Jewelry Meets Sustainability: Valley Rose Studio Handmade + Recycled Jewelry

Valley Rose Jewelry

To be honest, I’m not a big jewelry person. My ears aren’t even pierced! But I do like wearing dainty jewelry every now and then. So today I want to introduce you to a super cute, super sustainable, hand-made jewelry line: Valley Rose Studio.

Valley Rose Studio is based out of California. I absolutely love their commitment to sustainability. According to the owner, Brittany:

“We are committed to working with the most sustainable, ethical methods available to jewelry designers, utilizing old and new methods. We only source recycled gold or silver precious metals. For gemstones that aren’t reclaimed or vintage stock, we source hand-mined, conflict-free stones where high safety and environmental standards are ensured. We also work with lab created gemstones. Lab cultured gemstones are chemically and visually the same as naturally created gemstones and offer a way smaller carbon footprint.”

So cool, right? She did send me this necklace for free, but I was not paid to write about it or share it. I just think her hard work and sustainable jewelry deserves to be shared! It’s so important to support small businesses, especially ones with great intentions.

Valley Rose Studio Moon & Star Charm Necklace
Photo credit: Valley Rose Studio

What I also love about this necklace is that it doesn’t contain nickel or lead. The reason my ears aren’t pierced anymore is that I have a nickel sensitivity. When my ears were pierced, they became infected and swollen from the nickel! This necklace is made from a recycled sterling silver chain and a recycled pure silver charm. So it doesn’t bother my skin which is great.

So if you’re looking for some new cute and eco-friendly jewelry, definitely check out the rest of her line! 🌹

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