Recipe: Creamy Coconut + Collagen Cold Brew Frappé

Coconut + Collagen Cold Brew Frappé

My obsession with coffee is unreal. Like, I need it every day or else I get super cranky. Anyone else?! Today I want to share with you this DELICIOUS and CREAMY coconut + collagen cold brew frappé! Yummy enough to be a dessert, yet healthy enough to start your day the right way ☕

So I do already have a recipe for homemade cold brew if you are curious about making your own at home. It’s super easy and saves you a lot of money! Cold brew is way smoother and less acidic than iced coffee. But the recipe I’m sharing today is like a cold brew to the extreme.

This cold brew frappé contains:

  • Coconut cream which is full of healthy fats to keep you full and satisfied, plus it makes it SO CREAMY. I buy cans of full-fat coconut cream from Thrive Market.
  • Collagen to keep your skin youthful and healthy, reduce inflammation, heal your gut, balance hormones, and more. I use the brand Great Lakes Collagen.
  • Brain octane (MCT oil) to help keep you full, burn fat, and give you an energy boost. I use the brand Bulletproof which you can buy from Amazon or at Whole Foods.
  • Adaptogenic herbs (maca and ashwagandha) to help your body deal with stress. These adaptogens have many benefits like balance hormones, help anxiety, improve thyroid function, treat adrenal fatigue, manage energy levels, boost immunities, improve focus, and more. I buy mine from Mountain Rose Herbs.

Get the full recipe below! 👇

Cold Brew Collagen Coconut Frappe

Creamy Coconut + Collagen Cold Brew Frappé

Total Time: 10 minutes

Yield: About 2 cups

Fat per serving: Lots of healthy fats

Creamy Coconut + Collagen Cold Brew Frappé


  • 3/4 cup of canned coconut milk (solid part, place in fridge 24 hours or overnight)
  • 6 frozen cold brew ice cubes (or plain ice cubes)
  • 3/4 cup cold brew coffee or cold brew concentrate depending on how strong you want it
  • 1 scoop Vital Proteins collagen peptides (doesn’t affect the taste at all!)
  • 1/2 Tbsp maple syrup
  • 1/2 tsp vanilla extract
  • 1/2 tsp ground ceylon cinnamon
  • 1/4 tsp himalayan pink salt
  • Optional but recommended ingredients:
  • 1 tsp brain octane oil
  • Adaptogenic herbs of choice (I used 1 tsp maca and 1 tsp ashwagandha)


  1. Refrigerate the canned coconut milk overnight so that it separates. You will use the top, solid part. You may discard the bottom liquid part but I suggest using that in a smoothie!
  2. Freeze ice cubes overnight if you don’t already have some made.
  3. Blend all ingredients and enjoy!
  4. Feel free to sprinkle with more cinnamon or toppings of choice.


Use organic ingredients when possible.


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