Introducing Brew It Like Becca: Delectable Cold Brew Recipes for the Coffee Connoisseur

Brew It Like Becca Cold Brew eBook is Here!

Yay! I am SO incredibly happy to announce that my brand NEW ebook is finally here! If you are a coffee lover, this is for you. Introducing…Brew It Like Becca: Delectable Cold Brew Recipes for the Coffee Connoisseur.

Brew It Like Becca eBook

This is a 19-page guide to all things cold brew coffee. Your taste buds are in for quite the treat. I’m no barista, but I’ve definitely taken my coffee obsession up a few notches over the years. From researching at-home brewing methods, to taking classes, to pulling espresso shots, and just straight up experimenting at home. One area that’s been especially fun for me has been COLD BREW. It’s delicious on its own, but there are also a ton of ways you can dress it up for a tasty blended treat. Like this Peanut Butter Cup Cold Brew!

Get your copy of “Brew It Like Becca” here

Peanut Butter Cup Cold Brew

We’re going to cover ALL the basics if you’re a total beginner, so don’t worry. By the end of this, you’re going to be a cold brew queen ☕️

What’s in the ebook:

  • Cold Brew 101: How to make your own at home and equipment needed
  • Picking the yummiest coffee beans to use and qualities to look for
  • Over a dozen tasty cold brew recipes to try today 😋
  • The best homemade nut milk recipes
  • Pantry staples and shopping list
  • Much more!

Get your copy of “Brew It Like Becca” here

Thank you so much and I truly hope you enjoy these recipes as much as I do!

Brew It Like Becca



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