The Well Rounded: Becca’s Quarterly Top Picks [Volume 10 • Winter 2024]

The Well Rounded: Becca’s Quarterly Top Picks [Volume 10 • Winter 2024]

Happy new year! Aaaaaaaand we’re back for Volume 🔟 of the Well Rounded series. Each quarter I like to give you guys updates on new products I’ve been testing and grabbing over and over again. Whether it’s sustainable fashion, wellness-related, clean beauty, or natural skincare. I aim to include a fun variety for the season, so let’s take a look at what’s been #OrganicallyBeccaApproved lately! ☃️

This post contains affiliate links. Some of these products were gifted to me for PR consideration with no obligation to share. Trust me, I only share the good stuff with ya!

Btw, if you missed Volume 9 from last fall, you can check it out here!

1) Alpyn Super Peptide Ghostberry Barrier Repair Cream

A newer release from Alpyn that I was so excited to get my hands on! It does not disappoint. It’s a rich restorative moisturizer that supports the skin barrier and is made with ceramides, ghostberry (has calming properties), and peptides. I like that it’s unscented and doesn’t use any essential oils either!

It doesn’t feel heavy on my skin but still provides adequate moisture, even in the colder months. If you’re looking to target fine lines, wrinkles, redness, or have sensitive skin, then you might like this too! It’s also been awarded the National Eczema Association Seal of Acceptance.

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Buy Alpyn Ghostberry Cream Here

Also available here at Credo.

2) Araza Mango Bronzer Balm

These are new from Araza, which is a paleo-certified clean beauty brand. The ingredients are impeccable! These balms come in three shades and I use the lightest one, Sunny, which is a golden copper. You can use them to contour (add definition) or bronze (add warmth) your face for a faux sun-kissed glow. Which I majorlyyyyy need in winter 👻

If you’re like me and are not the best at using bronzers or contouring, don’t worry, these little guys are really quick and easy to use. They’re also on the sheerer side (but you can build them up for more intensity) so any little mistakes are correctable. I just warm some up on my finger then dab onto areas of my face where the sun would naturally hit (cheekbones, nose, forehead) and blend.

They have a subtle glowy sheen and dewy finish. So lovely!

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Buy Araza Bronzing Balm Here

Earth Harbor Azure Neck Cream, Alpyn Ghostberry Barrier Repair Cream, Araza Mango Bronzing Balm

3) Earth Harbor Azure Regenerative Neck Creme

It’s soooo important to include your neck and chest in your skincare routine! (speaking as someone who totally neglected it in my early twenties…oops!) Décolletage skin is more delicate, thin, and prone to signs of aging.

This neck creme from Earth Harbor is fantastic. It’s a bouncy gel cream that smells kind of fruity and fresh. Bonus: it’s refillable!

It’s made with peptides (to plump and minimize fine lines), beta-glucan (to smooth and moisturize), squalane, and hyaluronic acid (to hydrate). It literally makes my skin feel soft to the touch with a smooth finish. I wish I started using it sooner!

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Buy Azure Neck Creme Here

Also available here on Amazon.

4) Earthley Cod Liver Oil

Ah, the winter blues 🥶 Living in the midwest, it can be tough getting enough Vitamin D this time of year. I’ve been reading so much about how cod liver oil can be a natural source of Vitamin D (aka, not a synthetic form!). Earthley sells pure, virgin cod liver oil from Alaska that’s third-party tested free of heavy metals.

You can get it as an oil OR in capsule form; I much prefer the soft gels so you don’t taste the fishiness! In addition, Vitamin D needs to be balanced with Vitamin A for optimal absorption in the body. Cod liver oil has both, plus omega-3 fatty acids! So beneficial for skin, brain, and immune health.

*Not intended to be medical advice, check with your doc before taking any new supplements!

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Buy Earthley Cod Liver Oil Here

5) MANDRN Leather Wallet

MANDRN makes genuine leather fanny packs, purses, and wallets. They are handmade using fair practices and sustainable materials (the leather is repurposed).

I bought one of The Remy crossbody bags a few years ago and always get tons of compliments on it. Recently, I purchased The Quin wallet which fits inside it and is sooooo chic! It has a slotted section for cards, room for cash, an elastic holder for chapstick or lipstick, and a zip coin pouch. Seriously, the perfect size!

Buy MANDRN Wallets Here

6) Queen of the Thrones Castor Oil Packs

Castor oil packs have TONS of health benefits. From aiding digestion, promoting liver function, easing constipation, to fighting inflammation. Our livers play a critical role in filtering out toxins, producing bile, regulating our blood sugar, and keeping our hormones balanced. So using a castor oil pack on your abdomen is a helpful way to support liver health specifically!

Queen of the Thrones Organic Cotton Castor Oil Pack for Liver

I’ve been using the castor oil and liver packs from Queen of the Thrones, but they are especially handy after the holidays when we tend to have excess burdens on our bodies! I really like that their packs tie comfortably around the body and their castor oil is organic, hexane-free, and in a dark glass bottle. They make it so easy to use and incorporate into my routine.

Read more here: “How to Use Castor Oil Packs to Promote Liver Health & Detoxification

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Buy Queen of the Thrones Packs Here

Also available here on Amazon.

7) UpCircle Hand Cream

I have been testing out a lot of hand creams lately and this was one I discovered and really enjoy! UpCircle is an eco-friendly brand that uses repurposed ingredients. For this hand cream, it has isolated alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs) from leftover hibiscus flowers from the supplement industry! So cool. These AHAs gently stimulate skin cell renewal while marshmallow root retains moisture and shea butter provides intense nourishment. The cream also has over 10% shea butter in the formula, whereas most contain around 2-3%, so it’s suuuuper rich and luscious!

UpCircle Hand Cream

The scent is so uplifting; it smells like lemon with a hint of floral and patchouli 🍋 Lastly, the packaging is fully recyclable! ♻️

You can use code BECCA10 for a discount on this at EarthHero 🏷️

Buy UpCircle Hand Cream Here

Also available here on Amazon.

8) WithSimplicity Liquid Foundation

I initially tried a sample size of this foundation and enjoyed it so much that I got a full-size bottle. I wear Shade 1 (Neutral Light). There are so many great qualities about it:

  • Tested for heavy metals
  • The SMELL! It has a delicious vanilla cake scent.
  • Feels lightweight, comfortable, and breathable on my skin
  • Adjustable light to medium coverage with a natural, semi-matte finish
  • All ingredients are non-GMO and many are certified organic (super clean!)
  • Doesn’t contain any pore-clogging ingredients or silicones, so it’s acne-safe and suitable for sensitive and blemish-prone skin types too!

Review: withSimplicity Liquid Foundation (Clean, Acne Safe, Oil Free, Cruelty Free, Vegan)

I don’t need to use a setting powder over this foundation which is great! It’s not greasy or dewy at all and still looks good toward the end of the day.

NOTE: I probably wouldn’t recommend this one if you have drier skin because it’s oil-free. Or, make sure to use a primer first and mix a drop or two of a facial oil into the foundation so that it applies better.

Read the full review: “withSimplicity Liquid Foundation (Clean, Acne Safe, Oil Free, Cruelty Free, Vegan)

You can use code BECCA10 for a discount 🏷️

Buy WithSimplicity Foundation Here

Stay warm, my friends, and the Well Rounded series will be back in spring for the next volume! ❄️ As always, thanks a bunch for being here and you can pop any questions below in the comments.

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