Clean Beauty 101: A Stress-Free Guide to Choosing Natural Personal Care Products [eBook]

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Clean Beauty 101: A Stress-Free Guide to Choosing Natural Personal Care Products [eBook]
Clean Beauty 101: A Stress-Free Guide to Detoxing Your Products
Table of Contents

Are you ready to become a clean beauty guru? The transition to cleaner products is not always easy, but this 33-page ebook has ALL the info you need for a seamless, stress-free transition. Trust me, it’s all the information that I WISH I had when making the switch!

Note: this also includes The Ultimate Green Beauty Ingredient Glossary + Pocket Guides.



What’s inside

  • The importance of using clean products for your health
  • The Ultimate Green Beauty Ingredient Glossary + Pocket Guides (36 common ingredients to watch out for plus a printable pocket guide to take with you when you’re shopping)
  • Understanding the different labels and certifications on cosmetics
  • How to avoid being greenwashed and well-known brands that do it
  • Breakdown of a typical ingredient label
  • Common green beauty myths
  • 10 DIY natural skincare recipes you can make at home
  • A tracker to keep tabs on your products and when they expire
  • Helpful resources to get you started and learn more
  • Links to some of my personal favorite products that are tested and true
  • Which products to swap out first
  • Fillable worksheet that makes it easy to start your transition

Clean Beauty 101 Workbook

This is for you if…

  • You’re interested in using natural products but aren’t sure where to start or are overwhelmed by all the info out there
  • You’re not sure what brands are truly clean or not
  • You’re tired of being tricked by sneaky marketing claims
  • You’re not totally sure how to read an ingredient label
  • You don’t want to depend on other resources to be able to determine if a product is safe or not
  • You don’t want a list of rules to live by, but rather you want to feel confident about your decisions regarding the products you use
  • You’re ready to part with some old products and are willing to make some changes in your routine
  • You want to be a total clean beauty boss babe!

What people are saying

First of all, this workbook is BEAUTIFUL! In signature Becca style, it is colorful, minimalistic, and clean. It is a truly comprehensive guide, including how to understand ingredients and certifications of products, how to manage the transition to clean beauty, and the best clean beauty products. This is the perfect place for anyone to start their clean beauty journey because it is succinct and gives you everything you need to know all in one place!

-Molly M.

No surprise, Becca, has crafted a perfect beginner’s guide for anyone new to “green” and “clean” beauty. She covers all the bases including ingredients to avoid, what certifications to look for and be aware of, and what she recommends you swap out first to start your healthy living journey. I’d highly recommend this e-book to friends and family that need a starting place. It even includes active links to additional resources, product recommendations, and discount codes!

-Victoria Z.

Becca provides and complete and comprehensive guide that will benefit anyone looking to “clean up” their beauty and personal products at home. She not only breaks down the most important ingredients to avoid, but also provides tons of information on certifications, avoiding “greenwashing”, and guides you on what products to transition first. I wish I had this when I started my own clean beauty transition years ago!

-Mary N.