Purity Coffee Brand Review: Clean, Organic, Mold-Free, Mycotoxin-Free

Purity Coffee Brand Review: Clean, Organic, Mold-Free, Mycotoxin-Free

It’s no secret that I am a diehard coffee lover. And with the amount of coffee that I consume, it’s definitely a priority for me that I choose organic coffee beans that are clean and sourced responsibly! One of the first “clean” coffee brands that I heard about years ago was Purity Coffee. They have SUPER impressive standards which I can’t wait to share with you. Purity also just revealed a beautiful rebrand and now offers even MORE roast options. This post will go over all of that newness and my thoughts!

This post contains affiliate links and is sponsored by Purity Coffee who generously gifted me coffee beans to try and review.

Clean Coffee 101 & Why It Matters

But first, if you’d like to learn more about WHY clean, organic, mold-free, and mycotoxin-free coffee even matters in the first place, check out this blog post for all the deets! Essentially, conventional coffee is HIGHLY sprayed with pesticides and very prone to mold, yeast, and mycotoxins. Choosing high-quality beans is important for your health and the earth! ☕️

About Purity Coffee & Their Standards

Purity sold its first bag of coffee in 2016. It was founded by Andrew Salisbury after his wife was experiencing health issues and he set out to create the purest coffee on the market. Their goal is to present scientific research to prove that coffee is beneficial for our health and I am HERE for it!

Purity is extremely transparent about their process and results which I appreciate. They provide copious amounts of in-depth education on their blog, too. Like, a lot. They even analyzed their coffee compared to over 46 different brands and found theirs to have an average of 65% higher antioxidant content! 😲

They publicly share independent third-party test results (many other brands do not disclose this!) and have an entire page on their website where you can access this information. They reject any beans that don’t meet their standards and if they’re found to contain ochratoxin, mold, pesticides, etc. You can even see nutrient profiles for each of their coffees!

Purity organic clean coffee beans

Some quick facts for ya and why I like this brand:
  • Based out of Greenville, South Carolina
  • Use sustainable regenerative and/or biodynamic farming practices and specialty-grade Arabica beans
  • USDA certified organic and tested free of pesticides, mold, and other contaminants
  • Rainforest Alliance and Smithsonian Bird Friendly® certified
  • Grown at high altitudes (less chance of mold growth)
  • Maintain close relationships with conscientious farmers
  • Freshly roasted immediately before shipping (in nitrogen-flushed bags to prevent oxidation)

They’re totally a brand I can get behind! #OrganicallyBeccaApproved 👍 Keep reading for more info about what they offer and what the coffee actually tastes like (because obbbbbviously that matters!).

You can use coupon code ORGANICALLYBECCA for 20% off your order!

Shop Purity Coffee Here

Purity Rebrand & My Favorite Roasts

Coming from a design background, I always appreciate pretty packaging and brand details. It makes a difference! Previously, Purity had a Medium roast, Dark roast, and Decaf roast. With this fresh rebrand, they also launched some new roast options and more targeted formulas for your specific preferences. It’s SO cool that roasting beans in different ways can bring out various characteristics and properties! 🤓 Coffee science is amazing. Let’s take a look…

(Note: all of these are whole beans so you’ll have to grind them yourself at home!)

Purity coffee roast options

Protect (Light-medium roast ⭐️ Becca’s fave!)

Formulated for: liver support, metabolic vitality, antioxidant support
Origin: Single-origin Colombia

I am SO STINKIN’ HAPPY that they made this one (it’s new)! One of my main gripes with Purity was that they didn’t offer a lighter roast (I’m a light roast gal!). They answered my prayers, woohoo 🙌

Coffee, in general, has been shown to be beneficial for liver health and reduce fibrosis. Protect, in particular, has a higher level of CGA (chlorogenic acids) and bioactive compounds which have blood glucose-normalizing effects and you can read more about the science behind coffee and liver health here. It also has 10% more antioxidants than Flow!

Keep in mind that lighter roasts tend to be slightly more acidic if that’s something you’re trying to avoid.

Protect taste notes:

Protect is soooooo yummy! I have mostly been enjoying it as a cold brew. But it’s bright, juicy, tart, and has sweet citrus and apple notes with some subtle nuttiness. It’s the most bitter/acidic of all the roasts because it’s on the lighter side. Very flavorful and I think it’s delicious!

Purity Protect light-medium roast organic coffee

Flow (Original medium roast)

Formulated for: overall health, physical/mental performance, focus
Origin: Nicaragua, Honduras, and Colombia (each are traceable)

This is Purity’s original roast! Their “why” behind this one was to craft the single most healthy coffee for overall wellbeing. It’s the most balanced of their coffees.

Flow taste notes:

This one is smoother than Protect for sure, and the flavor is not as powerful. It’s kind of chocolatey with some hints of roasted nuts. But still has a little bit of that tart kick, but not that much. I don’t usually go for medium roasts if I have the choice of a lighter roast, but I do really enjoy this one!

Ease (Darker roast)

Formulated for: digestive support, microbiota balance, lower pH/less acidic
Origin: Honduras and Nicaragua

For my dark roast friends! I loveeeeee that it’s Demeter certified which means it’s biodynamic and beyond organic! This one has naturally-occurring prebiotic benefits and is the least acidic of all the Purity coffees. So, you might like this if coffee tends to upset your stomach.

Dark roasts usually have higher levels of PAH (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons) which can be unhealthy at high levels. However, Purity sets its maximum PAH level way lower than what is considered safe. Therefore, this is *technically* considered a medium-dark roast because it’s not at the same darkness level as an Italian or French roast. Just so you know!

Ease taste notes:

This one tastes similar to Flow with some dark chocolate notes, but a bit bolder and more of a roasted walnut taste. It’s very smooth. I would probably not get this one again myself since I don’t care for darker roasts. But overall it’s pleasant and if you prefer something bolder and darker then I think you’d like it!

Calm (Decaf original medium roast)

Formulated for: caffeine-sensitive people, antioxidant support
Origin: Colombia and Honduras

If you still want coffee, but not the caffeine! Did you know that not all decafs are created equal? This is Swiss Water® Processed, a chemical-free way to remove 99.9% of caffeine with just water. Other processes use solvents such as ethyl acetate or methylene chloride. This method also maintains antioxidants and flavor profiles!

Calm taste notes:

This was made to taste similar to Flow and I would agree that it does! A little chocolatey, smooth, and with some mild apple sweetness. I also notice kind of a buttery vanilla taste? Interesting, but I like it! I was also surprised that Calm is still quite flavorful, even though it’s decaffeinated (sometimes decafs can be kind of dull or muted!).

Balance (2/3 Decaf medium roast)

Formulated for: caffeine-sensitive people, antioxidant support, metabolic balance

I’ve seen half-caffs before, but never 1/3 caff! So unique. I like Balance because sometimes I don’t want to overdo it with caffeine, but I truly just love the taste of coffee, so I’m able to drink more coffee when it’s partially decaf!

Balance Taste Notes:

It has notes of vanilla, berry, and roasted almond. Tasty!

Purity Flow medium roast organic coffee beans

Wanna sample each roast?

You can buy $10 single-serve sachets that work nicely as samples or to pack in a travel bag. Purity also offers single-serve K-cup pods for a machine like a Keurig.

You can use coupon code ORGANICALLYBECCA for 20% off your order!

Shop Purity Coffee Here

Have you tried anything from Purity? I highly recommend them if you’re looking to step your game up when it comes to clean coffee. The transparency and exceptional standards are on another level 👌 They have lots of options so you’re sure to find something that suits you! Let me know if you have any questions in the comments.

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Purity Coffee Brand Review: Clean, Organic, Mold-Free, Mycotoxin-Free

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