Review: Lovesong Natural Dry Shampoo & Leave-In Conditioner (Vegan, Cruelty Free, Non-GMO)

Lovesong Beauty Natural Hair Products Review

A lot of people struggle to find natural hair care when they transition from conventional products. And I totally get it! Sometimes your hair has to adjust from ingredients like silicones and sulfates. Not to mention, if you’re like me, then you really despise washing your hair in the first place…so you need something that will perform and not weigh your hair down. Today I’m going to review two natural hair products from the brand Lovesong Beauty. Let’s go!

This post is sponsored by Lovesong Beauty who sent me their products to review. All thoughts are my own and reflect my honest opinions.

About Lovesong Beauty

Unfortunately, Lovesong has gone out of business! For other natural hair care recommendations, check out this blog post:

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Lovesong was founded by Emily and Matt Bowman in 2020. Emily struggled to find truly natural hair products that worked well, and therefore Lovesong was born! Currently, they offer a dry shampoo gel and a leave-in conditioner. The products are:

  • Made in California using renewable wind energy 💨
  • Vegan, cruelty free, gluten free, color safe, non-GMO (and use a lot of certified organic ingredients)
  • Bottled in glass and packaged in recycled paper
  • Use recycled shipping materials including tissue paper, green wrap, and tape that are compostable and recyclable ♻️
  • Donate a percentage of every sale to 1% For The Planet

I also just love the branding and packaging; what can I say, looks are important to me! I had the pleasure of trying both of their products, so let’s take a look, and I cannot wait to share my thoughts with you!

Lovesong Beauty Natural Hair Products

Invisible Dry Shampoo Gel

I was SO intrigued by this one because it’s a gel. Most conventional dry shampoos are aerosol, which are no bueno for the environment and often contain ingredients that are harmful to breathe in. When it comes to natural dry shampoos, you will usually see powders or foam. But to come across an invisible gel is really unique! 💆‍♀️

Benefits of Using a Dry Shampoo Gel

Now don’t get me wrong, I have been a long-time powder fan. But I learned that using a gel is beneficial because there is no residue or buildup! Some of the dry shampoo foams can leave a sticky residue, and powders tend to leave a slight grit or look ghostly on your hair. Emily informed me that it’s actually healthier for your hair to use a gel because it doesn’t clog up your hair follicles or cause buildup over time. Cool, huh?

Some quick info about the dry shampoo gel:

  • Lightweight, viscous, dries quickly, does not feel sticky 🙌
  • Smells SO delightful and fresh! Not overly strong but enough to be noticeable. I mostly detect hints of jasmine, rose, lemon, and vanilla.
  • Contains organic aloe leaf extract which cleanses hair and removes excess oil, witch hazel which has astringent properties, organic green tea leaf extract which promotes hair health, and wakame extract which is an algae that soothes and detoxes

Lovesong Beauty Invisible Dry Shampoo Gel

How It Worked for Me & Pro Tips for Application

The ultimate test for me was to see how long I could go between washes with the dry shampoo gel (I typically wash my hair about once a week). I find it best to apply dry shampoo at nighttime so it can work its magic and soak up excess oil overnight, and I start using the gel the day after washing. Here’s how I use it:

  1. Squirt a pump of the gel onto my (clean!) fingertips and rub them together slowly.
  2. Pull my hair back a bit and gently work the gel into my hairline around my face (where I tend to get oily). It looks clear and translucent once it’s on hair!
  3. You can let it air dry, but it seems to be more effective if I use my blow dryer on the low setting to let it settle in. I also notice that using a fine-tooth comb to lightly brush it in helps too. Basically, I try to avoid actually touching my hair with my hands as much as possible, even if they are clean, because the oils on my hands can eventually make hair dirty and greasy looking.
Lovesong Invisible Dry Shampoo Gel
Day five since hair washing day using the Lovesong Invisible Dry Shampoo Gel

And that’s it! I definitely notice a cleaner, refreshed feel on my hair after using it. I wouldn’t say it’s like a miraculous freshly-washed-hair-look, but it surely helps extend the time in between washing and soaks up extra oil. The nice thing is that it doesn’t feel crusty or have a build-up, so I can use it multiple days back-to-back.

Another thing I noticed when using a gel vs. a powder is that you can achieve more volume! Especially if you use the blow dryer method. So if you want to maintain a bouncy, voluminous look day after day, then a gel might be of interest to you!

In conclusion…

By about day four or five after washing is when I start to notice my hair doesn’t look as fresh. So in conclusion…I don’t quite feel like I can go AS long in between washes using the dry shampoo gel compared to a powder. But I do appreciate that there is no buildup or powdery look, and still feel like it works well in general.

Lovesong Beauty Weightless Leave-In Conditioner

Weightless Leave-In Conditioner

Now let’s chat about the leave-in conditioner! I actually don’t use a conditioner in the shower after shampooing. They typically just weigh my hair down and I prefer to use a leave-in product on damp hair instead. So I was really eager to see how this worked for me!

  • Smells really similar to the dry shampoo; light and fresh
  • It’s also lightweight, dries quickly, and does not feel sticky; but the formula is a little creamier than the dry shampoo gel
  • Contains evening primrose oil which promotes healthy hair, organic jojoba seed oil which moisturizes and prevents split ends, organic sunflower seed oil which detangles and controls frizz, and organic shea butter which nourishes hair
  • Also doubles as a protectant against heat and environmental damage 🔥

I pump some into the palm of my hands, rub them together, then apply it towards the ends of my hair. It feels super silky as I’m working it in and I do notice that it helps detangle a bit. I love that it doesn’t feel heavy or greasy and I don’t have to worry about applying too much. After my hair dries, it feels really soft, smooth, and manageable. I also like to use a *very tiny bit* of the conditioner to tame flyaways once my hair has dried.

With both of these products, occasionally the formula hardens a bit around the outside of the pump (more so with the conditioner). So I always try to make sure it’s adequately wiped away after pumping and put the cap on right away. Not a big deal, but sometimes I’ll get a crusty chunk of leftover product during a first pump if that makes sense. However, Lovesong actually just came out with new pumps that lock so that probably won’t even be an issue anymore!

Other than that, I really have no complaints about the leave-in conditioner and will definitely keep using it in my routine!

I’m really happy that I was able to try out these goodies from Lovesong! It’s always nice to find a small business that prioritizes organic and effective products. You can surely let me know if you have any questions about them in the comments, but I hope this review was helpful. Thanks for reading!

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  1. Thanks so much for bringing our products to life with this thoughtful review, Becca. Being a independent and new business, your support means the world to us! We have another item in the works too – a luxe body cream. Hugs!

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