[Podcast Episode 16] Tips for Having a Zero-Waste Period

Tips for having a zero-waste cycle

Okay ladies! Episode 16 of the Positively Green Podcast is for you. And we’re actually breaking it into two parts because we have so much info to share. We’re talking alllllllll about periods and menstruation in these. In part 1, we’re sharing how you can you go zero-waste with your cycle.

Topics covered in this episode:

    • Why you should work towards a zero-waste period 🔴
    • Conventional products, like tampons and pads, and the significant issues they pose for our bodies and the environment
    • Zero-waste options you can use instead and finding the best one for you
    • Menstrual cups, reusable pads, and period undies
    • Common synthetic ingredients in tampons
    • Misconceptions about periods
    • Tips and tricks and our personal faves!

Products + Resources Mentioned:


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