Huüt Bedding Review: Sustainable, Organic Cotton Sheets

Huüt Organic Cotton Bedding

Whenever I hear “Egyptian Cotton” I can’t help but think of the movie Uptown Girls…anyone else? 😆 But…did you know that it’s known to be the finest cotton available in the world? It’s incredibly soft and durable which makes for extremely comfortable bedding. So today I want to share Huüt with you, a brand that goes above and beyond to bring you sustainable, organic cotton bedding like no other.

This post is sponsored by Huüt who generously sent me their sheet set in exchange for an honest review. This post also contains affiliate links. Thank you for reading and supporting my little blog!

Huüt Organic Cotton Bedding

What Makes Huüt So Special? Not All Bedding Is Created Equal!

It’s true! Something like bedding is easy to overlook, even if you’re switching to a greener lifestyle. Sadly lots of bedding is heavily sprayed with pesticides and formaldehyde, irresponsibly grown, uses heavy toxic dyes, or simply does not take the care of workers or the earth into consideration. Here’s what stood out to me about Huüt:

  • They use 100% Egyptian cotton, both OEKO-TEX + Cotton Egypt and Egyptian Cotton Association Certified. Egyptian cotton is hand-picked, unlike most cotton, which ensures the highest level of purity. These certifications also ensure that textile manufacturing is free from known harmful substances.
  • It’s all fair-trade! This means there is no child labor or gender discrimination in the creation process.
  • It’s earth-friendly! Huüt is GOTS Certified (Global Organic Textile Standard). This means that they only use eco-friendly and socially responsible production facilities. Harmful chemicals and dyes are not used, unlike most bedding products on the market.
  • The organic cotton is all responsibly-sourced, grown, and processed in India by fair-trade and organic agents. Only low-impact dyes are used.
  • Huüt uses longer cotton fibers which means stronger, finer, and smoother yarn.
  • For every purchase made, Huüt donates $10 to Feed My Starving Children, a non-profit organization that coordinates the packaging and distribution of food to people in developing nations.
Huüt Bedding
All of these certifications are pretty impressive if you ask me!

Huüt Organic Cotton Bedding

What I Use: Organic Percale Sheets

Huüt sent me two of their sheet sets for my Queen-sized bed. The Dove Grey Organic Percale Sheet Set which includes:

  • 1 fitted sheet
  • 1 flat sheet
  • 2 pillowcases

And the Dove Grey Organic Percale Duvet Set which includes:

  • 1 duvet
  • 2 shams

Huüt Organic Cotton Bedding

A percale weave is known for being cool, crisp, and breathable which is exactly what I prefer while sleeping! (as opposed to their Sateen weave option which is sleek, silky, and lustrous) 🛌 If you’re a super nerd about the details, this is 80s long staple and 60s yarn count, and single pick which makes for lighter, longer-lasting sheets.

My husband and I immediately noticed a difference the first time we used these sheets, and I’m not just saying that 😴 We felt like we were staying in a luxurious hotel bed because everything felt so nice!

We had been using organic cotton sheets from Target which were definitely on the cheaper side and pretty stiff! It’s also important to note that just because sheets say “organic cotton” does not mean they are certified organic (it could just signal that the cotton was grown organically but involved lots of chemical treatments afterward).

Huüt Organic Cotton Bedding

These Sheets Are What Dreams Are Made Of!

All in all, switching to Huüt was surely a huge upgrade in quality. And the sheets are SO soft! I don’t think I’ll be able to go back, to be honest! And considering we spend about one-third of our lives in bed, I definitely think it’s really important to have high-quality, eco-friendly, chemical-free bedding!

Huüt also makes bath towels and washcloths. I highly recommend this brand and their products. It’s rare to find a company that puts so much effort into making a product that’s eco-friendly, non-toxic, comfortable, fair-trade, and charitable! 💤

Each purchase comes with a 30-day free trial plus free shipping and returns. I think you’ll like ’em though ☺️

Huüt also is hooking you guys up with an exclusive promo code! Just enter the code BECCA at checkout for a whopping 25% off your order.

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Huüt Organic Cotton Bedding
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