extra cost to you) if you make a purchase via clicking a link. Thank you for the support!

Basically, I polled my followers on the ‘gram and asked what their go-to non-toxic, clean, and green foundations were. I received over a hundred responses and there was one CLEAR frontrunner! And a couple of other crowd favorites. I’ll also be sure to sprinkle in my personal picks in the mix, too. We’re going to count down to the MOST popular. Let’s do this!! 💪

P.S. all of the foundations in this post are gluten free, cruelty free, and phenoxyethanol free!

But first, some quick notes:

I know a lot of people struggle to find a foundation that sits well on their skin. And I truly think it’s soooooo important to make sure your skin is effectively taken care of first. You can’t expect makeup to look good if your base isn’t prepped! Skincare first, makeup second. So check out this post for all the tips: How to Effectively Prep Your Skin for Flawless Makeup Application (Naturally!)

And a quick mention about comedogenic or pore-clogging ingredients. Some people with acne-prone skin find that they get irritated by ingredients such as dimethicone/silicones, coconut oil, or coconut derivatives. It’s hard to say for sure and it also depends on the formulation and molecular weight (for example, pure coconut oil can be comedogenic but some people can still use derivatives such as caprylyl glycol). I personally have struggled with acne in the past but can wear most foundations with silicones and coconut without issue. So it’s different for everyone. Also, foundations that offer fuller coverage can be too heavy for blemished skin, so opt for something light and breathable. Some things to keep in mind!

The Ultimate Guide to the Top 10 Green Beauty Foundations

Au Naturale Zero Gravity C2P Foundation Sticks

10) Au Naturale Zero Gravity C2P Foundation Stick

Eco-friendly packaging, Quick application 🌏

Price: $42 for 9 mL
Shelf Life: 24 months
Shades Available: 15
Coverage: Medium coverage, cream-to-powder soft focus finish
Packaging: Aluminum twist-up case and cap
Samples: Yes, $15 sample bundle for up to five samples
Other Notes: Vegan, made in the USA, silicone free, contains coconut, uses ECOCERT pigments

Au Naturale Zero Gravity C2P Foundation Stick Swatches

If you want a zero waste, no mess, quick applying foundation…this is it! I personally really like this one too (shade Seville matches me best). This one goes on like a nourishing creme but finishes like a weightless powder. It’s buildable, medium coverage, and looks very natural on your skin. It’s not quite matte, but it definitely has a soft focus. I wouldn’t recommend this one if you have dry skin or dry patches, and make sure to apply to well-moisturized skin for smooth application! There’s not much of a smell to this one but it does contain some lavender. This one is also convenient for traveling or to throw in your purse. Plus you can’t beat the low waste packaging and clean ingredients! Also available at Petit Vour.

Shop Au Naturale Foundation Stick Here

As featured in: “Clean Beauty Foundation Stick Guide: Reviewing 6 Natural Brands

W3ll People Bio Tint SPF Moisturizer

9) W3ll People Bio Tint Multi-Action SPF30 Moisturizer

Price: $30 for 35.5 mL
Shelf Life: 12 months
Shades Available: 14
Coverage: Medium coverage, satin finish
Packaging: Plastic tube, pump, and cap
Samples: Not from W3ll People, but you can sample it via The Detox Market
Other Notes: Vegan, 20% zinc oxide mineral sunscreen, contains coconut, dimethicone free, has Vitamin C, mild sunscreen smell

W3ll People Bio Tint Multi-Action SPF30 Moisturizer Swatches

I like this one a lot! It’s a combo of moisturizer, sunscreen, and foundation in one. In my opinion, it’s more of a foundation than a moisturizer, and still would wear it after applying a separate oil or lotion. The formula is pretty thick and goes on somewhat dry (I usually apply it with a makeup brush) so it’s best applied to smooth, exfoliated skin. It can cling to dry patches or peach fuzz. But I just love how it feels on my skin; firming and hydrating but not too oily or greasy (it does get dewier as the day goes on). There is a mild sunscreen smell to it. I wear shade 2W. Also available at Target.

“I have been using W3ll People’s Bio Tint for over 5 years, and it is always the one I go back to after trying others. I love that it layers nicely with other products, so I can add an oil on days my skin is drier. And it has SPF built in!” —Lindsay

Shop W3ll People Bio Tint Here

100% Pure 2nd Skin Foundation Shade 3

8) 100% Pure Fruit Pigmented 2nd Skin Foundation

Good for oily or acne-prone skin 💥

Price: $47 for 35 mL
Shelf Life: 6 months
Shades Available: 7, needs more shades for darker skin tones
Coverage: Medium to full coverage, soft satin finish
Packaging: Glass bottle and separate dropper
Samples: Yes, free with purchases $25+ (here or will prompt during checkout)
Other Notes: Vegan, made in the USA, coconut and dimethicone free

100% Pure Second Skin Foundation Swatches

Wow, I love that I don’t need to use a powder over this foundation! It’s quite runny but feels like BUTTER as I apply it on my skin; so seamless and velvety. I wear shade 3. It is not very dewy at all so I think if you tend to have combo or oily skin like me, you might like this one! It blurs shine and makes everything look even (and I still feel like it looks fresh after a few hours). Plus, it doesn’t have coconut or dimethicone which can be too dense for some skin types.

This is one that I grab for a high-performance, long-lasting look! I’m really impressed by how much coverage it has but doesn’t feel heavy at all. I probably wouldn’t recommend this if you have drier skin though! It’s moisturizing but since it looks slightly powdery, that probably would accentuate dryness. This foundation doesn’t have a strong scent but just kind of smells like a foundation. The ingredients are super clean and pure too!

Shop 100% Pure 2nd Skin Foundation Here

Clove + Hallow Before and After
Before and after using the Clove + Hallow Liquid Skin Tint Foundation

7) Clove + Hallow Liquid Skin Tint

Most budget-friendly clean foundation 💰 Long lasting ⏱

UPDATE: This has sadly been discontinued, but the Clove + Hallow Conceal Correct is a similar consistency and finish!

Price: $26 for 31 mL, use code ORGANICALLYBECCA15 for a discount
Shelf Life: 6 months
Shades Available: 12
Coverage: Medium coverage, demi-matte finish
Packaging: Plastic squeeze tube and removable cap
Samples: No
Other Notes: Vegan, contains coconut and dimethicone, essential oil free

Clove + Hallow Liquid Skin Tint Swatches

Clove + Hallow Liquid Skin TintI loooooove this one! Shades 03 or 04 work best for me depending on if it’s winter or summer. Clove + Hallow claims this doesn’t cake or crease and you know what, I’d have to agree! It applies silky smooth, is breathable, blendable, and still looks good after hours of wear. It’s not too runny or too thick; just right! I feel like this foundation does a nice job of evening out my skin tone and covering redness, yet still looks beautiful. It’s affordable but I feel like the tradeoff is that the ingredients aren’t AS high-quality as the other foundations in this post. It’s still something that’s up to my standards, just not as squeaky clean or as natural as the others FYI (mainly because they use more safe synthetics)!

“I love the Clove + Hallow Liquid Skin Tint first and foremost for its staying power, which is so hard to find in a clean foundation! Its longevity of wear, medium coverage, and satin to semi-matte finish make it a great dupe for the Estée Lauder Double Wear Light foundation! Oh, and it’s only $26 🙌🏻” —Mandie H. (

Kosas Tinted Face Oil Shade 3.5

6) Kosas Tinted Face Oil

Great for dry skin 🌵

Price: $42 for 30 mL
Shelf Life: 12 months
Shades Available: 16
Coverage: Light coverage with velvety and slightly powdery, soft finish
Packaging: Plastic squeeze bottle and removable cap
Samples: Yes, $5 sample card from Kosas or you can sample it via The Detox Market
Other Notes: Vegan, nut free, silicone free, contains coconut derivative, needs a shake before using

Kosas Tinted Face Oil Swatches

Gotta say, this one is unique and interesting, but in a good way! The formula is very light and runny; you only need like 1-3 drops for your entire face and it spreads around easily. I usually build it up slowly for more coverage and use about 6 drops total (I use a brush to apply it instead of fingertips, but fingers work fine too). This is helpful for evening out skin tone and covering mild redness, but still looks like skin. Make sure to shake the bottle really well first because it does separate. I wear shade 3.5. I only detect a subtle foundation/powder scent.

Related review: Kosas Revealer Foundation vs. Tinted Face Oil Comparison

It’s moisturizing enough that you can use it on its own but I’ve also had success wearing it layered over other skincare. It truly feels weightless and does NOT feel like a foundation. Because it has a velvety feel, I do notice that it can crease, collect in smile lines (not too drastically), and transfer, especially if I don’t use a setting powder on top. So if you have oily or combo skin like me, this might be too dewy for you, but I still think it can work for most skin types if you use a powder over it! Also available at The Detox Market and Credo Beauty.

Shop Kosas Tinted Face Oil Here

Vapour Soft Focus Foundation 120s

5) Vapour Soft Focus Foundation

Popular for mature skin ✨

Price: $48 for 30 mL
Shelf Life: 24 months
Shades Available: 19
Coverage: Light to medium coverage, natural and radiant satin finish
Packaging: Plastic bottle, pump, and cap; can use Terracycle to recycle
Samples: Yes, $8 foundation sample sets plus $10 credit towards next purchase
Other Notes: Waterless formula, cruelty free (not vegan, contains beeswax), coconut and dimethicone free, needs a shake before using

Vapour Soft Focus Foundation Swatches

Vapour has three different foundations, but my readers prefer this one (this is actually my preferred Vapour foundation, too!) 💚 I wear shade 120s and could even go one shade darker. I do appreciate that 120s has cooler/neutral undertones and isn’t too warm! My skin has cool pink tones so it suits me well and I really enjoy this formula a lot! It literally feels soft to the touch, yet I do still need to use a powder on top of this one with my combo skin (but it still looks great towards the end of the day if I use a setting powder!). I don’t find that this one settles into lines or creases, except for a little bit on my neck. It’s not too runny, but definitely thinner. If you’ve tried Vapour products, then you might know they have a distinct smell; I like it and it’s not very strong. All in all, this is a lovely choice that feels awesome on my skin and I recommend it!

Although this foundation will work well for most skin types, I’ve heard from readers with mature skin that they LOVE this one! Mature skin tends to benefit from a satin finish because there’s a glow, but it’s not overly oily which can accentuate lines and wrinkles. Also available at The Detox Market, Credo Beauty, and Aillea Beauty.

“I love the buildable, light to medium coverage! It provides a natural looking, slightly dewy finish.” —Michelle J.

Shop Vapour Soft Focus Foundation Here

Ilia True Skin Serum Foundation Texel SF3

4) Ilia True Skin Serum Foundation

Price: $54 for 30 mL
Shelf Life: 12 months
Shades Available: 30
Coverage: Medium coverage, silky, skin-like finish
Packaging: Glass bottle with plastic pump and cap
Samples: Not from Ilia, but you can sample it via The Detox Market
Other Notes: Vegan, contains dimethicone and coconut, lightly scented, needs a shake before using

Ilia True Skin Serum Foundation Swatches

This foundation definitely feels lightweight and looks like your skin! It’s lighter medium coverage; just enough to even skin tone and cover some redness but you can build it up for more. It’s thin but not overly runny and it blends in easily. It looks a little dewy but doesn’t feel thick or greasy (I wear shade Texel SF3). It moisturizes but you still need to wear skincare under it; I actually find that I’m able to get slightly more coverage with it when I wear it over a water-based moisturizer vs. an oil serum which is interesting. I really like how it smells; it has jasmine in it but I almost feel like it’s woodsy or smells a bit like rosemary?! I also think this is a good foundation for mature skin because it looks so natural. Also available at Aillea, The Detox Market, and Credo Beauty.

Shop Ilia True Skin Foundation Here

3) BeautyCounter Skin Twin Featherweight Foundation

Price: $45 for 30 mL
Shelf Life: 12 months
Shades Available: 18
Coverage: Light to medium coverage, natural finish
Packaging: Glass bottle and attached plastic pump
Samples: No, but maybe through a consultant
Other Notes: Fragrance and essential oil free, cruelty free (not vegan, contains beeswax), EWG verified, contains coconut and dimethicone, needs a shake before using

BeautyCounter Skin Twin Featherweight Foundation Swatches

This is the only one that I haven’t personally tried myself yet, so I can’t contribute any comments, but you guys sure seem to love it!

Shop BeautyCounter Skin Twin Here

Ilia Super Serum Skin Tint SPF

2) Ilia Super Serum Skin Tint SPF40

Biggest shade range, Most popular all-in-one foundation with sunscreen 🧴

Price: $48 for 30 mL
Shelf Life: 12 months
Shades Available: 30
Coverage: Light coverage, luminescent but drier finish
Packaging: Recyclable bottle, dropper and cap recyclable with TerraCycle
Samples: Not from Ilia, but you can sample it via The Detox Market
Other Notes: Vegan, oil free (water-based), silicone free, fragrance and essential oil free, 12% zinc oxide mineral sunscreen, contains caprylyl glycol (coconut derivative), needs a shake before using

Ilia Super Serum Skin Tint SPF40 Swatches

Well unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve likely heard of this one! It’s a hot commodity these days. It’s another all-in-one moisturizer, sunscreen, and light/sheer coverage foundation. Make sure to shake it well so it doesn’t separate; the formula itself is very thin and runny. It’s fragrance free and if you give it a sniff, it just has a standard foundation smell. You can wear it on its own, but I personally still feel like I need a little more moisture underneath it (such as a lightweight lotion or hyaluronic acid serum). It’s interesting because it looks luminescent and glowy, yet it doesn’t feel greasy or oily at all. Like, almost a dry glow? This also means that it wears pretty well throughout the day and doesn’t slide around my face. I wear shade Balos (ST3) but could go one or two shades darker. I’d suggest choosing a shade darker than what you think. Also available at Aillea, The Detox Market, and Credo Beauty.

“I like the ILIA Super Serum Skin Tint because it’s lightweight but still evens out my skin tone and covers up any redness. I don’t even feel the need to use a concealer with it—I just love how this product looks by itself. I have sensitive skin and this hasn’t caused any irritation. I also appreciate that it has SPF40.” —Liz A.

Shop Ilia Skin Tint SPF Here

Crunchi Beautifully Flawless Foundation Shade 2.5

1) Crunchi Beautifully Flawless Foundation

Reader favorite top pick! Fuller coverage ⭐️

Price: $50 for 30 mL
Shelf Life: 6 months
Shades Available: 10
Coverage: Medium to full coverage, satin and semi-matte finish
Packaging: Recyclable glass bottle with BPA-free black pump
Samples: Yes, $3 sample cards
Other Notes: Vegan, contains coconut and dimethicone, slight vanilla smell

Crunchi Beautifully Flawless Foundation Swatches

Well, this is hands down a cult classic in the clean beauty world! 🤯 It was by far the most common response when I polled readers. I wear shade 2.5 but could go even lighter in winter because 2.5 is a tad warm for me. I do find that it’s on the drier side (it’s quite thick too) so PRO TIP: mix a drop of your oil serum with a pump of the foundation for a smoother, more moisturizing application. I also notice that it can cling to peach fuzz or dry spots and creases a bit for me, especially if I apply a thicker layer. But it does look beautiful once it’s applied and blended!

I wouldn’t say it’s actually full coverage unless you use a LOT, but definitely more than medium coverage (I still need a concealer to cover darker spots and blemishes). I suggest following up with a setting powder if you have oily or combination skin like me; although it feels drier when you apply, it does look kind of dewy once it’s on your skin and can slide around a bit. Overall, I can see why so many people love this one, even though it’s not my number one pick for my own skin.

Shop Crunchi Foundation Here

Clean Beauty Foundation Swatches

Clean Beauty Foundation Swatches

Becca’s Other Top Foundation Picks:

Alright, I thought I’d squeeze in even MORE options for you because there are some foundations that I really like personally that didn’t make this list!

Becca's Foundation Top Picks

  • Elate Uplift Organic Creme Foundation: I wear shade UN2. This is a cream with a whipped, moussey texture. It’s medium to full coverage and looks incredibly natural. I suggest applying this to well-exfoliated, moisturized skin because the formula is a bit drier and thick. Code BECCA10 gets a discount from EarthHero!
  • Ere Perez Oat Milk Foundation: This one is super underrated in my opinion! I wear shade Malt. It has pretty simple ingredients. It’s slightly thick, blends in easily, feels lightweight, and doesn’t even really look like you’re wearing foundation (but has medium coverage). More shades available through Shimmer Beauty.
  • Sappho Essential Liquid Foundation: Not sure how to describe this but it almost feels soothing and cool on my skin! I wear shade Rachel. It’s light to medium coverage with a soft satin finish. Sappho is extremely conscious about their ingredient sourcing and packaging! This is another foundation that I feel is not talked about enough!
  • W3ll People Bio Foundation Stick: Another quick swipe foundation stick! I wear shade 2W. This one is more oily and dewy compared to the Au Naturale stick, so it would be better suited for drier skin types. It’s medium coverage with a satin finish.

Are there any others that I’m missing in this guide?! What do you look for when trying to find your perfect foundation? Leave them in the comments below so others can see too! Hopefully this helps you navigate the plethora of foundation options on the market ✌️ Thanks a bunch for reading!

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