[Podcast EP27] Natural Wines ft. Allie Kruse of Nonfiction Wines

Episode 27 Natural Wines

Grab a glass of (natural) wine and join us for a virtual happy hour! We have special guest Allie Kruse on the podcast today, owner of Nonfiction Natural Wines in Milwaukee. She drops some major knowledge about all things natural wine! 🍷

About Allie Kruse

Allie Kruse, Nonfiction Natural Wine
Becca + Allie sippin’ away

Allie is the owner of Nonfiction Natural Wines in Bay View, Milwaukee. She is super passionate about finding you your next favorite bottle. You can visit the shop at 800 E. Potter Avenue, or go to www.nonfictionwine.com to learn more or order ahead for pickup. Follow Allie on Instagram @nonfictionwine. Cheers!

Topics Covered in This Episode:

  • What does “natural” wine even mean and what additives are typically found in conventional wines 🍇
  • Debunking the myth of sulfites causing headaches
  • Common misconceptions about natural wines
  • Do different regions of the world tend to produce more natural wines?
  • What to look for on wine labels and why just opting for “organic” shouldn’t necessarily be the first priority!
  • A look at different terminology used: Organic, made with organic grapes, natural, low-intervention, dry-farmed, biodynamic, etc.

Resources Mentioned:

  • Thrive Market
  • Importers to look for: Jenny & Francois, Zev Rovine, José Pastor Selections, Fifi’s Wines, Louis/Dressner, Kermit Lynch, Selection Massale, Percy Selections, Scuola di Vino, Amy Atwood Selections, SelectioNaturel

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