[Podcast Episode 13] Sustainable Food Packaging with Dan Kurzrock of ReGrained

Dan ReGrained Granola

In episode 13 of the Positively Green Podcast, we have another special guest! As a consumer, it’s easy to assume brands should have perfectly sustainable and eco-friendly packaging, but our guest explains why it’s not as easy as it seems! It’s really interesting to hear the brand perspective on this topic.

About Our Guest Dan Kurzrock

Dan Kurzrock of ReGrained

Dan Kurzrock is the co-founder and Chief Grain Officer of ReGrained. Dan founded ReGrained out of his hobby for homebrewing beer, where he first discovered that “spent” grain could be given a delicious second life. He is now obsessed with the impact edible upcycling and closing nutrient loops can have on our food system. As Chief Grain Officer, Dan is “Mr. Outside” for ReGrained, handling all elements of growing the business. Dan holds an Economics degree from UCLA and an MBA in Sustainable Management from Presidio Graduate School.

ReGrained Granola Bars

Topics covered in this episode:

  • My gain for the week: reusable organic cotton/bamboo facial rounds
  • Background on ReGrained’s company and their product 🍺 which upcycles “waste” from the beer brewing process to make tasty snacks
  • Common hold-ups and hurdles when it comes to sustainable, compostable, eco-friendly food packaging ♻️
  • Materials in most food packaging and their environmental impact
  • Challenges with compostable and bioplastic packaging (industrial vs. backyard compost)
  • OSC² Packaging Collaborative
  • Certifications needed for making “compostable” claims on packaging
  • What ideal packaging would look like
  • How consumers (like you and me!) can get involved and push for more sustainable food packaging

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