My Top Fave Saie Makeup Products [Clean Beauty Brand Review]

Saie Beauty Makeup Review

Do you ever just stumble upon a brand that continually makes you swoon and impresses you? That’s how I feel about Saie. Although a newer brand to the clean beauty scene, they are already making strides and making themselves known as a force to be reckoned with. So I thought it would be fun to review all of their products and share more about why I think they’re so unique! 💜

Saie gifted product to me for PR consideration with no obligation to share; all thoughts are my own. This post contains affiliate links.

About Saie

Saie is pronounced “say” as in, say hello! I had been following the founder, Laney Crowell, on Instagram years before she even started Saie in 2019. So when she officially launched, I feel like I already had a connection to the brand and was so eager to try the products! It’s always cool when you can see something like that come to life. More about Saie:

  • Extremely transparent about sustainability! They are aware that the packaging isn’t perfect but have goals to be completely plastic-free. Right now it’s glass, biodegradable packaging, post-consumer recycled plastic, or packaging that is able to be recycled appropriately through Terracycle. They also partner with Carbon Credit Capital to offset emissions ♻️
  • Carbon Neutral Certified and members of 1% for the Planet
  • Each order is cushioned with a bag of organic cotton balls instead of filler material, love it!
  • Cruelty free and mostly vegan (except for ethically-sourced beeswax)
  • Use lots of organic ingredients and incorporate safer synthetics (you can actually see a breakdown of each ingredient with an explanation on the Ingredients page)
  • Very committed to diversity and inclusion
  • Based out of New York City
  • Now available at Sephora retail stores

Review of Saie Makeup & Beauty Products

I’ve had the pleasure of trying all of Saie’s products over the years. There are surely some standouts that have quickly become staples in my makeup bag (I will put a star ⭐️ next to my absolute faves and must-tries!). There are a few that I wouldn’t really recommend or get again. So let’s take a look at the whooooooole collection:

Dew Blush ⭐️

Oh my gosh, these are the cutest blushes I’ve ever seen. When Saie released these, I knew I wanted to try ALL the colors immediately. My favorite is Rosy which is kind of a nude rose color. They are all so beautiful for spring. These are a creamy, water-based gel blush and they have the most adorable chubby doe foot applicator. The blush has ingredients like elderberry, licorice, comfrey, and white mulberry.

Saie Dew Blush

Saie Dew Blush Swatches

I was shocked because you literally only need a TINY dab and you get an incredible amount of color payoff (especially with the brighter shades). A little goes a long way, trust me, so the tubes last forever. They are not shimmery or metallic; the finish is really natural with a little bit of dew. I like that they don’t dry too quickly so you have an adequate amount of time to blend it in and it doesn’t get streaky or patchy. The color lasts all day long, too. They feel so lightweight and I just love them oh so much!

Shop Dew Blush Here

Mascara 101 ⭐️

I cannot get enough of this mascara! First of all, it has the most unique wand that is silicone with a spiky tip. I feel like it helps lift the edges of my lashes really well. The mascara is black and looks really natural once applied. I find that it’s buildable and bold, but not clumpy. It has a flexible feel and doesn’t flake or smudge on me. It’s not waterproof, but there really aren’t any clean mascaras that are.

I wouldn’t say this is the best mascara for holding a curl, my lashes tend to look straighter with this mascara, but overall I totally love how it applies and looks! It’s one that I grab over and over again. I definitely recommend picking this one up if you try any Saie products!

Shop Mascara 101 Here

Saie Mascara 101

Saie Mascara 101
Wearing the Saie Mascara 101

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Slip Tint SPF35 Tinted Moisturizer ⭐️

A sunscreen, light-coverage foundation, and moisturizer all in one? Yes, please! It comes in ten shades and I wear Three (Deep Fair). I take 2-3 pumps and apply it with my hands, usually after applying a lotion or serum. I find that it’s hydrating and moisturizing enough to use on its own as a moisturizer because it has hyaluronic acid and oils such as argan and grapeseed oil. The product is thick but it feels super silky, cushy, and applies smoothly without clinging to my skin. There’s not much of a smell to it.

The coverage is sheer; I’d say it’s enough to cover redness and even out skin tone but not enough to conceal dark spots or blemishes. I just love how natural it looks and feels on my skin. It’s a little dewy, but not greasy. I typically still use a setting powder over it just to control shine with my combination skin. I don’t find that it makes me break out or anything. Overall, I think Slip Tint is pretty darn awesome! 🌞

Shop Slip Tint SPF35 Moisturizer Here

Saie Slip Tint vs. Sunvisor SPF Tinted Moisturizer

Sunvisor SPF35 Moisturizer

This is pretty much the same formulas as Slip Tint, except that it doesn’t provide any makeup coverage! It applies completely clear and is a universal formula for all skin tones. I also feel like it feels a little drier than Slip Tint, but definitely still very nourishing. I’ll grab this one if I don’t plan on wearing makeup for the day and just want some sun protection 🧴

Shop Sunvisor SPF35 Moisturizer Here

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Really Great Gloss ⭐️

Yeah, I 1000% underestimated these. Admittedly I thought, oh this is going to be a simple lip gloss. It’s SO much more and honestly, the more I use these, the more I become addicted to them. These glosses are extra hydrating, cushiony, with just a sheer hint of color. And zero stickiness. I literally cannot stop rubbing my lips together when I wear them because it just feels so dang good!

They actually plump lips and I feel a slight tingle for the first few minutes after applying (they are infused with an apple-based exfoliator and hyaluronic acid!). And the best part? They smell DELICIOUS; like vanilla and brown sugar cookies. They are available in five colors and my favorite shade is Sweet which is a deep lilac color (I am wearing it in the photo below).

Shop Really Great Gloss Here

Summer Clean Beauty Picks
Wearing Saie Really Great Gloss (Sweet)

Dew Balm

Honestly, I am not usually a highlighter type of girl! I’m not just not a huge fan of the overly dewy look on myself. But I think these dew balms are really fun and subtle! They come in Lilac, Rosy Gold, and Bronze Nectar. They have a slight shimmer and don’t add too much color. I usually use them as a blush but you could also dab them on your nose, eyelids, etc. The texture is very cushiony and marshmallowy; it’s almost like a thick paste! One of the main ingredients is olive oil. But they apply easily and blend quickly. It used to come in an aluminum tube but they have since switched to 100% post-consumer plastic per customer feedback and usability purposes.

Shop Dew Balm Here

Saie Dew Balm Swatches
Saie Dew Balms

Liquid Lip Balm

This is one that missed the mark for me and I didn’t feel the urge to keep using it. It comes in one color (a universal pink tint) and is a mix between a lip gloss and a balm. It does feel nourishing as you apply it, but it almost feels like it sits on top of your lips instead of sinking in completely. Also, sometimes it leaves a slight crackle layer on my lips; it’s hard to describe but even when my lips are exfoliated you can kind of tell I’m wearing it. It does smell nice though, like coconut. I would not get this one again!

Shop Liquid Lip Balm Here

Sun Melt Cream-Balm Bronzer

Wow, this bronzer is gorgeous. You don’t see too many bronzers that are a velvety, creamy balm like this. It’s available in four shades and I wear Light (the lightest one!). I don’t typically do intense contouring and prefer bronzers that are subtler, so this is perfect. You can build it up for a darker bronze, or keep it more mild and natural. Bronzers can be intimidating for me, but this one applies seamlessly and is hard to mess up! It gives a sun-kissed glow that doesn’t look streaky.

Saie Beauty Sun Melt Cream Balm Bronzer

Saie’s Big Brush makes it extra easy to apply. And the pleasant beachy smell is delightful. I really think it’s great!

Shop Sun Melt Here

Brow Butter

This is an oil-based brow butter that comes in a clear or tinted formula. I’ve only tried the Clear formula! It’s not my favorite brow product but it was decent. The spoolie is TINY and petite, but I still feel like it’s strong enough to brush hairs into place. It does seem to dry quickly and hold well without feeling crusty or stiff. I’d love to try the tinted formulas to see if they are effective for filling in brows! Overall this seems like it’s better for sculpting brows versus adding bulk or definition.

Shop Brow Butter Here

Glowy Super Gel

This is a silky, luminous primer that you can wear alone, mix it with a foundation, or apply a few dabs as a highlighter. It’s water-based so it dries pretty quickly and feels lightweight. It comes in a neutral Starglow shade or Sunglow which is more of a bronze (both are supposed to be universal for skin tones). Again, this is one that I don’t normally gravitate towards because I don’t always like a shiny or dewy look. But I do like that it’s not greasy and the shine feels drier if that makes sense. More of a subtle glow and it smells a little rosy.

Saie Super Glowy Gel

It does make a nice, smooth base for foundation though. I love that it’s recyclable and comes in a glass bottle; it’s actually encased in an inner pouch that pulls out when empty! In general, I don’t have any complaints about this one but it’s just not the type of product I use a lot. But if you want a dewy look then I think you’d like it! ✨

Shop All Saie Products Here

Have you tried Saie? If not, I totally think you should! I can’t wait to see what else they launch and create. Let me know if you have any questions about the products in the comments!

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