How I Save Money on Organic Food & Natural Products with Thrive Market

Thrive Market

Let’s face it…high-quality, organic food tends to be more expensive. But if I told you that you could save hundreds of dollars on organic, natural food, and wellness products each year, you’d say “sign me up!” right?! Well, today I want to introduce you to Thrive Market. It’s an online market that has a huuuuuuge selection of natural foods, supplements, personal care products, beauty products, household supplies, and even items for your pets and babies!

They carry some of the top best-selling wellness brands out there. I have been using Thrive for YEARS and it’s truly awesome. Keep reading to learn more about why I love it and personally use it to save major moola.

This post contains affiliate links. I purchase my own items from Thrive Market and fully recommend them. I may earn a commission if you sign up via my links.

Why I Choose Thrive Market

Let’s get right to it! Thrive is a membership-based market and you can choose from a Yearly or Monthly membership (with a 30-day trial period if you choose to cancel…but I don’t think you’ll want to 😉). Here are some tidbits about Thrive:

  • Because Thrive buys directly, there is no markup retail cost or middleman, meaning you can save up to 30% on everything (compared to retail stores). Think Whole Foods meets Costco. You get even more of a discount if you have items auto shipped on a recurring schedule!
  • Shipping is FREE on orders over $49 (and it’s carbon-neutral)
  • You can shop over 70 specific values including vegan, gluten free, paleo, grass-fed, sustainably-farmed, recyclable, made in the USA, and tons more! EVERYTHING is non-GMO and over 2,000 of the products are certified organic.
  • When you join, Thrive also donates a membership to a low-income family, teacher, veteran, or student
  • You end up buying WAY less at the grocery store, and they even carry a lot of brands that I can’t find at my local Whole Foods
  • Thrive is a Certified B Corp and works hard to lessen their environmental impact; most orders come packaged with paper padding and a lot of the items are in glass, cardboard, or aluminum cans.
  • You can earn Thrive Cash by referring others, submitting reviews, or purchasing select items

If you sign up using my link, you’ll get 40% off your first order and a free gift!

Join Thrive Market now!

Thrive Market Values

Thrive Market has over 70 values which you can shop from including: vegan, Whole30, gluten free, paleo, fragrance-free, certified organic, sustainably-farmed, recyclable, and many more!

Is the Membership Fee Worth It?

I think a lot of people get hung up on the membership fee and question if it’s worth it. But really, it’s totally reasonable! You can choose between 1 month or an annual subscription. And if you don’t make up the cost of your membership each year in savings, Thrive will even credit your account with the remaining amount! Soooooo cool. For example, the yearly membership fee is about $60, and if you only saved $40 in the year, Thrive will automatically add a $20 credit to your account after you renew 👍

Get a free gift with your order

Thrive also keeps track of your accrued savings and projects how much you’ll save annually. It’s pretty neat.

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Shopping List: My Favorite Items from Thrive Market

In case you’re wondering what Thrive offers, here are some of the items I usually buy:

Thrive Market Price Comparisons

Thrive Branded Items I Usually Buy

My Thrive Market Favorites

Since Thrive has over 600+ of their own generic products, I typically opt for those since they are even more affordable than name-brand and still use quality, organic ingredients. It’s a great place to stock up on pantry staples. Here’s what is often on my shopping list:

Thrive even recently launched a selection of clean, sustainable wines that I soooooo want to try 🍷

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Clean Beauty & Skincare Brands at Thrive Market

And in case you’re wondering what #OrganicallyBeccaApproved beauty is available at Thrive, I got you! (a lot of the beauty brands Thrive carries are safer but watch out for greenwashing)

Clean Beauty Brands at Thrive Market

  • 100% Pure
  • Acure
  • Alaffia
  • All Good SPF
  • Andalou Naturals
  • Aztec Secret Clay
  • Badger
  • Babo Botanicals
  • Beauty by Earth Self Tanners
  • Captain Blankenship
  • Cleo + Coco Deodorants
  • Cocokind
  • Dr. Brite Dental
  • Dr. Bronner’s
  • Earth Mama
  • Good Clean Love
  • Han Cosmetics
  • Heritage Store
  • Jane Iredale
  • Juice Beauty
  • Luna Nectar
  • Mad Hippie
  • MyChelle
  • Nourish Organic
  • Oral Essentials
  • Organic Bath Co.
  • Province Apothecary
  • Raw Elements
  • RMS Beauty
  • Seaweed Bath Co.
  • Thinksport
  • Trilogy Rosehip Oil
  • Type:A Deodorant
  • UpCircle Beauty
  • Ursa Major
  • W3ll People
  • Weleda

So when people ask me, is it worth it? I say HECK YEAH! I’ve been a member for a little over five years now and continue to love it and save money. I highly recommend it if you’re looking to use more natural foods and products, but don’t want to break the bank 💰

If you sign up using my link, you’ll get 40% off your first order and a free gift. Enjoy!

Join Thrive Market now!

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