12 Sustainable Fashion Brands for a Conscious Wardrobe (& All Budgets!)

Sustainable & Ethical Fashion Brands

Confession: I really do NOT enjoy thrifting. Although the most earth-friendly thing you can do when it comes to clothes is to wear what you already have, or buy second-hand. And while I do try to love what I already own, sometimes older items in my wardrobe need to be replaced. So when it is time to buy something new, I try my best to support sustainable, ethical, slow fashion brands. I can’t wait to share some of my faves with you in this post!

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Sustainable Fashion 101

First things first…let’s do a crash course in sustainable, slow fashion and why it’s important in the first place. I *highly* recommend that you check out our Positively Green Podcast episode all about it:

Podcast Episode 04: Undressing the Fast Fashion Industry

Listen now!

The episode addresses why choosing eco-friendly options is crucial, what fast fashion means, the amount of waste created, materials used, tips for shopping secondhand, documentaries, and soooooo much more! 👚

Best Natural Fabrics to Look For

When choosing new clothing options, there are lots of natural fibers that are used. Here are some that I look for:

  • Bamboo
  • Hemp
  • Linen
  • Lyocell/Tencel
  • Organic cotton (most common!)
  • Wool 🐑 or Alpaca

If you want to learn more, my friend Marissa from Rewild + Grow has an awesome guide that goes in-depth about natural fibers and sustainable options!

Sustainable Fashion 101

What About Recycled Plastic Fabrics?

You might also see recycled polyester or trends like “made from recycled water bottles.” And while I do think it’s great that companies are finding a way to reuse these plastics, ultimately I am making an effort to avoid them now that I’ve learned more. Mainly because this is still creating a demand for plastics, and these clothing items won’t be able to return back to the earth or be reused. Not to mention, they shed microfibers when they are washed. Additionally, I don’t really want to be wearing plastic on my body! ♴

I’m certainly not perfect and do have some pieces that are made from recycled polyester and synthetics. So I have a Cora Ball that I throw in my laundry. It’s a little ball that catches about 26% of microfibers per wash load. I got mine from EarthHero and you can use code BECCA10 for a discount!

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My Fave Sustainable Fashion Brands

Now the fun part! I’ve been on this sustainability journey for the past couple of years and have discovered some amazing brands along the way. You might be surprised at how affordable some of them are too! Here are some of my preferred brands:


[$] Boody is an Australian brand (but has a US website) with fair and responsible practices. The primary fabric they use is organic bamboo viscose, but they also incorporate organic cotton and LyoLyte. Boody offers a lot of basics for men, women, and babies.

Boody Eco Wear

You can get undies, socks, bras, activewear, sleepwear, and apparel. They have a lot of impressive certifications such as Certified B Corp, FSC, OEKO-TEK, ECOCERT, and WRAP. I own a couple of the Padded Shaper Bras and they’re seriously one of the comfiest bras EVER!

Shop Boody Here

Indigenous Organic Fair Trade Fashion

[$$$] Based out of Petaluma, California. Indigenous is a Certified B Corp that uses natural fibers such as organic cotton, free-range Alpaca, and Tencel. They also incorporate low-impact dyes and even have an undyed collection.

Indigenous Fair Trade Fashion

They also have a strong focus on fair trade and craft a supply chain based on the needs of their artisans. Indigenous has styles for men and women and their vibe is definitely more neutral and earthy. I have one of their Alpaca ponchos and it’s sooooo cozy 🦙

Shop Indigenous Here

Known Supply

[$$] Clothing for men and women. Known Supply has such a cool mission and aims to humanize the apparel industry. They’re a Certified B Corp based out of California. You can literally go online and find the exact person who made your clothing item and learn more about them! So awesome. Their style is casual, comfy, and relaxed. They use natural fabrics such as GOTs-certified organic cotton and French terry cotton.

Known Supply

I have a couple of pieces from them, some of which have been discontinued, but I do recommend their Sycamore Jumpsuit made of organic French terry cotton, it feels like I’m wearing pajamas! And it’s nice that it fits me even though I’m petite.

Shop Known Supply Here

Leena & Lu

[$$$] Luxury sleepwear meets comfy, everyday clothing. Leena & Lu uses organic, fair-trade Peruvian cotton and makes pieces for women. They’re proud to partner with women-run factories too. Most of their pieces are comfy pajamas that can crossover to daily wear. I have the Pima T-Shirt Dress and it’s so lightweight and breezy.

Leena & Lu

The brand was founded by two sisters Ofelia and Kathya and is based in Georgia. Their style is basic, comfy, and versatile.

Code BECCA15 gets you a discount on your order 🏷️

Shop Leena & Lu Here

Madewell Denim

[$$$] So I don’t consider Madewell to be one of the most sustainable brands out there, but they do have some social responsibility initiatives in place and a Responsible Sourcing program which includes fair trade. I have a pair of their denim shorts and jeans and really like them 👖 Not all of their jeans are made of natural materials but the ones I have are made of organic cotton and dyed using shrimp shells.

This is a popular brand that you can usually get thrifted, too!

Shop Madewell Here

Madewell Eco Jeans

MATE The Label

[$$$] A trendy brand from Los Angeles that primarily makes clothing for women, but also has options for men and kids. I appreciate that they are totally plastic-free and don’t use any polyester or nylon. Their fabrics are mostly organic cotton, linen, and Tencel with low-impact dyes. You can tell their products are well-made and have a thicker, more durable feel to them!

MATE The Label

MATE is woman-owned, ethical, fair trade, and everything is made in LA. They are really transparent and you can view details about their materials, factories, and impact. They uphold a strict list of restricted substances to ensure that carcinogens, endocrine disruptors, and other toxins are kept out of their supply chain.

I have an Organic Stretch Sports Bra (runs a bit small so size up!), Biker Short, and Tencel Tank. I’m obsessed!

Shop MATE Here

Miakoda New York

[$$$] Such a cute brand! They make bras, bralettes, yoga pants, crop tops, tanks, and other women’s apparel and accessories. I love the Gray Tank Crop Top and it’s extremely comfy. Miakoda is an ethical brand that uses sustainable plant fibers such as organic cotton, bamboo, soy, modal (wood pulp), and Lyocell. They also use low-impact, eco-friendly dyes.

Miakoda New York Ethical Fashion

The fabrics are all made in factories that abide by Worldwide Responsible Apparel Production (WRAP) regulations which essentially means fair wages and a safe environment. All based in New York! Miakoda even uses leftover garments to make things like scrunchies and headbands. All of the packing materials are 100% recycled, too!

Shop Miakoda Here

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Organic Basics

[$] Organic Basics is a Danish brand from Copenhagen! But they have a warehouse in the United States too. They have budget-friendly timeless basics (tees, bras, socks, undies) but incorporate playful styles and colors too. You can learn more about the factories that they partner with worldwide on their website, including stories from the workers!

Organic Basics Clothing

The brand believes in Earth and people-friendly clothing. They utilize GOTS organic cotton, OEKO-TEX Tencel, recycled nylon, and Lenzing Ecovero fibers (made from renewable wood sources). I have a pair of briefs, triangle bra, crop tank, and crop tee.

Code ORGANICALLYBECCA gets you a discount on your purchase 🏷️

Shop Organic Basics Here

Pact Apparel

[$$] I adore Pact so much! In fact, they are one of the brands that dominate my wardrobe. They have simple basics for men and women. They are also my go-to brand for bras, underwear, and socks 🩲

Pact Apparel

Some of my faves from Pact:
  • Pocket leggings (these are what I wear to work out; they are not see-through!)
  • Hi-waisted undies
  • Joggers
  • Bed sheets and pillowcases
  • Bath towels
  • Jumpsuits
  • Tees
  • Socks
  • Sweaters

They are based out of Denver and have one of the more affordable price points compared to many sustainable fashion brands. They mainly use GOTs-certified organic cotton and are fair trade certified. They also make bedding and bath towels. You can learn more about Pact in my blog post about them!

Coupon code ORGANICALLYBECCA saves you 20% on your first order 🏷️

Shop Pact Here

People Tree

[$$$] If you’ve seen the True Cost documentary, then you might be familiar with the founder Safia Minney. She is one of the pioneers in the sustainable fashion industry and has super high standards for the clothes they sell. People Tree uses fabrics like GOTs-certified organic cotton, Tencel, and responsible wool. They’re dedicated to fair trade, transparency, fair wages, and environmental responsibility.

People Tree Clothing

Their clothing is made for women and they have some really fun prints and styles! But also pieces that are more appropriate for the workplace. You can find dresses, trousers, blouses, underwear, denim, coats, skirts, and more. I have a few shirts from them, like their Cassie Dragonfly Top which is made of Tencel and organic cotton. It’s so lightweight and perfect for summer.

The only downside (if you live in the US) is that they are based in the UK so shipping prices can be steep. But if you happen to catch when they are having sales, it’s worth it!

Shop People Tree Here


[$$] Based out of Vancouver, Canada but also have a US-based website. Clothing for women, men, and kids. They have loungewear, activewear, socks, undies, tops, bottoms, jackets, so much! Plus accessories like hats, bags, and scarves. Their name is quite literal because they plant 10 trees for each purchase, and you can actually track where the trees get planted which is neat.

tentree Sustainable Ethical Fashion

The materials they use are Tencel, organic cotton, hemp, wool, and recycled polyester. Tentree is a Certified B Corp that also uses ethical manufacturing processes. You can actually see a factory ledger on their site for specific info about each location.

I own their Festival Hat which is made of recycled wool with a cork band, some cropped shirts, and a long-sleeve tie shirt.

Shop tentree Here

United by Blue

[$$] Another brand that is a staple in my wardrobe (my husband’s too)! They make clothing for men, women, and kids and are based out of Philadelphia. It definitely has a very outdoorsy, rugged, hiking vibe so it’s not for everyone but I love it and they do have some cuter pieces too.

United by Blue Sustainable Fashion

I also really like their outdoor wear like hats, jackets, and gloves. I wear the Bison Snap Jacket and it’s soooo warm yet lightweight and not bulky.

They use sustainable fabrics like organic cotton, hemp, wool, yak fiber, bison hair, and Tencel (note: they do also use recycled polyester in some of their pieces). United by Blue is committed to ethical manufacturing and is a Certified B Corp. Plus they give back: each purchase removes a pound of trash from the oceans 🌊 You can read more about United by Blue in this blog post.

Shop United by Blue Here

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What are your favorite fashion brands? I’d love to hear in the comments! And remember, pleaseeeee don’t feel like you have to throw away all your clothes or go on a shopping spree to buy all-new organic clothing. You can slowly replace what you own with a few purposeful, mindful pieces!

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