I posted this to my personal Instagram a few months ago. But I wanted to bring it up again for the purpose of this blog!

This is going to be a huge focus for this blog. I really want people to be aware of what ingredients are in their cosmetics and why the majority of generic cosmetics are toxic. 😲

Take a look at this video by Au Naturale Cosmetics:

I did follow-up post about what ingredients to avoid in your products. Here are a few resources if you care to read more:

I hope you take a few minutes to sign the petition. Why is it fair that Europe bans thousands of ingredients, and there are only 10 ingredients banned here in the US? We deserve to know what’s in our products and be able to trust that what we’re putting in and on our bodies is safe. 💅

Join me in the #CleanBeautyRevolution (btw the shirts are super comfortable and cute!)

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