[Podcast Episode 04] Undressing the Fast Fashion Industry with Marissa Biese

Fast Fashion

Episode 04 of the Positively Green Podcast is here and we have our first official guest! How exciting. It’s Marissa Biese from The Greener Girl blog. We’re talking all things fast fashion in this week’s episode. It’s pretty eye-opening and it might make you think twice about your next clothing purchase! 🛍

Marissa Biese of The Greener Girl
Marissa Biese of The Greener Girl

Marissa is an advocate for living in harmony with the environment. She is a nature enthusiast, dog mom of two, and photographer from Milwaukee, WI. Her blog is a resource for an ethical and sustainable lifestyle that provides simple solutions, guidance, and education. Follow her on Instagram @marissabiese.

In this episode we cover:

  • What is fast fashion?
  • The amount of waste and pollution the fashion industry creates
  • Different categories of sustainable fashion (vegan vs. sustainable vs. slow vs. ethical etc.)
  • Why you should care about where your clothing comes from
  • Breakdown of sustainable materials
  • Common misconceptions about sustainable fashion
  • Where to start and big red flags to look out for
  • What to look for in a sustainable clothing brand
  • Fair wages and safe working conditions for workers (Good on You app)
  • Greenwashing traps to look out for
  • Tips for shopping secondhand and creating a capsule wardrobe
  • Thrifting and buying second-hand clothing
  • Best practices for discarding, donating, and recycling unwearable clothing
  • How to make the clothes you already have last longer (Guppy Bags)
  • What to do if you just can’t give up your fave fast fashion brands

Books and Resources mentioned:


Your actionable tip for the week: Just buy less clothing! Wear out what you have or shop secondhand if you do need to purchase something 👚

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Thanks SO much for listening!

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