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Hosted by myself and Kelsey Jorissen,
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What if there was a platform to learn openly about living sustainably that didn’t leave you feeling guilty or overwhelmed? What if you had two super nice ladies teaching and empowering you to make a few small changes here and there in your everyday life that were easy to implement? What if you could listen to a 30-minute podcast every week that got you excited to join in with helping the earth?

You can do it with the Positively Green Podcast!

We’ll help you live a green life you’ll love. We cover all topics from sustainability, green living, natural beauty, eco fashion, and oh so much more 💚 We’re two Wisconsin gals that are just trying to live a healthy life that puts the earth first. But we’re not perfect, and we can’t wait to take you along the ride and share our journeys with you!

Every episode is also going to leave you with a small actionable task you can implement into your life to do a bit better by the earth. Kelsey and I are also going to share a sustainable gain and sustainable pain with you so we can continue to be open and honest about our journeys to love and care for the world.

Kelsey Jorissen + Becca Tetzlaff

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