5 Natural & Holistic Remedies for Period Cramps, Pain, and Bloating That I Swear By!

5 Natural & Holistic Remedies for Period Cramps, Pain, and Bloating That I Swear By!

What if I told you that you don’t have to totally dread your period each month? Yup! Over the years, I’ve discovered so many holistic (yet effective!) ways to make my time of the month painless and completely bearable. Don’t worry, no snake oil or crazy witch potions here. Just tried-and-true non-toxic remedies that WORK. I can’t wait to share them with you!

This post contains affiliate links. Disclaimer: This is not intended to be medical advice; simply sharing what has worked for me and for informational purposes only! Consult with your doctor before taking any new supplements and see what will work best for your situation.

My Go-To Natural Remedies for Menstrual Discomfort 🩸

Move over, Midol and Tylenol! 👋 Don’t get me wrong, I definitely think there is a time and a place for some conventional Western medicine. But if there is a natural way to go about things, I will always choose that first! I am Organically Becca, after all 🤪

Thankfully, I only deal with very minor symptoms during my period such as minimal cramping and discomfort. But still, these remedies are a major help and I love incorporating them into my self-care routine!

Btw, periods shouldn’t totally suck! I encourage you to work with a naturopath or holistic practitioner to help you get to the root cause of your symptoms if they are debilitating and extremely uncomfortable! Crazy PMS and severe cramping may be common, but are NOT normal!

And before you scoff and think natural remedies are just woo-woo and not legit, I linked a bunch of scientific studies and evidence-based sources at the bottom of this post for ya! 📖

Magnesium, Magnesium, Magnesium!

About 75-80% of adults consume a diet that is deficient in magnesium, yet it’s responsible for activating hundreds of cellular, biochemical reactions in our bodies. If you suffer from cramping, pain, migraines, or bloating during your period, do NOT overlook magnesium!

It has a wide range of benefits that can be helpful for these symptoms. Magnesium acts as a muscle relaxer, can alleviate PMS symptoms, lessen cramping, diminish bloating and fluid retention, control inflammation/pain, and has a calming effect.

It can be hard to get adequate magnesium from diet alone, so I like to supplement either internally or topically! Both methods are great, but some people experience tummy discomfort if they take it orally or have issues fully absorbing it in the digestive tract. Our skin is the largest organ, so applying magnesium topically is an easy way to quickly absorb it transdermally! Plus, you can pinpoint and target certain spots on the body such as your belly (cramps) or lower back.

Magnesium products for period symptoms

Here are some of my personal favorite magnesium products:
  • Perfect Supplements Magnesium Citrate Powder*: This powder dissolves in water and you drink it; it’s mostly flavorless but there is a very faint metallic taste. Each serving is packed with 338mg of magnesium citrate, and is an organic, bioavailable form of magnesium that doesn’t contain any synthetics! I like this brand because they are high-quality and even test for heavy metals and contaminants.
  • Wild Sage Magnesium Creams: The most luxurious way to apply magnesium topically. These look like frosting but are whipped lotions infused with essential oils. They come in different scents and formulas including a minty muscle rub! Use code BECCA10 for a discount.
  • Magnesium Mist*: You can use this spray on your body (belly, lower back, torso, wherever!). It’s a little more potent than the creams because it’s JUST magnesium oil, and nothing else. However, it can cause some minor itching/tingling (which is normal with topical magnesium).
  • Wyld Bali Bath Soak*: This indulgent bath soak has magnesium chloride flakes, coconut milk powder, organic lemongrass oil, and organic rosemary oil. It smells divine!

The asterisk (*) means you can use code ORGANICALLYBECCA for a discount at checkout using the links provided! 🏷️

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Anti-inflammatory Trifecta: Turmeric, Ginger, & Black Pepper

I always grab my Leefy Prana tincture when I’m feeling crampy. It’s a natural pain-killer alternative loaded with organic turmeric, ginger, and black pepper. Turmeric is renowned for its health benefits (there are over 12,500 peer-reviewed studies touting them!) and has the ability to manage pain. The ginger and black pepper work synergistically with turmeric to help make the properties more bioavailable to the body. Each dose of this tincture has 150mg of curcuminoids and 150mg of gingerols.

Bonus: Prana tastes sweet and has a ginger kick to it! It truly lessens cramping and pain. If you also get headaches or back pain during your time of the month, this can help with that too!

You can use code ORGANICALLYBECCA for a discount on your first order 🏷️

Buy Leefy Prana Here

Natural remedies for period cramps, pain and bloating!

Organic CBD Oil

Another option for pain relief! Cannabidiol (CBD) pairs with the body’s endocannabinoid system and has anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving components. No, it won’t get you high, because it contains super minimal amounts of THC.

Nuleaf Organic CBD Oil

It’s important to choose a trusted, high-quality brand of CBD! I’ve been using NuLeaf for years because they are organic, full-spectrum, grown in the USA, and third-party tested for pesticides, herbicides, mold, fungi, heavy metals, and mycotoxins. I take about 10 drops of their 900mg CBD oil at a time. They also have soft gels if you prefer or don’t like the taste of CBD oil.

It has a calming, relaxative effect so I tend to take it at nighttime. It totally helps with pain and cramping too! 😌

You can use code ORGANICALLYBECCA for a discount 🏷️

Buy NuLeaf CBD Oil Here

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Herbal Heating Patches

Is there anything more soothing than warm and cozy heat?! I think not! 🔥 These patches are so neat; they contain iron and activated charcoal and start warming up as soon as they’re removed from the package. You don’t need to microwave them or anything!

Rael Menstrual Heating Patches

The patches are also infused with rose, lemon, and jasmine oils for extra therapeutic benefits. You’re not supposed to stick them directly onto skin, but I like to apply one to the inside of my underwear facing my lower belly. It’s not super hot, more of a mild warming sensation. You could use these on your lower back area as well.

The heat lasts 4-5 hours or so in my experience, but they claim to last up to 8 hours. They feel really nice and I love that I can go about my day while wearing them!

Buy Rael Heating Patches Here

You can also buy them here at Target.

(an old-fashioned natural rubber hot water bottle bag works too, but you can’t really walk around with it!)

5 Natural & Holistic Remedies for Period Cramps, Pain, and Bloating That I Swear By!

Lastly, Practice Cycle Syncing!

I saved the best for last! If you’re not familiar, cycle syncing is the practice of aligning the way we eat, move, and sleep with each phase of our monthly cycle.

The main goal with cycle syncing is to work WITH our flow, rather than against it. As women, our hormones and energy levels ebb and flow throughout a cycle. Cycle syncing takes these fluctuations into account; we should lean into the changes that occur phase by phase, instead of “pushing through” when we’re not feeling it.

And truthfully, what’s the point of all the natural remedies listed above if we’re not addressing the most basic things such as slowing down, managing stress, and resting when our body needs it the most: during our period!

For example, maybe you should opt for a gentle walk during your bleed instead of doing an intense HIIT workout. Or clear your social schedule when you know you’ll be on the heavier days of your menstrual cycle and just want to take it easy. It’s little shifts like that, which really can make a big difference!

Tips for cycle syncing during the menstrual phase

Supporting your menstrual phase with nutrition & foods to eat

My menstrual cycle is truly my favorite time to slow down, go into “hermit mode,” and take time for myself 😌

Additionally, we have different nutritional needs throughout our cycles too. During menstruation, our diets should be focused on replenishment and getting key nutrients since it’s such an intense process. My friend Sam, a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, wrote a guest post all about the topic if you want to learn more:

How to Balance Your Hormones with Cycle Syncing & Best Foods to Eat

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Do you have any other favorite natural remedies that you swear by? If so, I’d love to hear in the comments. You can also drop any questions there, too. Thanks for reading and I hope this was helpful 💚

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5 Natural & Holistic Remedies for Period Cramps, Pain, and Bloating That I Swear By!

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