10 Zero Waste Beauty Products to Celebrate Earth Day (Every Day!)

10 Zero Waste Beauty Products EarthHero

We all know that April is Earth Month, and I love seeing people get excited on Earth Day to want to make better choices or do something such as picking up trash. But what if you could make an impact year-round with something as simple as your personal care products? Yep, it’s easier than you might think! So I can’t wait to share some awesome products with you that have natural ingredients AND eco-friendly packaging 🌏

I am proud to partner with EarthHero who is sponsoring this post. I may earn a small commission (at no extra cost to you) if you make any purchase via the affiliate links below.

About EarthHero

Earth Hero

EarthHero is an online market and every time I browse their website I am just so amazed by how vast their selection is. You can literally find anything you’re looking for when it comes to eco-friendly products. They carry over 200+ sustainable brands, including many that I use every single day. A little more about them before I share my faves:

  • Certified B Corp based out of Boulder, CO
  • 1% for the Planet member
  • They offer carbon neutral (and plastic-free) shipping through carbonfund.org
  • Partnered with The Climate Collaborative
  • Every order helps plant 5 trees as they have teamed up with Trees for the Future 🌲
  • Partnered with Terracycle to help consumers recycle and use their take-back program

Basically, their goal is to become an eco-friendly Amazon and help make earth-friendly products more accessible to consumers. They are a zero waste mecca ♻️

Plus, you can use the code BECCA10 for a discount on your order!

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10 Sustainably-Packaged Personal Care Products

Badger Shaving Soap: A solid, organic soap bar that lathers and makes for a smooth shave. It just comes in a cardboard box and that’s it. Badger is a Certified B Corp and made in the USA. By the way, EarthHero also carries safety razors if you want a plastic-free shaving experience! 🪒

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David’s Toothpaste: Natural fluoride-free toothpaste that comes in a recyclable metal tube and packaged in FSC certified recyclable paperboard! David’s sources 98% of their ingredients from the United States and contains no artificial flavors, colors, preservatives, or sweeteners. It even comes with a metal key so you can get every last drop of toothpaste out. This is one of the mintiest and foamiest natural toothpastes that I’ve tried and it always makes my mouth feel fresh. I enjoy the Peppermint flavor! 🪥

EarthHero Zero Waste Dental Care (David's + Georganics)

Earth Harbor Glow Juice Refining Enzyme Mask: How beautiful is this mask?! It’s a purple gel packed with fruit enzymes, white willow bark, turmeric, aloe, red seaweed, and other skin-loving extracts. You just leave it on for a couple of minutes then rinse away the mask. It can also be used as a spot treatment for blemishes. The formula is made to exfoliate, brighten, decongest, and tone skin. Earth Harbor is extremely conscious of the sustainable supply chain and uses fair trade, organic, and non-GMO ingredients. And their facility is solar-powered! 🌞 It’s packaged in a glass jar with a recyclable plastic cap. If your local facility does not accept the packaging, you can send it back to EarthHero to recycle with TerraCycle!

Earth Harbor Sunshine Dew Antioxidant Cleansing Oil: A luscious cleansing oil in a lovely glass bottle. It’s vegan and uses organic ingredients such as jojoba, meadowfoam, and avocado oil. You apply it to dry skin, give yourself a facial massage to break up makeup and grime, then rinse away with water or a washcloth. It leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth. This line is handmade in small batches. Did I mention that it smells like a tropical vacation!?

Earth Harbor Sustainable Skincare

Elate Refillable Pressed Powder Blush: Elate is such an impressive brand. They use 90% organic ingredients that are ethically-sourced, fair trade, and vegan. They use glass and bamboo packaging (sustainably-sourced from a green-certified supplier). Elate is also a member of the Responsible Mica Initiative. A lot of the products, such as this blush, are refillable and are housed in a bamboo compact. Your refill orders come packaged in a seed paper envelope that sprouts wildflowers when planted after use! I wear shade Ingenue which is a hot pink with a touch of wine. Soooooo pretty!

Elate Uplift Organic Creme Foundation: I wear shade UN2. This cream foundation has super clean ingredients and amazing packaging (the glass jar can be curbside recycled and the bamboo lid can be crushed and commercially composted). It has sort of a whipped, moussey, thick texture and applies smoothly. You can build it up from light to a medium/full coverage! This foundation just feels really lightweight on my skin and looks incredibly natural. If I have a darker blemish, I still need to use a concealer to cover it. But overall the foundation does a nice job of providing coverage and hiding redness. There is a slight dew to the finish but it doesn’t look greasy or slide around; holds up well through the day for me!

Elate Cosmetics Eco-Friendly Beauty

Fat and the Moon Beetroot Cheek + Lip Stain: If you’re someone that likes multipurpose products, this is for you! You can apply it on your cheeks as a blush, a pop of color on your lips, or even eyelids! It’s naturally tinted with organic beetroot powder and has the most gorgeous red wine/berry hue. It sits in a metal tin. It applies kind of sheer but you can build it up for a bolder color. There is a slight beet smell to it, but it’s not very strong.

Georganics Natural Mouthwash Tablets: Plastic-free dental care! 🦷 Georganics has a lot of options for dental hygiene products. But these mouthwash tablets are so cool. It’s a glass jar with a metal lid and the tablets are not wrapped in anything. You can also order a large refill pack of tablets and then just reuse the glass jar. There are a couple of different flavors but I like the English Peppermint flavor; it’s so refreshing and leaves my mouth feeling alkaline. You’re supposed to dissolve the tablets in water first, then use it as a mouthwash, but I just pop one right into my mouth and it pretty much dissolves instantly and you can start swishing immediately. It’s definitely a little different than regular mouthwash, but I like it! These are really convenient for traveling too. The tablets don’t contain any SLS or fluoride either which is a plus!

Meow Meow Tweet Deodorant Stick: Natural, organic, aluminum-free deodorants that come in a push-up paperboard tube that you can recycle or compost. There’s also a version in a glass jar and metal lid. I like that they have baking soda-free options too! My armpits are always happy and fresh when I use Meow Meow Tweet deodorants. I like the Grapefruit and Rose Geranium scents 🌹

EarthHero Zero Waste Deodorant & Shave Soap

Plaine Products Refillable Shampoo: Probably my favorite natural shampoo ever! I like both of the scents and the unscented version, but Rosemary Mint Vanilla is especially great. These come in refillable aluminum bottles (sourced in the USA) and you simply reuse your pump each time. My hair is really thick so I need something that can lather and fully clean it and Plaine does the job. The shampoo is hypoallergenic, palm oil-free, vegan, color safe, baby safe, biodegradable, cruelty free, and uses some organic ingredients. There’s honestly so much to love about this brand! I find that a bottle usually lasts me and my husband at least six months before it’s empty.

Plaine Products Refillable Shampoo

Sustainable Shopping Made Easy with EarthHero

Don’t forget to use coupon BECCA10 for a discount on your order!

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Check out this blog post to see my other top picks from EarthHero for other categories such as home, cleaning, kitchen, fashion, and pet supplies:

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Switching to more eco-friendly products doesn’t have to feel overwhelming or confusing. Do what you can, when you can, and before you know you’ll have an entire collection that’s better for the earth and your body! EarthHero truly is such a helpful resource and zero waste hub that I frequently turn to. I cannot recommend them enough! What are your favorite zero waste beauty brands?

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Written by: Becca

Becca is a blogger, wife, and dog mom living in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Having seen firsthand the benefits of switching to a natural lifestyle herself, she's passionate about helping women make the switch to clean beauty products, organic skincare, and a holistic way of life (without the stress of being perfect about it!).

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  1. This post is so helpful! I want to start living a more eco friendly lifestyle and this post is a great place to start. I do have a question though. Right now the makeup that I have is not eco friendly. I would like to purchase more sustainable skincare products but I don’t know what to do with the makeup that I have right now. I know an eco friendly and money friendly choice is to use the makeup until it’s gone but there are several problems with that. (1.) It may take a year or more for me to run out, (2.) The makeup makes my skin feel slightly grimy, (3.) it would be better for my skin if I used quality and healthier makeup. I also don’t just want to throw away the makeup I have. I spent money on it, and that would be wasteful. What do you suggest I do?

    1. Hi Olive! I always suggest using up products you currently have first if you can. But if they aren’t working out for you or your skin then that’s different! There’s truly no way to be perfect about waste sometimes!

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