Natural, Gentle Teeth Whitening at Home with Dr. Brite

Dr. Brite Natural Teeth Whitening Pen

Raise your hand if you’ve spent over $100 on some sort of teeth whitening kit ✋ Well, what if I told you that you can do it naturally and for a fraction of the cost?

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The truth is conventional teeth whiteners like Crest Strips can cause irritation and actually do harm to your smile. According to Dr. Brite:

Whitening strips can effectively whiten your smile, but those with harsh chemicals in their formulas like chlorine dioxide, can painfully destroy the enamel on your teeth and increase the risk of tooth decay.

Well, that’s not good! This is why I love Dr. Brite’s Natural Teeth Whitening Pens. You just brush the gel on your teeth (it doesn’t even touch your gums!) and let dry for 2 minutes. And voila! A quick and easy way to brighten your smile.

Dr. Brite Teeth Whitening Pen in Mint

The ingredients are Organically Becca approved 👍 Made with Vitamin C to help support gum repair and organic coconut oil to get rid of bacteria. Vegan-friendly and BPA-free.

Each pen has multiple uses, and you can get ones that a specific for wine drinkers, coffee drinkers, etc. They are a MUCH safer option than conventional whitening strips! I love using mine whenever my teeth are looking a little dull (orrrrrr after drinking red wine…).

And guess what? Code ORGANICALLYBECCA saves you 10% on the entire site at checkout!

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There are other ways to whiten your teeth naturally too. Check out my posts on Oil Pulling and Activated Charcoal.

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