Savvy Rest Natural Latex Mattress Review (& Why I Choose Organic!)

My Savvy Rest Mattress Review

You know you’re an adult when you start to care about things like buying a mattress, haha! They say that you should replace yours every 8-10 years and whoa, I’ve had mine since college, so it was definitely time for an upgrade. Since we spend over eight hours a night sleeping on a mattress, it was important to me to invest in something natural and non-toxic (it’s kind of crazy the chemicals that are used on conventional beds). I can’t wait to share with you the mattress that I chose and how it’s been working out for me and my husband! 🛌

Full disclosure: I purchased this mattress myself but received a discount for being a Savvy Rest affiliate and sharing my honest experience with you. This is a company I wholeheartedly recommend. I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you if you make a purchase using my links. Thanks for the support!

Why We Chose Savvy Rest

Since I had purchased pillows from Savvy Rest in the past, they had been on my radar for a few years and we had been budgeting and saving up for a mattress. They offer a couple of different mattress options, but we ultimately chose the queen-sized Serenity Organic Latex Mattress for a few reasons:

  • It’s tall (10 inches) and we could place it directly on our bed frame without a box spring underneath (btw, our bed frame is not from Savvy Rest but they do offer hand-built wood frames)
  • Super customizable; more on this below!
  • I knew we could exchange the layers within 90 days if it wasn’t totally working out for us, so that gave me some peace of mind because it’s a big investment
  • Within our budgeted price range
  • They use pure natural latex from trusted suppliers that have been independently tested and certified, and the latex is sourced from rubber tree plantations that adhere to sustainable forestry practices

Savvy Rest Mattress Natural Latex

Aside from the specific mattress, I love that they are a Certified B Corp and committed to sustainability. Savvy Rest is Greenguard and GOTS-certified meaning their products have low chemical emissions and VOCs (volatile organic compounds). They never use pesticides, bleaches, flame retardants, or harmful dyes (conventional cotton is heavily sprayed with pesticides!). And they are made in the United States. Overall, a wonderful company.

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Customizable Firmness on Each Side

With the Serenity mattress, you can customize the three layers on each side which is SO cool! I was a little overwhelmed with all of the options, but thankfully I was able to speak with customer service and they helped me find a configuration for our specific preferences 😴

Natural latex mattress layers

This particular bed has no springs. You can choose between a combination of Soft, Medium, or Firm natural latex layers. And they have two types of latex: Dunlop (denser and more supportive) and Talalay (softer and better pressure relief). I ultimately chose (top to bottom) Soft Talalay, Medium Dunlop, and Firm Dunlop for my side, and my husband Jon chose the same except for a Medium Talalay top.

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We also got an organic cotton waterproof mattress protector just in case! 💦

Our Thoughts: Is it Comfortable?

To be honest, I knew right away that it was going to work well for me, but that proved to be true even after sleeping on it for a few nights. I found it to be incredibly comfortable and just the right amount of firmness for me. I don’t like sinking into a bed that’s too soft. And I feel like it supports my hips really well since I’m a side sleeper. Unfortunately, Jon was not a complete fan of his side. It was too firm for him and we even switched sides for a few nights so he could try mine and get a feel for it.

Pay attention to return policies!

With natural mattresses, you definitely want to pay attention to the return policies because in this case, Savvy Rest doesn’t allow full returns because then they would have to spray the product with chemicals to clean and resell them. So it would kind of defeat the purpose! Thankfully, they have a 90-day latex exchange which we took advantage of. Basically, they send you a new latex layer and you can try it out for 30 days, then send your old layer back. You just have to pay for the shipping which was $100. So we exchanged Jon’s top Medium Talalay layer for Soft and all is well! He loves it and both of us have been sleeping soundly. I didn’t realize how bad our old mattress had gotten until trying this new one! 💤

Savvy Rest Mattress Natural Latex

Since the casing has organic wool quilted inside, that also helps regulate temperature and promotes a cooler, drier mattress. I absolutely HATE being hot while sleeping, so I totally appreciate this 🐑

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Hooray for No Smelly Fumes!

Something that I also noticed as we set up the mattress is that there was no lingering smell in the air, which is amazing because I am sensitive to strong odors. Yay for natural materials! I did notice that my hands smelled slightly like rubber after touching the layers, but it wasn’t overly strong and it went away after I washed my hands. Once it’s all assembled, there is no latex smell.

Savvy Rest Serenity Mattress

As far as actual set up, the individual layers themselves are quite clunky so it’s a bit different than just throwing one big mattress chunk on the frame. You have to put in some work to line them up nicely. But not a big deal, and it’s cushy once it’s all set up and I love the customization aspect. I have noticed that the edges of the bed are not as firm and rigid as a conventional mattress. It’s not like if you sit on the side it will collapse or anything, but just a little detail that I observed and thought you might find helpful!

Overall, we are VERY happy with the mattress and think it’s so worth it. I love knowing that I’m supporting an ethical company AND sleeping on natural materials. It’s a big investment for sure, but you can use the coupon code ORGANICALLYBECCA to save 20% on all Savvy Rest products!

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  1. We ordered a mattress from Savvy Rest several years ago and love it still. Great review from you and I’m glad to know they are a good company too.

  2. How has the soft Talalay held up since you bought it? I’ve read that the all-natural Talalay can be less durable and prone to impressions in the softest versions.

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