Brew It Like Becca: The Ultimate Guide to Brewing the Healthiest & Tastiest Coffee at Home

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Brew It Like Becca: The Ultimate Guide to Brewing the Healthiest & Tastiest Coffee at Home
Brew It Like Becca
Table of contents
Preview of the ebook
Salted Sweet Cream Cold Foam recipe inside!
Printable how-to brewing guide cutouts

This is a MUST if you’re a health-conscious coffee lover! It includes everything you need to know about making the healthiest (and tastiest!) coffee right at home. No need for expensive trips to the coffee shop when you can have the best of the best in your own kitchen.


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Hey coffee lovers! Your taste buds are in for quite the treat. I’m no barista, but I’ve definitely taken my coffee obsession up a few notches over the years. From researching the coffee industry, to taking classes, to pulling espresso shots, to just straight up experimenting at home. If you are health conscious AND love coffee, you’re in the right place.

This 31-page guide (digital PDF) will teach you the ins and outs of making the healthiest and tastiest cuppa coffee at home. It covers all of the basics, so even if you’re a total beginner, no worries. By the end of this, you’re going to be a total coffee snob (that’s a good thing, by the way!) ☕️

What’s inside the ebook:

  • Clean Coffee 101: Why it matters
  • What to look for when buying coffee
  • Healthy home brewing tips
  • Best clean & organic coffee brands (free of mold and mycotoxins)
  • How-to brewing guides (cold brew, pour over, French press) and suggested plastic-free equipment
  • Printable quick reference brewing guide cutouts (to put on your fridge, for example)
  • 15+ tasty cold brew recipes (such as Thin Mint Cookie and Salted Sweet Cream Cold Foam!)
  • Homemade plant milk recipes if you prefer dairy free
  • Pantry staples and shopping list

Grab a copy today! Don’t forget to tag me on Instagram @organicallybecca and use the hashtag #BrewItLikeBecca so I can share your lovely creations. Enjoy!

What people are saying:

I had tried making cold brew on my own before, but it was always so bitter and I didn’t like it. Well, Becca shows you exactly how to make a delish cold brew before getting to the recipes. That was so helpful for me, and it turned out smooth and fantastic. The Peanut Butter Cup Cold Brew is a must try! Cold brew convert now. -Caitlin

I would definitely recommend this ebook to anyone who loves coffee and wants to bring the coffee shop to their home but doesn’t know how! -Tracy

I’m sooooo excited and confident to make some coffee and cold brew now! -Laura