Switching to Natural Deodorant? Try this Kaia Naturals 30-Day Detox Kit!

Kaia Naturals Charcoal Detox Kit

You might know by now how important it is to switch to natural deodorant. But maybe you don’t know where to start or the best way to go about it. Well, you’ve come to the right place because today I’m going to introduce you to a kit made entirely for helping you switch to natural deodorant!

Why Your Pits Need a Detox

First of all, it’s important to know that switching from conventional, aluminum-based antiperspirant deodorant requires a detox. I’m not talking like a week-long juice cleanse, here! I’m talking about your pits!

Aluminum and antiperspirant deodorant has been trapping toxins in your pits and body, and once you go natural, it will take 2-4 weeks to sweat them out and allow your body to adjust.

This is why most people give up when they switch to natural deodorant. They try it for a week or so then give up because they are either sweaty or stinky. So PLEASE, be patient!

It’s also important to note that because you sweat out toxins, keep in mind what you’re putting in AND on your body! Eating a clean diet, ditching the processed food, and using only natural and non-toxic products will greatly help your detox. There are some great tips on my friend Courtney’s blog post.

Kaia Naturals Charcoal Underarm Detox Kit

Although I’ve been using natural deodorant for a few years now, Kaia Naturals sent me their detox kit to try (this post reflects my honest opinions about the kit despite having it sent to me). I used it exclusively for 30+ days so I can let you know how it works and share my experience.

Kaia Naturals 30-Day Detox Kit

What’s included in the kit:

  • detox charcoal mini deodorant
  • the deodorant booster soap bar
  • the charcoal detox effervescent hot bath salt
  • detox guidebook with info, tips, and what to expect each week of detox

These products are all natural and non-toxic. No aluminum, fragrance, or parabens either (unlike conventional deodorants). The deodorant is baking-soda free, which is great if you have sensitive skin (some people feel irritation or develop rashes when using baking soda in deodorant).

And why the charcoal?! Well, activated charcoal is actually super beneficial for detox. It can bind to chemicals, odors, or liquids that are up to 1,000 times its weight, making it the perfect ingredient in deodorant. It won’t stain your clothes either.

By using these products together, you’ll be well on your way to detoxed pits.

The Stages of Detox

Photo credit: Kaia Naturals

This chart shows the typical stages of what you might expect during the 30-day detox.

I would say this is pretty accurate to what I experienced, but since I’ve been using natural deodorant for so long, I barely experienced any sweating or odor. No irritation either. Some days I actually went without using deodorant at all, just the soap bar. And even in stressful situations when I normally tend to sweat, the deodorant did a good job of absorbing the sweat and preventing odor. No joke, it worked so well for me (everybody is different, though!).

The deodorant is seriously great and glides on really easily. At first, it feels a little wet but dries almost instantly. So good!

Honestly, I think this kit is an incredible option if you’re wanting to switch to natural deodorant! (it’s seriously SO important for your health) Give it a shot and let me know how it goes:

Buy the Detox Kit

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