The Ultimate Green Beauty Ingredient Glossary

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The Ultimate Green Beauty Ingredient Glossary
The Ultimate Green Beauty Ingredient Glossary

Confused about where to begin when it comes to ingredients? Use this list as a guide when reading labels and determining what you’re okay with using or not using! Broken down into 3 tiers to help you slowly master all the common culprits in conventional beauty and personal care products. You’ll be a guru after reading this!

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What’s Inside

A 4-page PDF with a glossary of 36 ingredients to avoid and in-depth descriptions of what they are and their health effects.

What people are saying

This glossary makes it so easy to determine whether a product is safe and non-toxic or not. It is super comprehensive, telling you what an ingredient is and why it is bad.

-Molly M.

If you’re looking for an easy to read, easy to understand ingredient guide for buying “clean” and “green” beauty products then you’ve found it. Not only is Becca’s guide aesthetically pleasing, she has broken it down into three tiers of ingredients to avoid, making it very clear how to prioritize your shopping and transition your beauty routine for the healthier.

-Victoria Z.

Becca’s Green Beauty ingredient glossary is a great one-stop reference to keep on hand! I also love that the ingredients are tiered based on most important ingredients to avoid through ingredients to use sparingly. This allows anyone, no matter what stage they are at in their journey, to make positive improvements and aid in their clean beauty transition!

-Mary N.