The Well Rounded: Becca’s Quarterly Top Picks [Volume 12 • Summer 2024]

The Well Rounded: Becca’s Quarterly Top Picks [Volume 12 • Summer 2024]

Summer is HERE and the Cancer ♋️ in me is so happy (July is my birthday month)! We’re back for Volume 8️⃣ of the Well Rounded series. Each quarter, I like to give you guys updates on new products I’ve been testing and grabbing repeatedly. Whether it’s sustainable fashion, wellness-related, clean beauty, or natural skincare. I aim to include a fun variety for the season, so let’s look at what’s been #OrganicallyBeccaApproved lately! ☀️

This post contains affiliate links. Some of these products were gifted to me for PR consideration with no obligation to share. Trust me, I only share the good stuff with ya!

BTW, if you missed the last Volume 11 from spring, you can check it out here!

1. Barefoot Summer Sandals (Origo & Xero) 🩴

So I’m gonna lump two summer sandals in here! One is a cuter, dressier sandal and the other is an active sport style. Both are minimal, barefoot-style shoes that are zero drop, flexible, and have a wider toe box.

Origo Huaraches

So cute! I swear I get compliments on these whenever I wear them in public. Huaraches are an indigenous Aztec sandal style; Origo’s are handmade responsibly in Mexico from environmentally conscious leather and natural rubber!

I was lucky enough to try these on at a Barefoot Shoe Expo, but they fit true to size for me (they feel more snug at first but the leather will mold and move with your foot as time goes on). Origo has three huarache versions: one with an ankle strap buckle (that’s what I own), a slip-on, and a wider slip-on for higher-volume feet. Love ‘em!

Use code ORGANICALLYBECCA for a discount at Origo 🏷️

Buy Origo Sandals Here

Xero Z-Trail EV Hiking Sandals

Now, these are what I’ve been wearing for walking, hiking, and being out in nature (I’ve been wearing them so much that I have a tan line from the straps haha). They’re a versatile sport sandal, similar to Tevas or Chacos, but without arches or excess support. They’re lightweight, comfortable, and offer nice traction. I’ve been enjoying them a ton, but check out my full review in this blog post for more details! (including sizing, pros, and cons)

I have the Dusty Rose color. These come in sizes for men and kids, too!

Buy Xero Sandals Here

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Origo Huarache Sandals
Origo Huarache Sandals (Tan color)
Xero Z-Trail EV Barefoot Hiking Sandals Dusty Rose
Xero Z-Trail EV Hiking Sandals (Dusty Rose color)

2. Blissoma Photonic SPF30 Facial Sunscreen & Moisturizer 🧴

Blissoma recently relaunched its Photonic mineral sunscreen with an improved formula, and it is GOOD. It’s silicone-free, contains no essential oils, and does not contain nuts or cross-allergens. It is dermatologist-tested and safe for all skin types (even sensitive and acne-prone).

Blissoma Photonic SPF30 Sunscreen Moisturizer

It’s naturally tinted with astaxanthin but applies clearly and has a beautiful matte, no-shine finish (which I soooo appreciate for humid Midwest summers). So you won’t get that greasy, oily sunscreen feel! It truly feels so gentle and soothing on my skin.

Plus, it has really cool refillable packaging. Check out my full review of Photonic in this blog post!

Buy Photonic Here

3. Earth Harbor Beach Waves Ocean Hair Texturizer Spray 🌊

My hair holds a curl pretty well, so I prefer sea salt texturizers like this instead of firm-hold hair spray. Earth Harbor’s is only $12! It won’t leave your hair crusty like most hair sprays, but it basically gives hair just a touch of texture and grit for a light hold. I mostly use it after curling my hair, but you can also spritz it as needed for a tousled look. I like the subtle mango scent too!

Use code XS1653 for a 20% discount 🏷️

Buy Beach Waves Here

4. Happy Tooth Natural Teeth Whitening Strips 🦷

These are the cleanest teeth whitening strips I’ve seen! They are enamel-safe and don’t contain any nasties like SLS, peroxide, or bleach. I was also intrigued because they are made with hydroxyapatite which helps remineralize teeth and lessen sensitivity. You can use the strips once for a quick touch-up or consecutively for more intense results.

They really work and my teeth are noticeably brighter after using them! I don’t experience any zinging or sensitivity either. So good!

Buy Happy Tooth Strips Here

Also available here on Amazon.

5. Kinfield Liplock SPF15 Balm 💋

Being out in the sun is fun until your lips get burnt 😩 It’s really hard to find low tox SPF lip balms that don’t leave your lips white (from the mineral sunblock zinc oxide), but this Kinfield lip balm is great and doesn’t look pasty at all! It’s a cute chubby balm that feels hydrating and has a yummy organic strawberry flavor.

Buy Kinfield Liplock Here

Also available here on Amazon and Credo.

6. Live Healthillie Minerals & Chill 🍊

You’ve likely heard about the viral adrenal cocktail, but this is a convenient pre-made mixture option with super clean ingredients! It’s made with whole food Vitamin C, sodium, potassium, and magnesium. Basically, it’s a blend of minerals, electrolytes, and vitamins to hydrate, keep your adrenals happy, and modulate stress response.

Just mix a scoop in some water and drink away! There’s no caffeine in it, but you might experience a little energy boost, so I’ve been having it in the afternoons to offset that “slump” feeling. It’s refreshing and tastes delicious, like a salty orange flavor. Oh, and it’s PINK!

Buy Minerals & Chill Here

7. MATE The Label Organic Stretch Racer Tank 🎽

Tank top season is finally here! MATE is a great sustainable fashion company that uses natural fibers such as organic cotton. I have been LIVING in this tank top, especially on hotter days! It’s a cropped style and has a built-in shelf bra layer. The material is thicker, but it’s stretchy, breathable, and comfy.

FYI, it runs small! I typically wear size 34B and got a Medium.

Buy MATE Tank Here

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8. Three Ships Brighter Days Biodegradable Eye Gels 👁️

These eye gels are AWESOME! They come in a pack of 60 gels (30 treatments) and you leave them on for 10-15 minutes. They slowly dry out as all of the hydration and goodness literally pump into your skin, leaving your under eyes plump and bright. I also noticed an improvement in fine lines/crow’s feet after using them since the skin is so much more nourished. They also have a cooling sensation to them!

The best part: they are biodegradable! You can plop them in hot water for ten minutes, and they will dissolve fully.

Use code ORGANICALLYBECCA for a discount on these at Love Peace Organic 🏷️

Buy Eye Gels Here

Or buy directly from Three Ships here (discount not applicable).

Shop the products from this post:

We’ll be back in fall for the next installment of the Well Rounded series. Let me know in the comments if you have any questions about any of these products! Thanks a bunch for reading 💚

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