Brand Review: Kinfield Outdoor Skincare Products (Clean & Plant-Based!)

Brand Review: Kinfield Outdoor Skincare Products (Clean & Plant-Based!)

To be honest, there are soooooo many skin and body care brands out there these days—even in the clean beauty space. It can be overwhelming! But every now and then, there is a new brand that catches my eye and I’m super curious to try. So today, I’m going to share more about an up-and-coming brand called Kinfield. Let’s go!

This post contains affiliate links. Some products were gifted to me for PR consideration and some I purchased myself. This post reflects my honest thoughts, as always!

About Kinfield

Kinfield is a plant-based outdoor skincare brand. The company was founded in 2018 by Nichole Powell and was featured on the TV show Shark Tank! A little bit more about the company:

  • Adorable branding 🎨
  • Based in Brooklyn, NY 🗽
  • 1% for the Planet member 🌎
  • Most products are in the $16-28 range! 💰
  • Leaping Bunny certified (cruelty free) and vegan 🐰
  • Has a recycling program for empty products and strives for sustainability ♻️

Review of Kinfield Products

I haven’t tried the entire Kinfield collection yet, but I have used the majority of them! Here are my thoughts on each one that I’ve used.

Golden Hour™ DEET-Free Mosquito Repellent

Let’s start with this one because it’s one of their best sellers! 🦟 It’s made with essential oils citronella, lemongrass, and clove. One thing I noticed about this one is that it contains a higher amount of citronella compared to most natural bug sprays. This one has a whopping 10%!

Citronella has been registered as an insect repellent since the 1940s and has been shown to be effective dose-for-dose as DEET! Not only that, but Kinfield uses a unique strain of Indonesian citronella which they put through independent testing and is supposed to be more effective than others. So I do feel like it’s pretty powerful stuff!

I’d say it works well and keeps me from getting eaten alive by mosquitoes. Because of the high citronella content, it does have a kinda strong bug spray smell. I don’t mind it, but it’s good to be aware of if you’re sensitive to stronger smells.

The formula also contains no oils or anything greasy (the base is alcohol). So it rubs in nicely without leaving a residue or being sticky. I can see why it’s their best seller! 👍

Buy Golden Hour Here

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Kinfield Sun & Bug Products

Daily Dew SPF35 Hydrating Face Sunscreen

This is an untinted, medium-weight white lotion! All of Kinfield’s sunscreens use reef-safe non-nano zinc oxide as a mineral sunblock. I’d consider this more of a sport sunscreen for your face; it’s sweat and water-resistant for up to 80 minutes. Although it does come out of the tube quite white, it will blend in clearly (or at least it does on my face!).

I prefer this one on days when I’m not going to wear makeup. It’s hydrating and moisturizing but can be a bit too thick/greasy to wear underneath makeup. It doesn’t really look too greasy on its own though, and the finish is slightly dewy.

Overall, it’s decent and my husband actually uses this one for his daily SPF too! ☀️ And I do like the scent which is a little coconutty and not overpowering.

Buy Daily Dew SPF Here

Sunglow SPF35 Luminizing Face Sunscreen

I personally like this one better than Daily Dew! It’s formulated with responsibly sourced mica and minerals for a shimmery tint that’s universal for all skin tones. I appreciate that the radiance is subtle and not too sparkly or glittery! ✨

It’s lighter and more gel-like compared to Daily Dew. It’s also not as sweat or water-resistant, so this is better for everyday wear instead of a beach trip or active day. It’s not as moisturizing and wears better underneath makeup compared to Daily Dew. I even think it kind of doubles as a glowy and dewy primer!

While I do think the rosy gold tint looks pretty, I find that if I use a LOT of Sunglow, it can make me look kind of pink too. I wish it had slightly more golden tones instead, especially since I am somebody that already has cool/pink undertones in my skin so it accentuates that. Perhaps the hue would work better on darker or more olive/neutral skin tones!

Lastly, the light citrus scent is really pleasant! There are notes of bergamot, petitgrain, and mandarin.

Buy Sunglow SPF Here

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Cloud Cover SPF35 Body Sunscreen

I really like this one! Kinfield claims that it won’t leave a white cast, and I think that’s true for the most part, but I do notice some white pilling on hairy areas like my forearms (which is pretty much inevitable with mineral sunscreens, but this does seem to blend in better than most!). But for smooth areas like shaved legs or shoulders, it works great!

Cloud Cover is also sweat and water-resistant for 80 minutes so it’s ideal for active days as well. The mild citrus scent is enjoyable!

I don’t really have any complaints with this SPF. If I’m being extra picky, I would say that occasionally the tube squirts out too much at once. But I am usually using a lot of lotion for my body anyway so it doesn’t go to waste.

Buy Cloud Cover SPF Here

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S.O.S. Rescue Mask Hydrating Overnight Cream

This one strays away from their usual outdoor products, but you can think of it as a post-sun recovery! It’s a rich overnight cream that can also be used as a quick 10-minute mask. It’s unscented, fragrance-free, non-comedogenic, and uses NO essential oils. I’d say all skin types can use it, even sensitive ones.

I was not expecting to like this one as much as I do—it’s wonderful! You may know that I’m usually a facial oil kinda gal and don’t always feel like lotions are moisturizing enough for me. But this one is really nourishing and I don’t feel the need for any additional oils after using it!

The cream is made with ceramides, avocado oil, chamomile, and meadowfoam seed oil so it’s super soothing, repairing, and calming.

It’s on the thick side, but blends in beautifully and looks sort of matte on my skin (no glazed donut status here). I see why they advertise it as an overnight cream because I don’t think this is one I’d use in the daytime underneath makeup. It has a veryyyyy slight sticky residue finish to it so I feel like it would pill or prevent makeup from going on smoothly.

I also don’t really consider this one to be a mask. A really hydrating and moisturizing mask, maybe? But it’s not really a treatment or something I’d use as a mask myself. But as a moisturizer, definitely! Thumbs up.

Buy SOS Cream Here

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Brand Review: Kinfield Outdoor Skincare Products (Clean & Plant-Based!)

Final Thoughts & Where to Buy Kinfield Products

Overall, Kinfield is a great brand! I especially like the accessible price points. While some of their products are not my favorite of all time, they have some solid options and I’ll for sure keep using them! You can find their products at these websites and retailers:

Credo Beauty


Have you tried anything from Kinfield yet? Let me know if you have any questions or comments below. Thanks for reading 💚

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Brand Review: Kinfield Outdoor Skincare Products (Clean & Plant-Based!)

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