An Honest Review of Laguna Herbals Non-Toxic Sunscreen

Laguna Herbals SPF Review

A few weeks ago I posted all about toxic chemicals to avoid in sunscreen, and some safe SPF brands that I recommend. One of the brands I mentioned was Laguna Herbals. While we know that their ingredients are squeaky clean, you might be wondering how the sunscreen actually performs. So I’m going to be sharing with you a few of their products and how I liked them!

First of all, you should know that Laguna Herbals gifted me with these products to review. However, I’m not being paid to review them. These are my honest thoughts about the products. May contain affiliate links.

The items I tried are from their Summer Splash Pack which includes a sampling of all their products.

Broad Spectrum SPF 50+ Face & Body Sunscreen Stick:


  • Love the stick format, you can just glide it right onto your skin. It is also a very wide stick so it’s easy to apply.
  • Very water-resistant (80 minutes)
  • Effectively prevented me from burning even after being out in the sun for about an hour


  • Sometimes I applied too much on accident, so just be careful when “gliding” it onto your skin. I found that a dab motion worked better!
  • Because of the non-nano zinc oxide, there is a hint of a white residue that stays behind when you apply. However, if you apply it correctly and blend it well, you will find that you really don’t need much because it spreads around quite well. And personally, I’d rather have a tiny bit of white residue on my skin than to use toxic chemicals 🙅

There is no scent to this, which is either a pro or a con depending on your preference!

Laguna Herbals Zinc Oxide SPF
A comparison of how this sunscreen blends in. Barely any white residue!

Broad Spectrum SPF 50+ Sunscreen Tin:

This is the same formula as the stick from above, just in a small tin! I use the large stick for applying to my body, and I use this tin for applying to my face.


  • Works well under foundation/makeup as a primer
  • Does not sting if it runs into your eyes
  • Does not make your skin look oily
  • Very water-resistant (80 minutes)


  • Again, leaves a hint of a white residue, but not much if blended well
  • Sometimes the formula “clumped” so it was a little extra work to blend in

Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Mini Face & Body Sunscreen Stick:


  • Smells amazing! (coconut scent)
  • Glides a lot easier than the 50+ SPFs above and does not leave a white residue (that’s because it’s only SPF 30 and not 50, and it is clear zinc)
  • Great for a quick touch-up or on-the-go, the stick is smaller


  • Since this is SPF 30 and I have very fair skin, I did notice a hint of redness after using this and being out in the sun for about two hours. My recommendation would be to use the 50+ when you know you’ll be exposed to the harsher sun, and the SPF 30 for smaller/less exposed areas.

Broad Spectrum SPF 15+ Lip Balms:

Laguna Herbals has four lip balms: Chai (my fave), Coconut, Tangerine, and Spearmint


  • These all smell soooooo good! (Chai is my fave)
  • They do not leave a white or filmy residue from the zinc oxide, it blends well
  • Also work well under lipstick as a base
  • Keep lips well moisturized

CONS: None!

Shop Laguna Herbals Here

Laguna Herbals is also available on Amazon.

So I’m definitely going to keep using Laguna Herbals! You just can’t beat how clean their ingredients are. Have you tried these before? Let me know in the comments how you liked it or if you have any questions 👇

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