Feelgrounds Chelsea Boots Review! (Barefoot Style, Vegan, Unisex)

Feelgrounds Chelsea Boots Review! (Barefoot Style, Vegan, Unisex)

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been eyeing up some Chelsea boots for the longest time! They’re a timeless classic that is both functional and stylish. But I didn’t want to go and just buy any random brand! They had to be somewhat sustainably made and follow the barefoot shoe principles. My search ultimately led me to Feelgrounds, so I’ll share my honest thoughts about the boots with you in this post!

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About Feelgrounds Shoes

Feelgrounds is a brand that started in 2019 after a successful crowdfunding campaign. They’re based in Europe and aim to use recycled materials, fair production standards (made in a Business Social Compliance Initiative factory in Vietnam), and be environmentally responsible. All of their shoes are vegan and the materials they use have been tested for harmful substances.

They have unisex styles for men and women and are working on creating a kid’s collection! 👣

Feelgrounds Chelsea Boots Colors

Feelgrounds Chelsea Boots PROS 👍

Feelgrounds launched their Chelsea boots in October 2022 and I bought some immediately! I have seen a couple of barefoot shoe brands that have Chelsea-style boots, but these from Feelgrounds were by far the cutest. I picked up the brown Sienna color, but they also have Cream White, Hazelnut Brown, and Black 🥾 (they do plan on adding more color options eventually!)

Here’s what I like about them:

  • Follow the barefoot shoe principles: flexible, lightweight, wide toe box, zero heel drop. My feet don’t feel squished and my toes have plenty of free space.
  • They have an elastic ankle and loop on the back so they’re quick to slip on and off
  • Water-resistant and easy to wipe off any dirt
  • Super comfortable! I haven’t had any issues with rubbing or anything. The inside is soft microsuede and they genuinely feel great. I can wear them all day long without any discomfort. Keep in mind, my feet are already accustomed to barefoot shoes!
  • The boots feel sturdy but I like that they’re not too heavy or chunky
  • The bottom is a grippy tread so they don’t feel slippery when walking
  • You can remove the cork insoles if needed

Feelgrounds Barefoot Chelsea Boots (Sienna)

Feelgrounds Chelsea Boots Review! (Barefoot Style, Vegan, Unisex)

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Feelgrounds Chelsea Boots CONS 👎

Now, here are some things that I don’t care for…

  • The leather is faux pleather (PU polyurethane) which might be a plus if you’re looking for vegan shoes. However, it is plastic and not a sustainable material! I personally would prefer if these were real leather which is biodegradable. According to Feelgrounds’ website, they’re always searching for more eco-friendly materials so hopefully they can find a better option in the future!
  • The shoes ship from Europe so if you live in the United States like me, it can take a long time to ship and be expensive. These boots cost me about $18 to ship and they took about three weeks to arrive! I actually reached out to Feelgrounds because I thought they got lost in the mail. But I guess three weeks is pretty normal for their international shipping. I hope they partner with a US-based retailer eventually!
  • They are not fully waterproof. They are mostly water-repellent but because they have an elastic area around the ankle, water can seep in.

Feelgrounds Chelsea Boots Sizing & Fit

They do run small, so I would suggest ordering at LEAST a half size up from what you normally wear. Especially if you plan on wearing thicker socks with them!

I typically wear size 6.5 and I ordered size 7. My feet still have ample room, even with socks on, but I still could have gone a half size up because it’s cutting it close!

Overall though, I am quite happy with them! The style is so adorable for fall/winter and I LOVE that they’re healthy for my feet too!

Buy Feelgrounds Chelsea Boots Here

(Another brand I had my eye on was the Vivo Geo Chelsea Boots!)

Have you tried any shoes from Feelgrounds? Was this review helpful? Let me know in the comments. Thanks for reading 💚

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  1. Hello Becca. I appreciate your review of the Chelsea. Could you let us know how the durability of these boots has been, especially for the sole of the boot?
    Thank you!

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