Period Underwear FAQ: Your Menstrual Cycle’s New BFF

Thinx Organic Period Underwear

Okay, I admit, if you would have asked me a few years ago about washable, reusable period panties I probably would have thought it was gross or weird. But after hearing rave reviews from multiple women, and being intrigued by the zero waste aspect, I decided to buy a few pairs and give them a try!

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You may know that I am a die-hard menstrual cup fan (which you can read about in this blog post!). But I do still like to wear backup just in case my cup leaks (which is rare). But also, on my lighter days, I don’t necessarily want to wear a cup. Which is why reusable period undies intrigued me! I didn’t want to keep using disposable pads or pantiliners (even the organic ones) and really wanted to switch to a more eco-friendly option.

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After my first cycle using period undies in conjunction with my menstrual cup, I WAS HOOKED! Contrary to popular belief, I actually feel *cleaner* using reusable period underwear vs. disposables like pads or pantiliners. Since sharing this, I’ve gotten sooooooooo many questions. So let’s take a look at some FAQ and why I love them so much.

❗️ Period Underwear FAQ ❗️

Which Brand is Best + Where Can I Buy Them?

I personally love and use the brand Thinx. I bought a few pairs to try and fell in love, and since then I joined on as a Thinx Leader (which basically means I have a fancy landing page on their website and a coupon code for you!). I was initially intrigued because they have cotton/TENCEL options and ethical manufacturing. So if you want to see what my favorite styles of their undies are, and to save $10 on your order, go to 🏷

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Thinx Organic Period Underwear

Other brands on the market:
I have also heard of other reusable period underwear brands such as: Luna, Hesta, Sustain, and Tulip.

Do They *Actually* Work and Absorb Fluid? 🤔

Yes! I can’t speak for the other brands, but according to the Thinx website, the Classic styles hold up to 2 regular tampons worth of fluid (18 mL). They also have a Super style that holds 4 regular tampons worth of fluid (40 mL). So there are different styles for different flows. Thinx has light padding in the crotch and up the back of the undies that absorb and are leakproof!

Are they Comfortable? How do they fit?

YES! So comfy. They seriously feel like regular underwear. I thought they would feel heavy or super padded but they don’t. I personally feel like they run pretty true to size (I wear a size small) but I’ve heard from a couple of people that think they run small. So maybe go a size up if you’re worried about them being too tight!

Do they have a visible panty line?

The more classic styles do have a thicker panty line which sometimes shows through thinner pants. But they do also sell sport and thong styles that are thinner and don’t have a panty line. Adiós, VPL!

Can I sleep in period undies?

Absolutely! 😴 Again, they just feel like regular undies. And they’ll absorb while you sleep! Thinx has Sleep Shorts which I sooooo want to try.

Can I wear them without a menstrual cup or tampon? 🔴

100% yes. They are designed to be worn alone and without any other backup. Like I mentioned above, I personally wear my Thinx (and nothing else) on my lighter days, but wear them as a backup to my menstrual cup for the rest of my cycle.

Can I wear them each day of my period?

Yeah! You can rotate between the different styles to match your flow. You can wear them on your heaviest days and your lightest days!

How often do I need to change them?

I would say it depends on your flow! Since I usually wear them as a backup for my cup, I usually wear one pair per day. But if you’re wearing them alone then you might need to change them once or twice throughout the day. After trying them out, you’ll get the hang of it and find what works best for you!

How do I wash period undies? Is it sanitary to wash them with my other clothes?

It’s easy! Just rinse them off first with cold water. Then toss them in a delicates laundry bag and wash on cold 🧼 Make sure you hang them to air dry, too! And it’s important to avoid using bleach, harsh detergents, or fabric softeners…this will help keep them in tip-top condition. I love Buckaroo Organics Soapberry Suds or Branch Basics for laundry detergent.

Thinx Organic Period Underwear

I *totally* get that it might seem weird just throwing them in the wash with your other clothes. But it’s not gross or unsanitary! It is the wash, after all. And like I’ve said, I actually feel cleaner wearing these vs. disposables.

Do period undies get smelly or stinky? 🤢

I have not experienced this! Thinx period undies are moisture-wicking, odor-controlling, and antimicrobial. They do a really good job of staying dry which is soooo nice. They are lined with non-migratory silver which controls odor and bacteria. Non-migratory just means that it won’t rub off onto your skin 🧽

I also love that the lining of Thinx undies is black – so there are no stains and they don’t look dirty!

Will period undies work for my teenager?

I WISH I had these when I was first starting my period! They would have made life so much easier. In fact, Thinx has a whole line called BTWN dedicated to teens and tweens. They have some really fun colors and styles.

Can I wear these for postpartum or bladder leaks? 💦

You sure can! Once again, Thinx has a line called SPEAX that is made specifically for bladder leaks and to be used instead of pantyliners. So cool!

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Are you convinced or what?! I sooooo wish I made the switch to period panties sooner. They are convenient, comfy, and I love that they are reusable and zero waste ♻️ Seriously, it’s a gamechanger and you gotta try them. Do you have any other questions? Drop them in the comments below!

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