My Intentional Morning Wellness Routine (It Might Surprise You!)

My Intentional Morning Wellness Routine (It Might Surprise You!)

When you think of a morning wellness routine, what comes to mind? For me, I tend to envision someone like Gwyneth Paltrow who probably gets up at 4 AM, does a 2-hour workout, meditates with crystals, jumps in the sauna, chugs a green juice, and does a coffee enema while journaling. Okay, maybe that’s a liiiiiiittle exaggerated 😆 But the point is, Instagram and the “wellness scene” can often make us feel inadequate or pressure us to have some fancy-schmancy routine.

I call BS on that! Could it be that the secret to a prosperous morning routine is that there’s no secret at all? I TRULY think that a successful morning looks different for everyone, and the best routine is one that puts you in a good headspace for the day and is something you can maintain long-term! Even if it’s super simple and unsexy. Intentional and attainable is where it’s at!


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Over the years I’ve tried adding countless methods into my morning routine. Some have stuck, others were a hard pass. Journaling, for example, is NOT my jam and just feels like a forced obligation instead of something I actually want to do 🤷‍♀️

Also, since I work from home, it can be tempting to dive into tasks right away. But having a straightforward, mindful ritual that makes me feel ready for the day is so important to do first!

So here’s a glimpse into some of the steps I follow daily that help me feel prepared and ready for the day ahead.

Tongue Scrape & Oil Pull 🦷

Adiós, morning breath. While we sleep, bacteria deposits on our tongue (which is why you might notice a white film on your tongue when you wake up). That’s why I loveeeeeee tongue scraping! It’s gross but oddly satisfying 👅

All you do is gently pull the scraper from the back of your tongue towards the front to remove the buildup. The best part is that it literally only takes a few seconds. I use a copper tongue scraper; copper is a bacteria-resistant metal and it also provides enzymes that help beneficial microbes in the mouth. You can use code BECCA10 for a discount on a scraper at EarthHero.

Then I like to swish with organic coconut oil for about 15 minutes. Also known as oil pulling! It basically sucks all the bacteria from your mouth. You can read my full blog post about oil pulling to learn more about the benefits and how to do it correctly.

I swear by tongue scraping and oil pulling for a clean mouth each morning!

Coconut Oil Pulling

Drink a Glass of Warm-ish Lemon Water 🍋

Next, it’s time to rehydrate and get that digestion going. I aim to drink between 12 and 16 ounces of lukewarm or warm water first thing in the morning. It’s even better with some freshly squeezed lemon juice in it!

The combo of these two makes me feel great! Lemon is alkalizing and cleansing. I can feel kind of blah and sluggish in the morning, but lemon water makes me feel more energized and kick starts my digestion.

(Btw, a good ole’ bowel movement is also a key part of ANY morning routine! You might laugh, but going number two daily is quite important) 💩

…Drink up!

Get Sunlight in My Eyes & Fresh Air ☀️

After that, I try to get outside as soon as possible to regulate my circadian rhythm! Whether it’s a brisk walk, grounding my feet in the grass, or just sitting towards the sunrise. We’re not meant to sit in dark caves all day long! One study showed that exposure to sunlight in the morning makes your melatonin production occur sooner, so you fall asleep more easily at night. So cool!

Not only that but getting sunlight exposure in the early hours is a natural mood booster. Both dopamine and serotonin, essential mood-regulating hormones, are produced in response to sunlight.

Connecting with nature right away in the morning helps me feel calm and centered before jumping into the hustle and bustle of a workday!

Non-Toxic Morning Skincare Routine 🧖‍♀️

My morning skincare ritual is quicker than my nighttime one, but a little pampering goes a long way! It typically looks something like this:

I might be biased, but some skincare TLC is one of my favorite ways to get the day started!

Osea Minerals Mist Toner for Hydrated Skin

Red Light Therapy 🚨

Something I recently started doing each morning is red light therapy (RLT)! I purchased a MitoMin Red Light Panel and sit in front of it for about ten minutes with my eyes closed. So I guess, in a way, it’s like meditation?

Mito Red Light Therapy Device

Red light therapy has numerous benefits! It can help manage pain, improve sleep quality, even skin tone and lighten hyperpigmentation, heal wounds and scars, and rejuvenate your skin! I initially was intrigued because I have heard how great RLT can be for fine lines, wrinkles, acne, and redness. Anything to promote glowing skin, sign me up!

Read more: “How to Use Red Light Therapy at Home & Best Device [My Before/After Skin Results!]

I’ve noticed results with it firsthand and love having it as a tool in my wellness arsenal. You can use coupon code ORGANICALLYBECCA for a discount on your own Mito device!

Tidy Up My Space 🧹

Have you ever heard how doing something small such as making your bed every morning can set your day up for success? To me, it totally makes sense! Spoiler alert: I don’t make my bed, BUT, I do like to complete tiny tasks such as unloading the dishwasher or tidying up around the house before starting my day.

First of all, having an organized space really helps me have a clear mind and better focus. Secondly, checking small tasks off my list makes me feel accomplished and therefore I feel more motivated to carry on being productive. An object in motion stays in motion, right?!

Brew Some Coffee & Make Breakfast ☕️

The best part of waking up is delicious organic coffee in your cup! (…not Folgers) Honestly, the ritual of brewing coffee is VERY soothing to me. I look forward to it so much, even to the point that I often think about it before bed 🤣

And you can’t forget the most important meal of the day! Beginning the day with a nourishing breakfast really sets the tone for the remainder of the day, and it literally is fuel for my brain. Plus, drinking coffee on an empty stomach is no bueno (for women especially).

I try to include protein and healthy fats and am always conscious of which phase of my cycle I’m in. Check out this post about cycle syncing to learn more and a list of the best foods to eat for each phase!

Write Down My To-Do List ☑️

Lastly, I write down my to-do list for the day. It helps me mentally prepare and get an idea of what my day will entail. It keeps me on track and saves me from scrambling throughout the day and wondering “okay, what do I need to do next?!” I use the Emily Ley Simplified daily planners!

My Intentional Morning Wellness Routine

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See, a routine doesn’t have to be anything extravagant or earth-shattering. Do what makes YOU feel good and equipped to thrive during the day ahead. You can also try slowly building your routine by adding one thing at a time instead of ALL the things; it takes time to form solid habits!

Did anything from this list inspire you, or do you have something from your own routine that you’d love to share? Lemme hear it!

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My Intentional Morning Wellness Routine (It Might Surprise You!)

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Becca is a blogger, wife, and dog mom living in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Having seen firsthand the benefits of switching to a natural lifestyle herself, she's passionate about helping women make the switch to clean beauty products, organic skincare, and a holistic way of life (without the stress of being perfect about it!).

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  1. “The best routine is one that puts you in a good headspace for the day” – those are golden words, Becca!
    Your morning routine is really unusual. It was interesting to read – thank you!

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