Where to Buy The Best Organic & Sustainable Bras, Socks, Undies, and Undershirts

Where to Buy The Best Organic & Sustainable Bras, Socks, Undies, and Undershirts

When it comes to clothing items that are snuggled up closely to intimate parts of your body all day long, you better believe it’s extra important to choose natural fibers and safer materials! Say goodbye to the synthetics, and hello to sustainable and toxin-free. I’ve discovered some awesome brands over the years that I know you’ll love too. Whether you’re looking for bras, socks, undies, or base layers—this post has tons of options for all budgets!

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Bras 🍈

Vibrant Body Co. EveryWear™ Bras

Vibrant Body Co. EveryWear™ Bras [$$$]

If you’re looking for more of a traditional bra that’s super supportive, you’ll love Vibrant! It’s actually a local-to-me company based in Milwaukee. Their materials do include some synthetics, but everything is OEKO-TEK Standard 100 certified which means they’ve been tested free of any harmful substances (such as pesticides and carcinogenic dyes). Vibrant is also a certified B Corp.

The best part is that the bras are wireless and contain NO underwire, which can be detrimental to breast health and restrict lymphatic flow. The design is actually patented! I love that it provides adequate padding and coverage without feeling like too much. They’re really silky smooth, too. Not only that, but I bought my first bra from them years ago and it’s still in great condition.

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Buy Vibrant Bras Here

Boody Bamboo Bras

Boody Bras [$]

These are comfortable to the MAX! Boody is an eco-friendly brand that uses organic bamboo and cotton. They are OEKO-TEX certified and focus on fair trade, ethical, and responsible business practices. Most of their stuff is quite affordable too!

I have the Padder Shaper Bras with removable padding, but you can also get some without any. They honestly don’t even feel like you’re wearing a bra and the elastic is not too tight around my ribcage area. You don’t get as much shape or definition compared to a regular bra (like Vibrant), but these are really seamless under clothes and don’t flatten out your boobs too much!

I feel like they’re true to size; I typically wear a 34B and the Small fits me perfectly 👌

Buy Boody Bras Here

Also available here on Amazon.

Pact Organic Cotton Bras

Pact Organic Cotton Bras [$$]

Pact’s bras are definitely more on the lounge-y/casual side! None of them really have a lot of padding but they’re still pretty supportive. And extremely comfy! The styles seem to rotate seasonally but they tend to have bralettes, cropped bra tops, triangle bras, and classic styles as well.

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Buy Pact Bras Here

Underwear 🩲

Pact Organic Cotton Undies

Pact Organic Cotton Undies [$]

Pact’s undies are my personal favorite and they’re primarily what I wear! They’re durable, soft, and hold up well even after a few years. There are plenty of styles to choose from: bikini, thong, brief, boyshorts, and high-waisted. Lots of fun colors and patterns, too. Pact also has underwear for men and kids.

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Buy Pact Undies Here

Boody Bamboo Undies

Boody Bamboo Undies [$]

Another great option! Boody makes briefs, bikinis, boyshorts, and thongs from bamboo viscose. I have the Full Briefs and they’re awesome! The material is a bit stretchier and thicker compared to Pact’s cotton undies.

Buy Boody Undies Here

Also available here on Amazon.

Vibrant Body Co. Undies

Vibrant Body Co. Undies [$$]

For more of a sexy, velvety vibe! These are OEKO-TEK certified and made from silk and modal. Vibrant has three styles: hikini, thong, and boyshorts. They are thinner and more seamless!

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Buy Vibrant Undies Here

Socks 🧦

Pact Organic Cotton Socks

Pact Organic Cotton Socks [$$]

Basically all of the socks that my husband and I wear are from Pact, surprise surprise! They have all sorts of cuts from no-show (with grips on the back), crew, or ankle. Nothing too fancy, but the material is on the thicker side so these are nice and last a long time!

(They have socks for men and kids too!)

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Buy Pact Socks Here

Knitido Toe Socks

Knitido+ Toe Socks [$$$]

I love wearing toe socks with my barefoot shoes to keep my toes separated! Knitido+ makes ankle, midcalf, and hi-rise leg warmers. The socks use blends including organic cotton or wool and are super comfy. Select styles are botanically dyed with plants and flowers, too!

Knitido+ is the first company in Japan to make five-toed socks and has been around since 1974. They even have styles with grips on the bottom which I like to wear for barre workouts.

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Buy Knitido+ Socks Here

United by Blue Bison Socks

United by Blue Bison Socks [$$$]

For a cozy winter boot type of sock, these are amazing! They’re made from salvaged wool and bison wool which means they have premium insulation all while being breathable. United by Blue is a responsible clothing company and each purchase helps remove a pound of trash from waterways.

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Buy United by Blue Socks Here

Undershirts, Camis, & Base Layers 🎽

Numi Sweat-Proof Undershirts

Numi Sweat-Proof Undershirts [$$$]

Targeted shopping ads got the best of me here 😅 These undershirts are responsibly made from cotton and moisture-wicking Tencel. What intrigued me is they have absorbent underarm shields to keep you cool and dry. Basically, when you wear them underneath other shirts, no more pit stains!

I have The Signature Undershirt which is short-sleeved but they offer other options and styles. It’s stretchy, thin, breathable, wears well underneath other shirts, and definitely stops excess sweat from ruining your clothes. I like wearing mine under nicer blouses or clothes that tend to show sweat marks easily. Numi also makes camis!

Buy Numi Undershirts Here

Pact Shelf Bra Camisoles

Pact Shelf Bra Camisoles [$]

If you want an affordable and basic cami, here ya go! These are fair trade, organic cotton. They have a built-in wireless shelf bra, scoop neckline, and adjustable straps. You can get these in full length or cropped.

You can use code ORGANICALLYBECCA for a discount on your first purchase 🏷️

Buy Pact Camis Here

Vibrant Body Co. Tank Tops

Vibrant Body Co. Tank Tops [$$]

Like Vibrant’s bras, these are OEKO-TEK certified clean. Their tank tops are incredibly silky (because they’re made from silk and modal!) and really high quality. They have three styles and I loveeeeeee the Shelfie tank because it has a hidden bralette in it for subtle support. The bralette has no padding, FYI, so you don’t get a ton of nipple coverage if you know what I mean. But these tanks are soooooo comfortable and the fabric moves and stretches with your body.

You can use code ORGANICALLYBECCA for a discount 🏷️

Buy Vibrant Tank Tops Here

Other Sustainable Intimates Brands to Check Out

The brands listed in this post are my top picks! But if you want to browse some others, check these out:

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As I mentioned, choosing safe and natural materials for clothing that’s snug up against your skin all day long is important! Especially for more private areas of the body. Let me know if you have any questions or any other brands you’d add to this list. Thanks for reading 💚

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Where to Buy The Best Organic & Sustainable Bras, Socks, Undies, and Undershirts

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