Green Beauty Foundation Routine for Combination Skin

Green Beauty Foundation Routine for Combo Skin

Happy Spring! Can you believe it we are in April already? I remember the first day of January 2017. Anyway, now that we are transitioning from winter to spring, I know for a fact a lot of people with combination skin are having problems with dry spots. Don’t fret! I have a solution. The first step of flawless foundation is to start with your skincare. You are going to learn how to prep your combination skin before applying your flawless foundation. I suffer from some dry spots and some oily spots on my face, so let’s just say this isn’t my first rodeo. The first thing you want to do is hydrate your skin. Then apply your foundation, but please make sure to follow along with the steps.

Step 1

If you are suffering from dry spots, you need to hydrate your skin with a mask. The solution that I found was the Green Tea Mask from 100% Pure. It was super hydrating. I think it helped my dry spots for sure. You want to put on a hydrating mask at least once a week if you have dry spots. I like to apply the mask at night that way my skin can be refreshed in the morning before applying my foundation.

Step 2

Now it’s the morning and you are going to get ready for your makeup. Make sure to cleanse your face with a gel cleanser. I personally like the Acure Gel Cleanser. I love the smell, and it feels super light on the skin. Remember you need to cleanse your skin of the dirt and oils from your face.

Step 3

Next make sure to use a toner to prevent your pores from clogging. A good toner nourishes and replenishes the skin. I use Thayer’s Rose Scented Toner, but again you can use whichever one you prefer.

Step 4

Now that you have taken care of your skin it is time to moisturize. If you have a moisturizer with SPF that is great. I tend to prefer moisturizers without sun protection. I do use a zinc oxide sunscreen though if I’m going to go to the beach or a ballgame. You can also take into account if your foundation has SPF though. As you apply the moisturizer remember to gently rub it in your face in circular motions. I do this because I want to make sure it absorbs properly in my skin.

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Step 5

Anyway, after you moisturized make sure to apply your primer. I use Vapour Stratus Soft Focus Skin Perfecting Primer. It feels super light on the skin, and it makes my skin flawless. Then I usually let that set for about three minutes. I usually grab some water, or put on some lip balm while I let the primer set.

Step 6

Finally, time to add some makeup on! I of course apply my RMS Un Cover-Up Concealer/Foundation first. I dab a little bit of it on under my eyes, and then on the red marks that I have on my skin. I like to apply concealer first, that way I don’t have to put too much foundation on. I use a beauty blender to blend it in perfectly.

Step 7

I try to use foundation sparingly, because there was a time when I just caked my face with way too much foundation. Come on people, I know I’m not the only one here. If you haven’t had cake face at least once, then I’m just going to assume you aren’t a beauty enthusiast at all! Anyway, I use a beauty blender for my foundation too, because I find that it truly makes my foundation blend evenly, rather than using a brush. Right now I’m using the Jane Iredale Glow Time Full Coverage BB Cream. Depending on the type of season it is and what the weather is like, I will put on powder. Since we are transitioning to spring, I am experiencing more dry patches so for now I will skip the powder.

Step 8

Then it’s time for blush. I only apply blush to the apple of my cheeks. I use a powder brush, and the blush that I like to use is from the brand Silk Naturals.

Step 9

Now we are almost done with the face! After blush I apply bronzer under my cheekbones. I try to blend the blush and bronzer as much as possible. If it’s summer I tend to use more bronzer around my nose, and forehead. If you prefer more bronzer, then by all means.

Step 10

This step is my favorite because I love glowy cheeks. Apply your highlight on top of your cheekbone. I also like to apply highlight to my cupid’s bow and nose. Right now I’m using the RMS Living Luminizer. I just dab the highlight lightly, that way it doesn’t mess up my face makeup.

Step 11

Then the last step is to apply translucent powder. I apply it with a brush. I like to dab a sponge with translucent powder and place it under my eyes. I don’t think swiping a brush with translucent powder under my eyes does anything, so I like to use a sponge. I hate applying translucent powder to be honest. I am using the W3ll People powder, and it does its job. The only thing I dislike about the product is that it is loose, and it gets messy.
And ta-da! You are finished. Now grab yourself a compact mirror and look at your flawless foundation! I hope you enjoyed this step by step foundation routine for combination skin. Please check out my blog at


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