Wholesomely Natural: Grounded Sage Skincare + Makeup Review

Grounded Sage Skincare Review

Hello readers! I hope you’re ready to learn more about a new (to me) natural makeup and skincare line that I’ve been testing out called Grounded Sage. It’s been a while since I’ve done a review like this, but they are fun, and I truly love testing out new products and sharing with you! Let’s take a look.

This post is sponsored by Grounded Sage who generously sent me products in exchange for an honest review. Thank you for reading and supporting my little blog!

So the founder, Jamie, reached out to me back in May and asked if I’d like to try some of her products. I admit, I totally judged a book by its cover. Shame on me! 😬 Mostly because it was a brand I haven’t really heard of or seen other bloggers review (uncharted territory!). Basically, I was a little skeptical because I thought maybe the products wouldn’t perform that well, or perhaps assumed that they were very “homemade” and maybe wouldn’t be effective.

But I browsed the website and was super blown away by the amount of different skincare and makeup that Grounded Sage carries, as well as the values of the brand. I’m so glad that I decided to move forward and give the products a shot – because I’m happy to say that I was VERY pleasantly surprised and was totally wrong with my first impression (sorry Jamie!).

So first, I’ll tell you a little bit more about the brand, and then we’ll get into the different products I tried and my review. Here we go!

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Grounded Sage Founder Jamie
Founder + artisan, and overall sweet human being Jamie Sabot [Photo credit: Grounded Sage]

About Grounded Sage Skincare:

  • Founded in 2009 by Jamie Sabot from a desire to care for her skin in a way that put wellness, understanding, and nourishment at the forefront. She felt detached from mainstream beauty and was searching for something more wholesome and authentic.
  • Formerly known as “Batty’s Bath”
  • Based in southwestern Ontario, Canada 🇨🇦
  • Grounded Sage gives back (like…a lot!) to charity. They have ongoing donations to organizations like Bullies in Need and Cedar Row Farm Sanctuary but have partnered with dozens of other charities in the past
  • Certified cruelty free by PETA and Leaping Bunny 🐰
  • Have sustainability initiatives for a lighter footprint in place, such as:
      • Recyclable glass jars ♻️
      • Biodegradable, compostable cardboard tubes for balms
      • Eco-friendly shipping materials (biodegradable packing peanuts, recyclable corrugated cardboard cushioning, etc.)
      • Sustainably-sourced ingredients and opting for local and organic when possible



What’s your skin personality?

Grounded Sage also has a really cool skin personality quiz to find your “Floral Aura.” Mine is Desert Marigold 🌼 And once you find your skin type, there is a whole page dedicated to learning more and find out how you can best support your skin type. Very unique and helpful!

Grounded Sage Products I Tried:

So, like I mentioned above, Grounded Sage makes a TON of products. It was honestly so hard to choose, but they kindly sent me a couple of products of my choice to try.

As a small disclaimer, I did notice that some of the products on the website contain phenoxyethanol which is an ingredient I usually try to avoid myself. But everything linked in this review does not contain it. Just a heads up if you avoid it as well!

Clean Slate Natural Black Mascara

I’m always a little wary of natural mascaras because from what I know, it’s really tricky to get a clean formula that works. Again, back to the whole judging a book by its cover thing 😂 But, I was pleasantly surprised here!

Grounded Sage Skincare

It does take a couple of swipes to get going and the formula is more on the dry side, but I really like how this mascara looks and wears. It’s got a nice, natural finish and isn’t too dramatic. I was really shocked that is truly is a durable wear that doesn’t get smudgy or flaky. Even with my oily eyelids. I haven’t noticed any irritation from it either (it’s formulated for sensitive eyes).

Their “secret” is organic rice powder as an alternative to talc which conventional mascaras often contain! It helps keep the formula buildable and avoid clumping. It also contains vitamin E oil which helps condition lashes.

Grounded Sage Skincare
Wearing all Grounded Sage products on my face…look at those lashes!

Naturally Now Brow Pomade

My brows are ashy blonde so I wear shade Light in this brow pomade which seems to match me pretty well. It’s a demi-matte formula and has carnauba wax to keep hairs in place. It works well! I just use an angled brush to apply and then smooth it out with a spoolie. This helps fill in my brows but also keeps them groomed throughout the day.

Grounded Sage Skincare

Forever Young Facial Moisturizer (BB Cream)

As I’ve gotten older, I’m really starting to gravitate towards moisturizers more and more! And who doesn’t want to be forever young? Ha! Anyway, my skin has been responding well to this one. I definitely prefer it more for daytime use since it’s lighter vs. at night when I usually use an oil serum.

It glides on easily but isn’t greasy, and it’s a really fast-absorbing cream. I want to say that it’s kind of sticky/tacky when it dries? Not sure how to describe it better! It’s tinted, but not enough to provide any coverage. I barely notice a scent to this one either.

Grounded Sage Skincare

It seems to help keep my skin balanced and hydrated throughout the day (thanks to the carrot seed oil which helps regulate oil production). This also has avocado, macadamia oil, cucumber, apple, rhubarb, and rosehip seed oil. So many nourishing and restorative goodies!

I use this after cleansing and spritzing on a toner. It’s key to let this moisturizer fully absorb for about 5 minutes before applying more product!

There is an ingredient in this that I’ve never seen before, Polymethylsilsesquioxane. It sounds scary so I, of course, looked it up – but it’s rated 1 on EWG and the one in this formula is derived from corn. So I’m okay with it! Always learning over here 🤓

Quick Stick Acne Fix Roller

I just love when a surprise pimple appears…said no one ever. Yup, even at the ripe age of 28 I still get ‘em. This little rollerball applicator is very handy for gliding onto a zit or incoming pimple. I’m not sure if it’s just my roller, but I’ve noticed that I have to be a little careful when applying so that too much doesn’t come out.

Other than that, I LOVE how this one smells. It reminds me of growing up when my mom would clean with Pine Sol 🌲 Ahh, the nostalgia. This has witch hazel, patchouli, tea tree, and bergamot oils which are powerful astringents and are great at preventing and healing breakouts.

I’ve used this on a couple of breakouts or when I could feel a pimple forming and it definitely seems to help!

Grounded Sage Skincare

Activated Charcoal Cold Pressed Soap Bar

If you haven’t started using soap with activated charcoal, what are you waiting for?! The charcoal is great at binding to impurities, making it ideal for a soap! I especially like to use these types of soaps on my armpits while showering because it really helps keep things clean and balanced. Charcoal may also help with bacne (aka, acne on your back!) and helps keep pores decongested.

The main thing I’ve noticed with this soap bar is that the black color seems to seep off quite a bit (like, the water runoff is really dark!) but it’s not so bad that it stains. It washes away, but was a bit alarming to me at first! 🧼

Other than that, I’ve really been liking this. I’ve mainly been using it on my armpits and body (but can be used on your face too). It also works well as a shaving cream/soap when I shave my armpits. I also like that it doesn’t really have a scent and doesn’t dry out my skin. Thumbs up! 👍

Nature’s Veil CC Cream Tinted Moisturizer

Okay, buckle up because this is my FAVORITE Grounded Sage product that was sent over! 😍 I wear shade Almond Vanilla (it’s only available in 3 shades though which is a drawback if you have darker skin). Since it’s a CC cream, I was expecting more of a runny formula with not much coverage…I was proven wrong yet again!

This one is basically a mix of a moisturizer, hydrator, primer, and light foundation all in one. It’s really great! The main thing that I was surprised about is the coverage; I wear this as a foundation! It’s a really thick formula, almost like a whipped paste, but it still blends in well. It’s buildable too, and I would say the coverage is medium and more on the matte side.

Grounded Sage Skincare

Key ingredients:

  • Argan and jojoba oil for hydration
  • Aloe vera and hyaluronic acid for keeping the moisture in
  • Chamomile to soothe
  • Non-nano titanium dioxide which provides slight sun protection
  • Naturally preserved with radish root ferment
  • Vitamin C to reduce redness and brighten

I love how lightweight this feels on my skin. It almost feels like I’m wearing nothing yet it looks like I have on a foundation. So awesome! I find that I don’t even really need a setting powder with this one, and it still holds up throughout the day. Very impressed and I’ve even gotten a few compliments on my skin while wearing this!

Mineral Cream Concealer

This one is only available in three shades as well (I wear Cotton Bloom). It’s a velvety smooth cream that covers breakouts and spots yet still feels lightweight. I’ve also been using it under my eyes to help brighten the area. I like that this is really easy to blend and doesn’t get cakey!

Grounded Sage Skincare

What’s unique is that it contains bentonite clay, which helps give it that “stick” texture but also helps detox, relax pores, prevent congestion, and fade acne scars. So smart! I usually use a concealer brush to apply but you can also use a clean finger.

Mineral Makeup Powder Foundation

Powder foundations are usually a must for me! So I was really eager to try this one out. Unfortunately, I chose shade Almond, which might be too light for me now that it’s summer. Should have gone with Vanilla! 😖 But I’ve been dressing it up with a bronzer and that totally helps.

Grounded Sage Skincare

I do really like the coverage though. For this one, less really is more! I just tap a little bit onto a kabuki brush and gently apply. It feels really weightless and looks matte. It’s buildable, too. This definitely helps even out my skin tone and reduce the appearance of redness on my cheeks, and helps control shine since I have combo skin.

This has non-nano mica which gives it a silky texture and titanium dioxide which is naturally protective against UV rays. I’m excited to have another powder foundation in my collection!

Quick Calm Calendula + Pink Clay Facial Mask

So this might be the only one that didn’t totally work for me. I really like how this mask feels as I apply it and while I’m wearing it, BUT it took a lot of work to wash it off and it still felt like I had quite a bit of residue on my skin.

Grounded Sage Skincare

Thankfully the owner, Jamie, gave me some tips:

  • Use it while taking a bath so your skin is already damp and the air is humid; this makes it easier to wash off too
  • Get a washcloth soaked with warm water, drape it over your face, and pat
  • Continue as needed and the mask should come off easier

But anyway, the ingredients are really great! A lot of really anti-inflammatory ingredients like calendula, cucumber, and oat powder. The mask itself is sort of a fluffy clay, whipped mousse texture. It’s recommended for sensitive, red, or rosacea skin.

Tea Tree + Orange Dog Shampoo

And because I love to spoil my dog Dexter, I tried this dog shampoo too! He hates baths but I managed to try it out on him. It has super clean ingredients; just olive oil, tea tree, and orange peel oil!

Grounded Sage Skincare

It’s not overly foamy or lathering, but enough to get the job done! These ingredients naturally repel fleas, soothe itchy skin, and eliminate that stinky dog smell. Will definitely keep using on my pup. All proceeds from the dog shampoo go to Bullies in Need Dog Rescue! 🐶

On top of all that, my package came with a little envelope of sage seeds to plant 🌱 So cute and thoughtful.

I know this review got really lengthy…oops, I just got carried away! But thanks for reading if you made it this far. Overall I’m really happy with the products and will continue to use them. Especially the Nature’s Veil CC cream!

If you’d like to try some Grounded Sage products yourself, you can use the code BECCA at checkout for 10% off your order!

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  1. Becca, I enjoyed this article. I love learning about natural, high quality brands. I use Vapour Organics. It’s well formulated and has a great range of colors for darker skin tones. I also like your point about black soap. I use it every morning. It cleanses without stripping my skin.

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