$100 Worth of Clean Beauty at Target: My Top Picks!

Clean Beauty Brands at Target

When switching to green beauty and natural products, one of the biggest hurdles many people run into is accessibility. A lot of brands are exclusively sold online or aren’t necessarily easy to come by. And for something like makeup, you really want to see it in person if possible to play with it and also find your correct shade match. So I’m SUPER excited about today’s post and I think a ton of you will find it really helpful!

So let’s talk about the clean options available at Target! I mean, who doesn’t love a Target run!? I honestly think you’ll be shocked at how many options there are and how many clean brands are available. And have you peeped their natural beauty aisle recently?! 😍 Lots of #OrganicallyBeccaApproved options and they keep expanding 👌 Good job, Target!

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27+ clean brands you can find at Target…

Shopping Guide: Clean Beauty at TargetTo see the rest, check out my Clean Beauty at Target Shopping Guide! It’s a free PDF download that lists allllllllllll the clean and natural brands available at the store. Get it, girl!




What I’d Buy at Target with $100!

So, there are wayyyyy more options available than what I’m listing below. But, if I had $100, here’s what I’d pick! 🎯

Cocokind Facial Cleansing Oil • $11

Only four ingredients in this one, and they are all organic! Doesn’t get much better than that. It’s a really gentle oil cleanser that works for all skin types and helps balance pH. I love Cocokind’s new branding too! Soooo cute.

Honest Beauty Extreme Length Mascara + Lash Primer • $15

So many green beauty bloggers rave about this mascara (including myself!). And in the world of clean beauty, $15 for a natural mascara is a steal. This has become one of my personal go-to mascaras recently, and I especially love that it has a primer on one end. Genius. For a bold look that lasts all day!

Clean Beauty Honest at Target

Meow Meow Tweet Grapefruit Deodorant Cream (Baking Soda Free) • $11

This is one of the first natural deodorants I tried, but it’s so good! The grapefruit scent is heavenly, and I love that it is baking soda free (a cause of irritation for some people). If applying a cream deodorant with your fingers isn’t your jam, they also have some in a push-up stick form. Really nice eco-friendly packaging too.

Moroccan Magic Organic Rose Lip Balm • $4

This lip balm is so nourishing and smells incredible! 🌹 I like this brand too because it’s a woman and minority-owned business, all of the products are certified cruelty-free by Leaping Bunny, and made in the USA.

Sailor Sea Salt Refresh Hair Spray • $15

If you’re familiar with the brand Captain Blankenship, this is part of their line! This is a really unique hair spray because it’s sea salt-based, helps texturize hair, and also has dry shampoo properties that help keep your hair refreshed. It has a fresh citrus and herbal scent. Great for a nice beachy look!

W3ll People Narcissist Foundation Stick • $29

W3ll People is one of my favorite natural beauty brands, so definitely check out the other products they carry at Target too (like this Optimist Lipstick)! I really love this foundation stick. It’s so easy to quickly swipe on and blend in. It finishes as a weightless, satin, soft-focus wear and it’s buildable. It’s noncomedogenic which I appreciate as someone with blemish-prone skin. I wear the shade Fair Golden!

ZuZu Luxe Eyeliner Pencil • $14

I have the shade “Slate” and love the ashy grey color! This eyeliner pencil has a pretty good amount of pigment to it and glides on nicely. It even has jojoba oil in it which helps keep the skin hydrated too. I do notice a bit of smudging after a long day (but I have hooded lids and that’s pretty common for me!) but overall holds up pretty nicely. I want to try the other shades!


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Phew, really cutting it close there at $99! 😂 And no joke, it was REALLY hard putting this list together because there were so many other options I wanted to include as well!

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So, do you want to see even MORE options?! My friend Molly from the blog Maison Pur also put together a list. So head on over to her blog to see what she would pick herself!

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