My Top Five Budget-Friendly Natural Beauty Products

Budget Beauty Picks

Hands down, one of the biggest frustrations most people experience when switching to natural beauty products is the price. I get it! Not to mention, there are so many options out there, and it can be really confusing and hard to find something that actually works well. So today I am going to share my TOP FIVE budget-friendly natural beauty products to help get you started. All $20 or less!

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By the way, I do have a giant guide that includes over 70+ budget-friendly natural products. It covers beauty, skincare, body care, dental, hair, and more. Check that out for the ultimate master list! 💵

My Fave Budget-Friendly Clean Beauty Products

Best Budget-Friendly Products

100% Pure Coffee Bean Eye Cream

$16We’ve all seen those fancy eye creams that run around $70 or more, yikes! I absolutely love this one. It smells like vanilla sugar cookies. Even though this is the smaller sized tube, it still lasts me a long time because I only need a tiny dab for each eye. This cream contains ingredients like aloe, rosehip oil, green tea, coffee, and rosemary. It’s hydrating, anti-inflammatory, and contains caffeine to help brighten and depuff. Maybe I’m biased too, but I’m pretty much sold on anything that contains coffee, haha. Love!

Buy 100% Pure Coffee Bean Eye Cream here

Clove + Hallow Lip Glaze

$17, use code ORGANICALLYBECCA15 for a discount • These lip glazes are so fun; kind of a blend of lip gloss and lipstick in one. The color is pretty pigmented and lasts for a couple of hours. They are really moisturizing (not too sticky either!) and have a slight shimmer to them. The glazes are formulated with organic jojoba, castor oil, and shea butter. My favorite shade is Prep which is a pinky coral. It has a unique twist-up brush for easy application. So beautiful!

Buy Clove + Hallow Lip Glazes here

Honest Beauty Extreme Length Mascara

$17Not only is this one of the best natural mascaras out there, but it’s also the most affordable! It’s awesome because it has a primer on one end which makes a big difference with the application. I can achieve a bold and voluminous look with this and it doesn’t smudge or flake! It has a stubby silicone brush and works so well for me. Highly recommend.

Buy Honest Beauty Extreme Length Mascara here

La Mav Organic BB Cream Foundation

$20This BB cream is wonderful! It has a light, fluffy, airy texture and provides medium, buildable coverage. It’s the best of both worlds because it’s makeup and nourishing skincare in one. It contains titanium dioxide so it has some slight sun protection too. The only downside is they don’t have a great shade range, however, the formula is supposed to be adaptive. I wear shade Light. It just feels sooooo lovely on my skin.

Buy La Mav Organic BB Cream Foundation here

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La Mav BB Cream

W3ll People Expressionist Brow Gel

$15One of my go-to brow products for sure! It’s such a quick and easy application. Just a few swipes and I have defined and set brows for the day. I wear the Blonde shade and I’m happy that it’s not too red or warm. It’s made with carnauba wax, cocoa seed butter, and jojoba and helps condition brows as well. This is a staple in my beauty bag!

Buy W3ll People Expressionist Brow Gel here


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It really IS possible to make the switch to clean beauty without going broke. What are your favorite organic products that don’t break the bank? Let me hear in the comments!

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