Leafshave Razor & Dermaplaner Review (Zero Waste, Plastic Free, + Refillable!)

Leafshave Razor & Dermaplaner Review (Zero Waste, Plastic Free, + Refillable!)

Most of us are pretty aware of how bad plastic is for our bodies and the planet. Trying to avoid obvious things like single-use coffee cups, grocery bags, or straws are all the rage these days. But what about an everyday item like razors? Soooooo easy to overlook! But did you know that there is a way to completely avoid plastic and a sustainable solution when it comes to shaving? Yep! This post will give my *totally honest* thoughts about a popular zero-waste shaving brand, Leaf!

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About Leafshave 🪒

Leaf was founded by two guys named Adam in 2016. They make reusable razors and dermaplaning razors, as well as shave oil, soap, and accessories for the razors (refills, stands, shower holders, etc.).

As the zero waste movement has grown, they were one of the first brands to focus on shaving and make products that are both eco-friendly and effective!

The brand is Climate Neutral Certified and all of their products are plastic-free, reusable, and refillable. If your local municipality doesn’t accept razor blades for recycling, you can send them back to Leaf for proper disposal via their take-back program! ♻️

You can also get one of their blade tins to store your used razor blades until it’s full and ready for recycling.

Now, I’m going to spotlight each of their hero products: Leafshave razor and the Dermaplaner!

Leaf Dermaplaner Review

You may know that I am a BIG fan of dermaplaning and have done it for years! If you’re not familiar, a dermaplaning razor is a really small scalpel (which is not as scary as it sounds, trust me!) that gently and safely removes peach fuzz and small, fine facial hairs. It leaves you with soft, exfoliated, and glowy skin. You can also use them for grooming eyebrows.

Learn more about how to dermaplane, FAQ, and the benefits in this blog post:

Face Shaving 101: Everything You Need to Know About Dermaplaning Safely at Home

There are tons of razors on the market, and the majority are single-use and contain some form of plastic. It’s estimated that more than 300 million plastic dermaplaner wands are thrown away each year 😳 That’s what makes Leaf’s Dermaplaner so unique and why I was initially intrigued!

Leafshave Dermaplaner (Rose Gold)

Leafshave Dermaplaner (Rose Gold)


  • All metal, no plastic parts
  • Easy to clean and sanitize because it comes apart
  • Lots of fun colors to choose from (I have Rose Gold)
  • Refillable (each refill blade can be used up to three times or until you notice dulling)
  • Comes with a precision clip that shortens the blade so you can work on more detailed areas like brows
  • Sharp and gives you a close shave, especially if you’re used to using something like a Tinkle which is duller
  • Pretty affordable compared to other higher-end at-home dermaplaners and the refills are reasonably priced too


  • It feels sort of bulky and heavy; I don’t love the weight distribution! Since I’ve tried multiple dermaplaners, I’ve learned that the weight and shape of the head makes a big difference surprisingly. For instance, I can’t get a great angle with Leaf’s dermaplaner because the blade cover is so large and gets in the way. It just feels sort of awkward to use sometimes and I can’t get into smaller crevices as well as I’d like to.
  • Because of that and how sharp it is, I’ve actually found that I’m more prone to getting little cuts all over my face with this one which is not good! They’re very tiny, but still, you shouldn’t really experience any cuts while dermaplaning. I thought maybe it was just a learning curve, but I’ve never really been able to get the hang of it, unfortunately!

Truthfully, I still prefer the Stacked dermaplaning razor that I’ve had for years because it’s slightly easier to use and is lighter. That one does also have a metal handle and refillable blades, but the drawback is that they’re not totally plastic-free.

At the end of the day, there are things I like and dislike about Leaf’s dermaplaner! I appreciate the zero waste aspect but I haven’t had the best experience using it personally. However, I know other people that use it and fully love it, so perhaps it’s just me! If you want to try it for yourself, Leaf set up with a coupon for my readers:

You can use discount code ORGANICALLYBECCA for 10% off your first Leaf order 🏷️

Buy Leaf Dermaplaner Here

Also available here on Amazon. Discount not applicable.

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Leafshave Razor Review

This is Leaf’s first product that put them on the map! You might be familiar with a safety razor, which is the original old-school razor that a lot of men used to use. It’s essentially a single-blade razor that has a guard to reduce the risk of cutting your skin.

A lot of people like the low-waste aspect of a safety razor, but are intimidated by it! I mean, they do look sort of archaic and scary at first, so I get it. With a safety razor, you also have to go slower and hold the razor at a different angle, so there is a learning curve.

I have used a safety razor for years and you can learn more in this blog post:

Zero Waste Shaving Guide: How to Use a Safety Razor

But! Leaf’s razor is extremely innovative because it combines the best of both worlds: it has a pivoting head and shaves like a modern razor while using eco-friendly materials like classic razors (all metal, plastic-free refills, recyclable blades). They absolutely made zero waste shaving more approachable and user-friendly!

(BTW, Leaf does sell a single-edge safety razor as well!)

Leafshave Razor with refillable blades (zero waste, plastic free)

Leafshave Razor with refillable blades


  • Refillable
  • Pivoting head that bends
  • All metal handle, no plastic parts
  • Lots of fun colors to choose from
  • Doesn’t clog as easily as a safety razor
  • I can go slightly faster with it compared to a safety razor
  • No questionable ingredients unlike razors with built-in moisture strips
  • Can hold it at the same angle as a conventional razor, unlike a safety razor which needs to be used at a 30-degree angle
  • You can use 1-3 blades depending on your skin sensitivity (use 3 for the closest shave or just 1 for delicate skin; I use 2!)
  • It has a magnetic assist for when you load the blades which is helpful; nobody wants to be fussing around with sharp blades!
  • I really enjoy how it works on armpits and bikini areas because of the pivoting head. It’s also nice for longer, straight areas like your thighs.
  • Was put through a randomized, controlled study and shown to deliver a closer, safer shave with fewer nicks compared to traditional safety razors and modern disposable razors
  • You don’t have to exclusively use Leaf refill blades; most standard double-edge razor blades will work in the razor! Leaf’s website says “use any blade because we’re not jerks” which made me chuckle ☺️


  • More expensive and is an investment upfront for sure!
  • I don’t particularly find it to be a closer shave than a safety razor
  • Using all three blades is too sharp for me personally! I am more likely to cut myself with the Leaf compared to my Merkur safety razor which only has one blade, particularly near curved or tricky areas like ankles and knees.
  • While I do love the tilting head and the ability to hold it at a regular shaving angle, I still feel like I need to go at a slower pace compared to a conventional razor that has a lubricated strip

Additionally, I definitely suggest getting this silicone grip sleeve so it’s easier to hold onto!

Overall, if you’re new to using this type of low-waste razor, the Leaf is a really nice one for you to start with because it’s more straightforward! But if you’ve used a safety razor in the past, don’t expect anything drastically different except for how you hold it and that you can go a little faster with it.

As I said, I used my safety razor for years without an issue, so I still think that’s a good option (especially if you’re on a budget). But now that I have a Leaf, I definitely prefer it and it’s more luxurious for sure!

You can use discount code ORGANICALLYBECCA for 10% off your first Leaf order 🏷️

Buy Leafshave Razors Here

Also available here on Amazon. Discount not applicable.

Have you switched to a plastic-free razor yet? Let me know if you have any questions or comments below. Thanks so much for reading 💚

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Leafshave Razor & Dermaplaner Review (Zero Waste, Plastic Free, + Refillable!)

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