Summer Lovin’: 11 Clean Beauty Products I’m Swooning Over Lately

Loving Lately Clean Beauty Products for Summer

Summer lovin’, had me a blaaaaast 🎶 I try to give you guys a quarterly update on new products that I’ve been testing so we’re going to do just that today! There are a couple of new natural beauty releases or just products that I’m finally getting around to trying myself. Hopefully, it inspires you to try something new because there’s surely lots of awesome stuff coming out this summer!

This post contains affiliate links. Some of these products were gifted to me for PR consideration with no obligation to share. Trust me, I only share the good stuff with ya!

1) AirDoctor HEPA Air Purifier

Alright, I know this isn’t beauty-related. But it’s crunchy living related 😁 AirDoctor is a highly regarded brand of air purifiers and I bought one back in April. It’s been really great! I got the Compact version (AD 1000) for our bedroom which filters 235 square feet every 12 minutes. It’s an Ultra HEPA filter that captures 100% of airborne particles as small as 0.003 microns in size and the vast majority of VOCs such as smoke, bacteria, viruses, pollen, mold, and dust mites 🦠

AirDoctor HEPA Air Purifiers

I keep it on auto mode and then at night I adjust the fan to a higher setting and dim the lights; it doubles as a white noise machine for me! It’s fairly quiet but when you turn the fan up it gets louder. I love that it has a colored light that indicates when your air quality is clean. I definitely have some peace of mind knowing the air in my bedroom is safe while sleeping for 8+ hours 🏠 They are an investment, but I think it’s important, especially if you spend a lot of time at home!

We also recently upgraded and added the Regular size unit to our collection to keep in the kitchen. That one filters 1262 square feet 2x an hour. From what I understand, this brand is top of the line and the real deal. It’s also been nice during summertime because we often have our windows open and who knows what’s flying inside!

If you shop via my link, you’ll automatically get discounted $120 off a Compact unit, $280 off a Regular unit, or $300 off a Large unit!

Shop AirDoctor Purifiers Here

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2) Clover Plush Pigment Eyeshadow Stick

One of the clean beauty brands I use, Clove + Hallow, just launched a sister brand called Clover! It’s more budget-friendly and I think it would be a solid brand for teens or young adults to try! They use more safe synthetics vs. natural, pure ingredients. But still ingredients that I would use myself and consider to be on the cleaner side.

Clover Plush Pigment Eyeshadow Stick Showstopper

One of their products that has stood out to me is the eyeshadow stick in Showstopper which is a shimmery champagne hue. I am ALL ABOUT quick and easy eyeshadows. This one takes two seconds to apply and then you blur it with some gentle finger taps. It’s rich, buttery, smooth, pigmented, and has a cute, chubby applicator. I was actually surprised how long the color lasted without creasing on my hooded, oily eyelids. I had to re-blend it after a few hours, but it holds up fairly well otherwise! The twist-up applicator is fun, too ✨

Shop Clover Eyeshadow Here

3) Cryotherapy Ice Roller

Basically, an upgraded version of your standard ice roller with an ergonomic handle and egg-shaped rolling barrel. It feels glorious in the morning on a sleepy, puffy face. I like to store mine in the freezer so it’s chilled at all times. Ice rolling has benefits such as reducing inflammation, depuffing, lymphatic drainage, soothing sensitive skin, and lifting facial contours 🧊

It’s a MUST for me on muggy summer mornings. In addition, it can be helpful to ice your face after spending time in the heat or sun to calm inflammation and prevent pigmentation from coming to the surface. Believe me, you won’t regret picking up one of these!

Shop Ice Roller Here

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4) CV Skinlabs Rescue + Relief Spray

In essence, aloe vera taken to the next level! It’s a thin, slightly milky spray that dries quickly and can be used for instant cooling relief. Think itchy bug bites, sunburn, eczema, cuts, irritated skin, post-shave…you name it! It’s a blend of aloe, cucumber, turmeric, mushroom extract, oat, and other hydrating, skin-loving ingredients.

I’ve mostly been using this after spending a day in the sun and after shaving. But I also had a bunch of scratches on my arms and legs from an excited dog and this totally helped! And my husband used it quite a bit for a scab that was healing and he said it worked well. There’s not a strong smell; it’s a gentle cucumber scent. It’s refreshing and calming!

Shop Rescue + Relief Spray Here

5) Erin’s Faces Deet-Free Mosquito & Tick Repellant

The only downside to summer is the bugs, am I right? 🦟 This is a lifesaver! This mist is fine and doesn’t dry sticky or oily which is awesome. It has oils that naturally repel ticks and mosquitoes such as citronella, lemongrass, geranium, eucalyptus, and cedarwood. The best part…it’s Deet-free! No nasties. It definitely seems to ward off the bugs and I’ve even been spritzing some on my dog Dexter before we go on a hike. It’s safe to use on pups too!

I’m also loving Erin’s new Organic Fruit Smoothie Lip Glosses! Especially shade Eros.

Enter the code ORGANICALLYBECCA at checkout for a discount on your first Erin’s Faces purchase!

Shop Erin’s Faces Bug Spray Here

6) FitGlow Vegan Good Lash+ Mascara *New*

Not gonna lie, I wasn’t a huge fan of FitGlow’s original mascara. The wand was too big and clunky and it smudged quite a bit for me. So I was eager to try their newly reformulated version! It has a new wand which is smaller, but also has two sides (one is curved silicone for lift and the other is straight bristles for definition).

FitGlow Vegan Good Lash+ Mascara

It’s a wetter formula and I do still experience a *tiny bit* of smudging with this one on my bottom lashes. But overall, muuuuuch better than the last version! I really like how full this one makes my lashes look. Plus it has ingredients such as horsetail plant extract which condition and strengthen lash hairs.

Shop FitGlow Mascara Here

7) Kosas Cloud Set Baked Setting & Smoothing Powder

If you have oily or combo skin like me, then you know setting powders are KEY during the humid summer months! Nobody wants to look like they just came from an intense hot yoga sesh with extreme shine. This is a recent release from Kosas and I had to snag it ☁️ It doesn’t alter the current makeup you’re wearing and is fairly sheer (I wear shade Breezy).

But it truly is cloud-like and is a pillowy-soft, baked powder that mattifies excess oil but DOESN’T remove your natural glow. This powder provides a satiny, airbrushed finish and I’m enjoying it a lot lately! I apply some to my t-zone (forehead, nose, chin) and under my eyes where I tend to have excess oil.

Shop Kosas Cloud Powder Here

8) Moss Mornings Sleep Peels

WOW…that’s all I gotta say. These are biodegradable pads that you wipe on after cleansing at night and leave on as an overnight treatment 💤 I’ve been using about 2x a week and cannot believe the GLOW that I wake up to! They have a blend of exfoliating acids (lactic, glycolic, salicylic) that smooth and brighten skin while you sleep.

Moss Mornings Sleep Peels | Cryotherapy Ice Roller | Sunday Standard Vitamin C Serum
Moss Mornings Sleep Peels • Sunday Standard Vitamin C Serum • Cryotherapy Ice Roller

Honestly, I envisioned them being much harsher, but actually, they seem quite gentle! I feel a mild tingle but don’t experience any irritation or redness. Plus they have hyaluronic acid so they are super hydrating and I don’t feel the need to use any other moisturizer at night when using them. My skin looks like I just came from a facial after using the pads and my makeup goes on flawlessly. Don’t forget to apply to your neck and chest too! These are pretty darn nifty if I do say so myself.

Shop Moss Mornings Sleep Peels Here

9) MyChelle Dermaceuticals Sun Shield Liquid SPF50

Alright, how often do you see mineral sunscreen for your face as high as SPF50?! 🧴 I tried both the Untinted and Tinted (shade Light) of this. The untinted did NOT work for me; it was way too white and didn’t blend in well. But the tinted version is where it’s at!

MyChelle Dermaceuticals Sun Shield Liquid SPF50 Kosas Cloud Setting Powder
Kosas Cloud Set Baked Setting Powder & MyChelle Sun Shield Liquid SPF50

It’s an oil-free, clay-based formula that has a dry-to-the-touch feel and matte finish. It’s sheer and doesn’t really provide much makeup coverage other than concealing slight redness. It doesn’t feel heavy or greasy at all and utilizes 20% zinc oxide for broad-spectrum sun protection. I also love that it’s not crazy expensive. If you’re looking for a new daily facial sunscreen, this is worth checking out!

Pro tip: It applies way better on exfoliated skin or when paired with the Vapour Gentle Illuminating Primer!

Shop MyChelle SPF50 Here

10) Saie Sun Melt Cream-Balm Bronzer

Oooooo, this bronzer is gorgeous. You don’t see too many bronzers that are a velvety, creamy balm like this. It’s available in four shades and I wear Light (the lightest one!). I don’t typically do intense contouring and prefer bronzers that are subtler, so this is perfect. You can build it up for a darker bronze, or keep it more mild and natural.

Saie Beauty Sun Melt Cream Balm Bronzer

Bronzers can be intimidating for me, but this one applies seamlessly and is hard to mess up! It gives a sun-kissed glow that doesn’t look streaky. Saie’s Big Brush makes it extra easy to apply. And the pleasant beachy smell is delightful. I really think it’s great! ☀️

Shop Saie Bronzer Here

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11) The Sunday Standard 18% Vitamin C + E Booster Serum

Incorporating Vitamin C into your skincare routine has numerous benefits, which you can learn more about in this post! Vitamin C is a potent antioxidant for protecting against UV damage and brightening skin 🍊 Lately I’ve been using this new 18% Vitamin C + E Booster Serum and it’s wonderful. You can use it on its own or mix it with your fave organic facial oil. It’s moisturizing enough for me personally to use without extra oils, though!

First of all, the blue tansy smell is DIVINE. Mmmm. It’s a silky yet weightless formula that utilizes Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate (a stable, non-irritating form of Vitamin C) and Vitamin E which actually helps boost the powers of the Vitamin C. I experience zero irritation with this one and am so pumped to continue using it this summer!

Enter the code ORGANICALLYBECCA at checkout for a discount on your first Sunday Standard purchase!

Shop The Sunday Standard Vitamin C Here

Well, that was quite a lot! But it’s so hard for me to narrow it down sometimes haha. There are too many incredible products that I just HAVE to share with you. Let me know in the comments if you have any questions or are inspired to try something new!

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  1. Great article, as always! I must try those sleep peels – they sound ah-mazing! And I’ve been wanting to try The Sunday Standard Vitamin C serum….but was waiting for your review 😉 …. and waiting for my current FitGlow (which I also love and so great for my melasma!) to run out. Love The Sunday Standard so much! And I love that she is local! Also intrigued by that HEPA filter – better get the OK from my hubs to make the purchase for our bedroom!!

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