The 2023 Natural & Organic Holiday Gift Guide (54+ Ideas for All Budgets!)

The 2023 Natural & Organic Holiday Gift Guide (50+ Ideas for All Budgets!)

Here come the holidays! I don’t know about you, but I always try to be super intentional when buying presents for loved ones. Like, trying to focus on buying from smaller businesses and choosing things that are well-made with natural materials when possible. If that sounds like you too, this gift guide should be right up your alley! 🎁

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This guide has ideas for anybody in your life! There’s a mix of clean beauty, low tox skincare, holistic wellness, sustainable fashion, home/kitchen gadgets, children, pet goodies, and soooooo much more for any conscious consumer.

And FYI, most of the items in this guide are things I’ve tried myself and others are on my own personal wishlist!

Sections in this gift guide:

Splurge! Gifts Over $150+ 🏷

Holiday Gifts Over $150+

  1. 360 Stainless Steel Slow Cooker Set: Surgical-grade, non-leaching stainless steel cookware (no PFAS or non-stick coatings) made in Wisconsin! Their unique slow cooker set comes apart and you can use the stock pot on its own. Discount code ORGANICALLYBECCA25.
  2. Force of Nature Meats Grill Master Box: High-quality, grass-fed, regenerative meats! This box has a variety of cuts for the grill master in your life. You can also build your own assortment. Or even better, find a local farm near you!
  3. Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) Assessment: Get a snapshot of mineral content and heavy metal levels in your body. I did one of these with my friend Sam, Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, and it was so insightful! Just check the “I’m booking for a family member” box to purchase for someone else! Discount code ORGANICALLYBECCA.
  4. Hatch Restore Alarm Clock: For better sleep! This has sound machine noises, meditations, and a gentle sunrise alarm to support your circadian rhythm.
  5. HigherDOSE Infrared Sauna Blanket: A low EMF, portable blanket so you can get your detox on from home (or anywhere!)
  6. Maximus Pro Foldable Rebounding Trampoline: A trampoline for adults?! Yes, please! Not only is it fun, but rebounding is great for promoting lymphatic drainage, circulation, endurance, and overall health (*my husband not included)
  7. Moccamaster Coffee Maker: You guys know I love my manual brew methods. But this is automatic and looks cool! Many drip coffee makers have tons of plastic which is no bueno for coming in contact with hot water or coffee. The water reservoir and filter assembly are the only plastic parts (BPA, BPS, and BPF-free). The other parts that come in contact with hot liquid are steel, copper, or glass.
  8. Pact Organic Cotton Quilt: A medium-weight quilt made with premium fair trade organic cotton sateen. Discount code ORGANICALLYBECCA for your first purchase.
  9. Savvy Rest Organic Body Pillow: Perfect for a mama-to-be or a side sleeper. You can add or remove the fill to customize it to your desired comfort level. I can’t sleep without mine! Discount code ORGANICALLYBECCA.
  10. Xero Alpine Barefoot Snow Boots: Waterproof, lightweight, and minimal. These have a wide toe box and zero drop heel so feet can move without restriction! Xero has a couple of winter boot styles for men and women.

Gifts Under $150 🏷

Holiday Gifts Under $150

  1. Bearded Butchers Cutlery Kit: Includes a boning knife, honing steel, and sheath for easy, safe, and precise knife work.
  2. Clean Product Consultation with Becca: Know somebody who needs help switching out their products for natural alternatives? My consults provide custom swaps and recommendations. To gift a consult, grab a digital gift card voucher here. My digital ebooks are also giftable! (Clean Beauty 101, Ingredient Glossary, Brew It Like Becca)
  3. Feelgrounds Barefoot Chelsea Boots: Water-repellent unisex Chelsea boots with a wide toe box and flat sole. They slip on effortlessly and are so comfy!
  4. Leafshave Bundle: Zero waste, plastic-free, refillable razor and shaving supplies. This bundle has everything needed to get started. Discount code ORGANICALLYBECCA.
  5. Lifeboost Coffee Holiday Bundle: Clean, organic coffee tested free of mold and mycotoxins. This bundle has delicious flavors such as Toasted Chestnut, Tiramisu, Peppermint Mocha, Eggnog Latte, Gingerbread, and White Chocolate Mocha. Or buy single bags!
  6. MATE The Label Waffle Sets: 100% organic cotton tops and bottoms with a textured waffle finish.
  7. Pact Organic Cotton Fisherman Knit Cardigan: Cooler temps call for warmer knits. These cardis are chunky and slightly oversized for a relaxed fit. Discount code ORGANICALLYBECCA for your first purchase.
  8. PMD Wave Pro: A skin spatula that extracts, gets the gunk out of pores, sculpts, and infuses. It’s oddly satisfying 😆
  9. Soma Ayurvedic Jasmine Body Oil: This luxe body oil smells incredible and is so silky. It doubles as a light perfume because the scent is THAT good.
  10. Xtrema 2-Quart Asiana Tea Kettle: Made with 100% pure ceramic; no glazes, PFAS, or non-stick coatings! Xtrema has two other kettle styles to select from. Discount code ORGANICALLYBECCA.

Gifts Under $100 🏷

Holiday Gifts Under $100

  1. Agent Nateur Holi(bright) Resurface Glass Face Mask: Yes she’s pricey, but it’s such an amazing mask that literally gives you glass skin and works like an at-home facial. It’s a multitasker that hydrates, brightens, and resurfaces. Discount code ORGANICALLYBECCA.
  2. Boody Pajamas: Eco-friendly organic bamboo pajamas. Pick from tees, dresses, shorts, pants, and camis.
  3. Clearly Filtered Water Bottle: Filtered water on the go! These bottles are stainless steel and remove 220+ contaminants such as fluoride, heavy metals, PFOA/PFOS, and chlorine.
  4. Cryo-Tech Facial Tool: For the skincare junkie. Practice the trifecta of cryotherapy, acupressure, and gua sha all-in-one. No need for multiple gadgets to achieve a glow-up!
  5. FitGlow Build Your Own Lip Serum Trio: Valued at over $150! These lip serums are the BEST. They’re a gloss infused with collagen and help plump lips too. The kit comes with three serums and a limited-edition makeup bag.
  6. Just Ingredients Organic Protein Powders: The best and most delicious protein powders, made with grass-fed whey and tested for heavy metals. They have limited-edition holiday flavors such as Eggnog, Vanilla Peppermint, and Chocolate Peppermint! You can also get travel-sized variety packs. Or grab the Superfood Hot Chocolate while you’re at it! Discount code ORGANICALLYBECCA.
  7. Lovesong Beauty Discovery Set: Artisan-made, small batch 7-step routine that is worth $200 but you can get it for only $75. Includes face mist, face oil, body oil, fragrance roller, lip balm, leave-in conditioner, and body cream.
  8. Numi Sweat-Proof Undershirts: For the working professionals! These have absorbent underarm shields to keep you dry and save your nice shirts from pit stains or deodorant marks. Responsibly made from cotton and moisture-wicking Tencel.
  9. Organically Becca x Love Peace Organic Box: My limited-edition curated box of natural goodies! It contains 8 products ranging from body wash, makeup, skincare, hair care, and wellness. Crafted by yours truly! It would truly make a wonderful gift for someone that’s new to using cleaner products and wants to dabble. The total value is over $108+ but you can get the bundle for $75!
  10. RMS Deluxe Glow Kit: Full-size, 4-piece set to create the ultimate holiday glow. Includes a powder blush, luminizer, and two brushes. Comes in a reusable keepsake box!

Gifts Under $50 🏷

Holiday Gifts Under $50

  1. Crann Organic Kid’s Clothing: I got some pieces for my niece from their cute “Snow Day” collection! This is a family-owned and operated business founded by a mom. The clothes are organic cotton and sustainably made.
  2. Daysie Coffee Syrups: Spruce up your coffee with these organic simple syrups! The trio has Madagascar Vanilla, Salted Caramel, and Coconut Almond. Also available in Pumpkin Spice!
  3. Facial Reflexology Tool: A tool with circular bulbs on each end to stimulate acupressure meridian points on your face. It feels so soothing and can help promote lymphatic flow. Discount code ORGANICALLYBECCA.
  4. Grow Plant-Based Candles: Refillable soy wax candles free of phthalates, parabens, and petrochemicals. This brand discloses all of its ingredients! They have limited-edition holiday scents as well.
  5. Honeysticks Bath Fun Set: Non-toxic bath crayons and color drops for the kiddos, made with certified food-grade ingredients and free from common allergens. Discount code BECCA10.
  6. Just Ingredients Popcorn Salts: Seasonings made with organic real food ingredients, nothing artificial. The variety pack has Caramel Corn, Cheddar Cheese, Movie Theater Butter, Parmesan Cheese, and Garlic Butter. So tasty! Discount code ORGANICALLYBECCA.
  7. Kitsch Satin Sleep Set: Includes a pillowcase, eye mask, and scrunchie. Satin is beneficial for skin and hair because it lessens friction; no more frizz or lines/wrinkles upon waking!
  8. Knitido+ Toe Socks: Cozy toe socks made with organic cotton and wool. Choose from ankle, midcalf, gripped, and high-rise leg warmers. Select styles are botanically dyed with plants and flowers, too! Discount code ORGANICALLYBECCA.
  9. Nusa Holistick Natural Perfumes: Formulated with 100% natural ingredients such as pure essential oils and absolutes. No phthalates, parabens, perfume oils, or synthetics! Discount code ORGANICALLYBECCA.
  10. Osea Undaria Cleansing Body Polish: A unique gel-to-milk body scrub that leaves skin feeling exfoliated and smooth. Discount code BECCA10.
  11. WTHN Crystal Ear Seed Kit: Ear seeds are tiny beads placed on one of your ear’s acupressure points, reducing stress, increasing your body’s energy flow, and restoring balance. Discount code ORGANICALLYBECCA.
  12. Youthforia BYO Color Changing Blush Oil: Might be fun for a teen or tween! This reacts with the natural pH of your skin and gives a unique color for each person.

Budget! Gifts & Stocking Stuffers Under $25 🏷

Holiday Gifts Under $25

  1. A Healthier Home: The Room-by-Room Guide to Make Any Space A Little Less Toxic: A handy guidebook to help you make safer product choices around the house!
  2. Aleavia Cranberry Prebiotic Body Lotion: Limited release for the season! These lotions are microbiome-friendly and ideal for even the most sensitive skin types. They have a cranberry body wash too! Discount code ORGANICALLYBECCA.
  3. Blume Mint Hot Cocoa: The fanciest hot chocolate! It’s organic, infused with maca, and formulated to help soothe indigestion and reduce bloating. Discount code ORGANICALLYBECCA.
  4. Felt Link Dog Toy: For the pups! Handcrafted by female artisans in Nepal and made with ethically sourced wool and non-toxic dyes. Discount code BECCA10.
  5. Henné Organics Luxury Hand Cream: Dry hands be gone! This luxurious hand cream comes in two scents (Citrus or Floral). Pair with these organic cotton overnight gloves to take that moisturizing goodness to the next level!
  6. Huella 10-Free Nail Polishes: Made without formaldehyde, toluene, fragrance, and triphenyl phosphate. Huella has all sorts of nail polish colors and hues. Discount code ORGANICALLYBECCA.
  7. Ladyhood Digital Prints: My friend Tessa designs these fun and colorful prints! Perfect for the home, office, children’s room, or nursery.
  8. Poppy & Pout Lip Scrubs + Lip Balms: Natural sugar scrubs to exfoliate lips and lip balms in tons of fun flavors. Discount code ORGANICALLYBECCA.
  9. Scalp Massager: Scalp massages are probs the best thing in the entire world. This guy can be used in the shower or on dry hair and can help promote a healthy scalp.
  10. Switch Natural Mobile App: Help someone transition to safer products! The app scans ingredient labels and points out any potentially harmful ones to avoid (to gift an app on iPhone, just tap “share” from the app store and there is an option to gift!)
  11. Terra Thread Gaia Sling Bag: Handmade organic cotton canvas bag that can be worn crossbody!
  12. WithCo Cocktail Mixes: Clean and natural ingredients! Mix with your alcohol of choice or soda water for a yummy mocktail.

But wait, there’s more! 🤩

I also have some stellar gift guides (if I do say so myself) from previous years that have ideas that I *still* think are awesome! So if you’re looking for even more options:

(Also, I have a post highlighting the best Black Friday & Cyber Monday sales happening this month. Some have started early and I’ll be continually updating the guide as more roll in!) 🏷

I hope this guide was helpful and you found a couple of things to grab for that special someone (or yourself! hehe). Merry Christmas, happy holidays, and thanks a bunch for reading 🎄

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The 2023 Natural & Organic Holiday Gift Guide (54+ Ideas for All Budgets!)

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